Top Tips Tuesday

Top Tips Tuesday 


Today’s top tip is bought to you via Joanne Gair.  If you don’t already know who Joanne Gair is, you should!  She is an INCREDIBLY talented and generous woman who is one of the world’s most sought-after body painting artists, having worked with Demi Moore, Madonna and Heidi Klum, to name but a few.  Recently I did an interview with her for Makeup Obsessives … read it here.

Joanne Gair MumptyStyle

Anyway … today’s top tip, taken from the Makeup Obsessives article:

For a gorgeous tone-on-tone blush/glow to your cheeks; apply your lipstick then tap on your coloured lip with your middle finger. Gently blend into your cheeks; it becomes your cream blusher and imparts a fabulous tone-on-tone warmth to your skin.

Follow Joanne on Instagram @joannegair or visit her website:  

Enjoy …


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