MumptyLoves 19/09/2014

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 19/09/2014

♥ Sebastian Super Zero Gravity hairspray

MumptyStyle Sebastian

I won this fantastic hairspray in a competition via Makeup Obsessives … thanks Kirsty (this was long before I was appointed an admin by the way – there’s no silly favouritism at MUO!)  I’ve used it quite a few times now and though it’s billed as a lightweight, flexible hold I found it held my hair pretty well throughout the day (mine is very fine though, so that probably helped.)  As it’s name suggests, it is a light-weight spray so it doesn’t give that horrible “crunchy” feel to your hair and it brushes out really easily.  I don’t think it smells great though, which is a shame ‘cos I’m a sucker for fabulous-smelling hairsprays, but overall it is quite superior to my supermarket Tresemmé stuff!  Maybe an 8 out of 10?  Yes, that seems fair.

♥ Annah Stretton rose stretch belt

MumptyStyle Annah Stretton rose belt

I don’t know where I’d be without my Annah Stretton rose belts; I wear the black one probably three times a week AT LEAST; often more!  I also have it in a gorgeous soft gold/ivory, but that doesn’t get nearly as many outings as the black one.  These belts accent the waist, which is important for any pinup style; are made of stretchy elastic, so they always fit well and are comfortable, and lastly, they’re dressy, but not too dressy, making them extremely versatile.  Plus obviously, they’re soooo pretty!  I’m  currently coveting the teal, hot pink and red versions – you  should be too if you know what’s good for your wardrobe!  Which reminds me … Nina and/or Sabine at Annah Stretton are ACE if you need any help with styling or fitting suggestions.

♥ Benefit Fakeup concealer MumptyStyle Benefit FakeupA couple of weeks ago I reviewed the Natio Dark Circle Corrector and I loved it to death; but I still think that Benefit’s good old “Fakeup” will retain it’s spot in my makeup collection.  As you can see in the pic above, it has a concealing “core” which is surrounded by a kind of hydrating creamy/silky stuff; the creamy/silky stuff makes it feel just that wee bit lighter and more hydrating than the Natio one.  It’s also easier to blend and a bit more controllable; I find the Natio one can be a bit tricky to blend if you mistakenly squeeze too hard on the tube and then apply too much!  In saying that, I think the Natio one would get the payrise over and above Fakeup if it came to a performance appraisal after a hard night out!  (Full review to come soon by the way.)

♥ Bayley, the dog & Daisy, the lamb!   MumptyStyle Bayley and DaisyThese two are hilarious!  I don’t know if Bayley thinks he’s a lamb, or Daisy thinks she’s a dog, but either way, they’re besties!  They run around together outside for hours and then when they’ve tired themselves out, they plop down and snuggle up for a rest!  Too cute.

♥ Rimmel Scandal Eyes Rockin’ Curves mascara

MumptyStyle Rimmel mascara

For the price, I reckon this mascara is a goodie!  (I got it from Farmers and it was less than $20.)  The curvy wand thing allows you to easily get the product to those gorgeous long hairs at the outer edges of your eyes, meaning you can really play them up.  I’ve found a couple of layers is great; three tops – any more than that it just gets a bit spidery and you end up looking like a Younique rep!

♥ Louboutin-styled manicures 

MumptyStyle Louboutin manicure
Image via

I know they’re old news, but I think they’re just cool.  And if Adele can rock it, then why not me?  Well, actually I can’t, because I have shite nails unfortunately – I would if I could but I can’t!  Oooooh and that reminds me … Louboutin has released a fabulous line of nail varnishes in the coolest packaging.  WANT!

MumptyStyle Louboutin Nail Polish

And because two pairs of much-coveted Louboutins have appeared on my “Mumpty Loves” roundup now, I’ve decided to make Louboutin a regular feature for the time being, so this week’s pair is … MumptyStyle Louboutin RosellaThe Rosella ballet flat in gray flannel with black grosgrain (starring my feet!)  Yes, these are mine – I adore them and I got them super-cheap from a friend (the shoes, not the feet!) – but OMG they are uncomfortable!  Who makes an uncomfortable ballet flat (is that even possible?)!

And this week’s “Mumpty Loves” is bought to you by Christian Louboutin! (God I wish!!)  What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …


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