MumptyLoves 12/09/2014

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 12/09/2014

♥ Benefit “dr feelgood” primer

MumptyStyle dr feelgood

I love this stuff!  Although in fairness, and in the interests of full disclosure, this is the first and only primer I’ve ever used, so I certainly wouldn’t consider myself an expert!  However, it’s a goodie and it really does make a difference to the finish of whatever I shove on my face.  Benefit describes dr feelgood as “a velvety complexion balm with a feelgood finish … it mattifies the complexion and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores.”  I agree … my skin feels silky and matte-y and I do think it has a blurring effect on the fine wrinkles around my eyes.  Sadly it doesn’t make much difference to the vertical frown lines between my brows, but unfortunately I think industrial-strength Botox is the only option there!  dr feelgood gets a pretty bad rap around the internet traps, but I haven’t experienced any of the problems that have been identified, so I’m sticking with my guns.  I love it and I particularly love the retro-styled tin, which will continue to grace my makeup area for a long time after the product has run out.

♥ Phoenix Cosmetics buffer brush MumptyStyle Phoenix buffer brushIt’s pretty and it’s pink and it’s as soft as an angel’s eyelash … what’s not to like?  Made from pony hair, this gorgeous brush is designed for buffing in your powders, blushers and bronzers.  I tend to do all my makeup and then buff it all in with this at the end – no tidemarks for me darling!  It’s so gorgeously soft I just wanna stay home all day and buff … it’s sad, I know!  Kinda pricey though … you can get it from for $NZ85.  (I’m a cheapo though so I got mine on Trademe for $10.)

♥ Miss Lolo on de Facebook (and on ze website too)

MumptyStyle Miss Lolo

God her stuff is DIVINE!  Auckland-based (NZ) Miss Lolo (ex-fashion stylist, Tamzyn Adding) creates reloved retro furniture; all her pieces are stunning and she assigns them quirky names, which I love!  The chair above, for example, is known as Miss Patricia Peacock.  Check her out here on her Facebook page, or here on her website.

♥ My Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay

MumptyStyle Naked 3 palette

I know, I know … everyone’s got one and it’s old news, but it’s my list, I love it, and I’m including it!  Aaaah Naked 3 – everything about you is just cool; from the bronze old-school tin; to the beautiful, rose gold-hued shadows and the high-quality brush.  I also loved the little primer samples that came with the palette; I’m a sucker for free samples!  Anyway, I bought this palette off a friend of mine whom I consider the ultimate fashion and cosmetics consumer – what she don’t know, ain’t worth knowin’!  Anyway, I’m so pleased I did … I use my palette every day and believe me, it’s not going to be pretty on the day I hit pan.  The shades I use most are Dust, Burnout, Limit and Buzz.  I also use Strange as a highlight under my brow and slap on a bit of Factory and Mugshot in the crease of my eye as well.  Because I am a geek, I wrote a short story about my Nakey palette … click here and see what you think.  Did you get what I was doing there?

♥ My little collection of artwork by Wellington artist, Autumn   MumptyStyle AutumnI have three of these little black vintage-framed images; they’re little, they’re cute; they’re burlesque-themed and they’re on the wall in my makeup area.  The end.  If you like the look of Autumn’s work, check her out here.  And as you can see from the pic, Autumn herself is every bit as gorgeous as her work!

♥ My Betsey Johnson sparkling lipstick necklace 

MumptyStyle Betsey Johnson lips necklaceIsn’t it just The.Best?!  I love it so much – it adds the perfect pop of colour and pzazz to my favourite little black dress.   And ya’ know the thing I can’t believe?  I watched this appear month after month on Trademe and never bought it?  I can’t understand why … anyway, in the end I splashed out a massive $10 and the rest is history.  Did I mention I have a collection of Betsey Johnson earrings and necklaces?  No?  Well I do not leave the house without my Betsey Johnsons (post about this to come soon.) 

And I wasn’t going to do this, but they popped on my Facebook feed and they are just so gorgeous …

MumptyStyle Ditassima

The Ditassima by Christian Louboutin.  I’m a sucker for t-bar shoes; they hold on so well and look so pretttttty!

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …




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