Ten Q&A’s with Kylie Bax …

Ten Q&A’s with Kylie Bax …

Porcelain skin, a sassy platinum crop and bewitching grey/green eyes; not to mention a face and figure that is instantly recognisable the world over. This truly gorgeous woman is one of the elite few who can legitimately call herself a supermodel. Ladies and gentlemen… meet Kylie Bax.

Kylie Bax MumptyStyle

When I thought about asking Kylie to do this interview, I wondered if it might be slightly naïve of me. Let’s face it, Kylie is a pretty big deal in the makeup and fashion world! However, when I met her in her role as ambassador for Westfield a while ago, Kylie was so friendly and down-to-earth that I decided it was absolutely worth a shot. And I’m so glad I did! “Sure Karen” she said, “squeeeeeee,” I said!

Now I’m not saying I know Kylie, but from what I’ve seen and heard since she returned to NZ, Kylie has focused her efforts on supporting our local fashion and racing industries on a really personal level; she doesn’t seem to care if it’s big or small; if she likes it, she’ll support it! And I think that’s a very cool attitude for someone who could pick and choose only elite events and endorsements if she so desired. So yay – thanks for doing this Kylie.

Alright, time to stop rambling and get on to the subject closest to our hearts … makeup!

Q1.  Kylie, great makeup starts with great skin and yours always seems to look flawless, even in candid shots. Are you a “mix it up/pick and choose what works for you” kind of a girl or do you stick to one skincare line religiously? Please share with us the products you use.

A.  I’m constantly trying new products. Right now I love Aspects, Antipodes and Algenist moisturiser. I pay mind to always carry and use my UV-protected umbrella also.

Kylie Bax MumptyStyle

Q2. If some generous soul gave you an open cheque and told you to buy one skincare product for fifty of your closest friends, which product would you buy and why?

A. I wouldn’t. I would donate the money because a woman’s beauty starts from the inside.

Q3.  Like most mums with a career, you probably play a million different roles a day. When you need to transform yourself from “Kylie Bax the Mum” to “Kylie Bax the Supermodel” is there something you do, wear, or use that makes you feel like “right, there she is … Kylie Bax, racing ambassador/supermodel (or whatever you need to be at the time!)?

A. High heels and makeup.

Q4. What are your top five favourite products (they could include hair, makeup, fragrance or supplements?)

A. Ives body moisturiser, Dior Lip Addict, Pantene hair mask, Clinique waterproof mascara, Dior BB crème.

Q5. Kylie, you’ve worked with some of the greatest names in the business in terms of makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers. Do you have any special tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way you could share with us?

A. Remember to give your skin a home facial or scrub every week. It keeps it healthy and glowing.

Kylie Bax MumptyStyle

Q6.  I realise you often have makeup artists for your public appearances, however when you do your own makeup to go out for dinner say, what makeup products do you use? Do you prefer a natural look or a vampy look?

A. I do my own makeup except on shoots. I know my face better than anyone. I like to play with my makeup looks.

Q7.  Your hair is awesome. What products do you use to get it that way?

A. I have an amazing salon – Ryder Salon in Auckland. Importance is the cut and color!

Q8:  Do you have a favourite fragrance?

A. Chanel.

Q9.  Table of seven for dinner; you and six other people (living or dead) … who would they be?

A. Marilyn Monroe, Einstein, Alexander the Great, Albert Camus, Marlon Brando, Anna Wintour.

Q10.  If there was a “makeup time capsule” to be opened by a Makeup Obsessive in 50 years time, what product would you put in it and why?  

A. I couldn’t just put one. That would be impossible for an obsessive person!  Dior Show mascara and Orly Onyx nail polish.

Thanks so much for your wonderful answers Kylie – I have a million more questions, but I know you’re busy, so maybe another time we could do a follow-up Q&A (I know, I know … I’m cheeky, but it’s not every day we get to talk to somebody like you!)

So there you have it … if you’d like to find out more about Kylie Bax you can find her posting photos and talking about racehorses on her Facebook page (facebook.com/KylieBax) and if you watch out for her, she often tours New Zealand in her role as ambassador for Westfield – if you get invited, GO ALONG … it’s awesome! Or, of course, you could just look on the internet where you’ll find thousands and thousands of gorgeous photos of Kylie and lots of information as well!  Oh … and just recently Kylie has agreed to become the ultra-glamorous face of Paula Ryan.  

Enjoy …


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