Limecrime v OCC

Lime Crime Velvetines -v- OCC Lip Tars

Mumptystyle LimeCrimeSo … in the eternal struggle to find a lip colour that stays.the.hell.on, I discovered something wonderful, something fabulous, something liquidy and stay-onny … something called a Lime Crime Velvetine And my life changed forever – well, my life as it relates to my makeup routine anyway – the rest of it stayed pretty much the same!

As one who fully understands what a good, bold red lipstick can do for your day, I have decided that the Lime Crime Red Velvet Velvetine (pictured below) is 100% the way to go.  It’s a gorgeous, pinup red and you guys, it just stays on all day!  Through my morning coffee, another morning coffee, lunch (with coffee!) and then all the way through till I get home after work.  Not bad, not bad at all.

LimeCrime Red Velvet Mumptystyle

The pros …
It’s easily applied with the doe-foot sponge applicator, although you do need to be a bit brave because once you’ve put it on, it ‘aint comin’ off easily!
It stays on ALL day.
It doesn’t transfer onto your coffee cup – or whoever you might happen to be kissing that day ;o)!
I didn’t get any feathering and that is a big deal for me ‘cos I’m old!
The colours are bee-yoo-dee-ful! I’ve only tried the Red Velvet and the Suedeberry (pictured above right) but I LOVE them both.  The new colours are fabulous as well … I’m in desperate need of Salem!
Pretty packaging … and that’s important right?!

LimeCrime Velvetines

The cons …
Sadly I do find it pretty drying on my lips … having said that though, as soon as you remove it, it’s absolutely fine so there’s no ongoing drying effect; just while you’re wearing it.
I found my Red Velvet tube ran out a lot more quickly than I expected, which I was a bit sad about.

And now, to the -v- OCC part …

MumptyStyle OCC

My friend put me on to the Lip Tar range by OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – awesome name huh!)  She much prefers it to the Velvetines so I bought a few colours off her which she kindly supplied in little glass vials with the OCC Lip Tar brush and off I went; here are me and my forehead wearing Harlot!

MumptyStyle OCC

The pros …
The colours are incredibly vibrant and they don’t give the super-matte look that you get from the Velvetines; there’s a much more glossy effect.
They smell DIVINE … like peppermint.
They’re beautifully moisturising so you don’t get the parched, dry feeling throughout the day that you may get with the Velvetines.
The names are fabulous; so far I have Harlot, Trollop, Radiate and Psycho!

Mumpystyle OCC PinkHere are some swatches of the colours on moi!

MumptyStyle Radiate
OCC Radiate
OCC Trollop
OCC Trollop
OCC Psycho
OCC Psycho

Hmmm … they all look kinda the same don’t they; in real life  though they are quite different.  And whoops … I swatched these fast and I drew my lips a bit wonky!

The cons …
I find they don’t have quite the longevity the Velvetines have – they’re still relatively impressive in that regard though; maybe just 80% to Lime Crime’s 95%!
But aaaaah … the feathering! ** insert super-sad face here ** This is what Harlot looked like on me by lunchtime … MumptyStyle OCC bleed

Velvetines don’t do that to me. AND I applied concealer and powder first, which I don’t bother with when applying the Velvetines. Having said that though, I don’t have the OCC clear lip primer you’re supposed to use, so maybe that would make the difference. (My friend reckons it makes no difference for her though, but she doesn’t get feathering anyway, so hard to say!)

So there you have it; as much as I wanted to like the OCC Lip Tars more (don’t ask me why!) … I just don’t.  For me, the Lime Crime Velvetines are superior – so long as you can deal with the dryness (and I found you can’t really add a gloss over the top ‘cos then they don’t last as long – maybe that’s just me though.)

So in this Battle of the Titans, the Lime Crime Velvetine emerged the winner over the OCC Lip Tar.

Five heart rating?
Lime Crime Velvetines ♥♥♥♥½
OCC Lip Tars ♥♥♥½

Enjoy …


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