That time I was in a calendar …

That time I was in a calendar …

Once upon a time (in February this year!) I was asked if I’d like to model in the 2015 calendar for the Classics Museum in Glamilton, New Zealand.

My initial thought was “no way, I don’t want people having to stare at my photo every day for a whole month!” but then I decided, why not?  It’s certainly not going to kill me, and more likely – it could be fun!  So in keeping with one of my New Year’s resolutions to try and get outside my comfort zone, I said yes!  And here is the final, edited result, courtesy of Tiffany Curtis Photography …

Miss March - Classics Car Musuem
Photo by Tiffany Curtis Photography. HMUA Honey L’Amour

This is the calendar itself, starring my gorgeous pinup friend Monique as the cover girl … isn’t she a stunner?!

Classics Museum Calendar
Photo by Tiffany Curtis Photography

The day itself was a blast … I never even felt remotely nervous, which was awesome ‘cos that was my biggest fear.  I got to the venue early and the girls were all upstairs in the boardroom/pamper room; there was lots of music and food and champagne, so all-in-all, a fabulous atmosphere.  Honey L’Amour (aka Brigette) set my hair and while the hot rollers did their magic, she started on my makeup.  Pinup-style makeup is my absolute favourite, and Brigette knows how to apply it juuuuust right!  I loved my final hair and makeup look, which is great because there’s nothing worse than heading off for photos wearing a hair and makeup look that makes you cringe (and believe me, I’ve had to do this before!)

A bit about my frock – for one; isn’t it divine?!  Click here for a separate post all about it!

Anyway, once I was dressed Brigette and I headed off to rendezvous with my gorgeous 1935 Auburn Phaeton and have my photo taken by Tiffany.  Brigette helped out with posing tips; making sure things were in the right place; foot placement and that sort of thing.  It’s SO great to have that kind of help, because often a pose might feel OK but when you see it on camera, it just looks awkward!  The shoot itself was pretty quick as Tiffany obviously knew exactly what shots she needed, and got them in record time!

And so … to the launch party!  Click here for the rundown!

Love …



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