Inspirational women – Kirsty Leigh

Five quick-fire questions with inspirational women … Kirsty Leigh

A few weeks back I was thinking about my friends, the women I’ve met and and some of the other fabulous women you see and read about in the media.  It struck me then how inspirational many of them have been to me in one way or another, and so I decided to do a little series on my blog, acknowledging some of these gorgeous women.

MumptyStyle Kirsty Leigh

When thinking about the questions I wanted to ask, I decided I needed to put a couple of rules in place – only so as to ensure I got diverse answers!  You’ll see what I mean when you see the rules.

The rules:
1) You can’t choose your children as your greatest achievement – even though they are!
2) You can’t choose your Mum or Dad as your most inspirational person, even though they may well be! 

So … I am very honoured to introduce the second fabulous woman in my series of inspirational women, the gorgeous and cheeky Kirsty Leigh.

MumptyStyle Kirsty Leigh

Kirsty, affectionately known as Kirk,  is the stunning founder of Makeup Obsessives; a 29,000 strong (and growing daily) group of makeup lovers.  The Facebook group is complemented by the Makeup Obsessives website and blog, which won Beauty Review’s Best Beauty Blog in 2013.  While Kirsty necessarily has a team of admins to help her oversee the group (of which I am very proud to say, I am one!) Makeup Obsessives is still very much her baby; she writes all the fabulous articles and reviews and is largely responsible for the positive culture for which Makeup Obsessives is known.

MumptyStyle Kirsty

Q1.  In 10 words or less, what are you most proud of?
A. Creating a “ahurutanga” – a safe environment where nobody feels judged. 

Q2.  Can you give me two habits that make you successful at what you do?
A. I guess I’m fairly tenacious … if I want something, I’m pretty determined to get it.  Like a dog with a bone, really.  Awful simile, but apt.  I also genuinely love humans – as a rule.  I love being in touch with and meeting new people every day, and I’m not shy.  If I was meeting Beyonce, mind you, I would be a mess. 

Q3. What do you do for yourself that helps keep you going?
A. I rely on my friends!  They are SO good to me, and keep me grounded.  None of them are scared to tell me when I’m being a dick, and I both appreciate and need that. 

Q4.  What’s the first name that pops into your head when I ask who inspires you?
A. Barnaby Jack!

Q5. Why?
A. This article here says it all, but in my own words: Barnes was one of the first friends I made in Auckland, and I was always in awe of him.  Not only was he a total super star at what he did, but he was the coolest, nicest, most humble person ever.  He’s an inspiration to many, and missed by all. xxx

Why I find Kirsty so inspiring …
Kirsty is funny, clever, irreverant and savvy.  She also unknowingly gave me the boot I needed to start my own blog when she asked for contributing writers for her website.  I jumped at the opportunity and enjoyed it so much I decided to finally get off my butt (!) and give my own blog a go (albeit on a different topic to Makeup Obsessives of course!)  There are many, many more reasons to admire Kirsty and what she’s achieved with Makeup Obsessives so far  (**cough – one of the winners of the Westpac Millennial Women of Influence competition – cough**) – I’m so proud to be a small part of her team.

Thanks so much for your answers Kirsty – I love the concept of ahurutanga – it’s perfect for Makeup Obsessives.

Follow Kirsty on Twitter … @Kirsty_MUO
Schmooze with Kirsty on Instagram …
Read her website/blog …
Join her Facebook group …

Enjoy …


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