MumptyLoves 26/09/2014

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 26/09/2014

♥ Serge Lutens un Boise Vanille fragrance

MumptyStyle Serge Lutens

This is one of the bestest fragrances I’ve ever tried.  Sadly I’ve only got a little tester of it – did you know you could buy small versions of most fragrances on Trademe? It’s a good way to check things out before making the commitment to a full bottle!  Anyway this one is such a goodie that I think a full-sized bottle might very well be on my birthday/Christmas list this year.  I’m an absolute sucker for vanilla-based fragrances so my little heart sank when my discontinued MAC MV2 finally puffed it’s last puff.  But having this fabulous fragrance as my new alternative makes me feel so much better!

♥ Sebastian Potion 9

MumptyStyle Potion 9

You know how last week I included the Sebastian Zero Gravity hairspray?  Well this was the other part of my little competition win via Makeup Obsessives.  It’s a styling treatment and I whack it in my hair before I blowdry it and it imparts a bit of added texture and hold – and that’s never a bad thing, right?!  Smells really nice too.

♥ Emerald-cut diamond rings 

MumptyStyle Emerald Cut Diamond

ADORE.  There’s something magical about the emerald-cut diamond that I’ve always loved, and yet they’re still relatively uncommon as engagement rings go.  Whilst you may have to forgo a little of the sparkle you get from brilliant cut diamonds, the emerald cut offers beautiful clean, elegant lines that make up for the reduced sparkle a million times over in my opinion.  Set it in platinum and you’ve got a Bobby Dazzler for life I reckon!

♥ Benefit The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine powder 

Benefit Porefessional MumptyStyle

This is a lovely, light pale-peach-tinted loose powder that well and truly lives up to it’s name; Agent Zero Shine.  Honestly, I shake about three shakes worth (yep, that’s a technical, industry term!) into the lid and that absolutely, totally (!) keeps the shine away all day.  It’s probably wise at this juncture to mention that I don’t really have oily skin though.  It’s a really sheer cover; it glides on easily and allows your skin to be all glowy but not shiny.  I’m always attracted to Benefit’s packaging too – as you can see from the picture above, it comes in a nifty retro-styled cylinder-thing (another industry term) and you screw the lid off; tap the product into the lid and then push the brush up and use it to apply the powder to your face.  In trawling the internet reviews, some people have found this particular delivery/application mechanism annoying, but I think it’s cute, it works well for me, so I’m not complaining!


ZoeTheySay MumptyStyle
ZoTheySay’s blog is Fab with a capital F!  Zoe (Foster-Blake) herself is a highly-regarded, Australian beauty editor who has worked for Harpers BAZAAR and Cosmopolitan; she has also written several books and launched her own skincare line, Go-To.  Her original blog ( was wildly popular, but Zoe recently had a baby and as a result, her world has changed dramatically.  So she decided to broaden her focus to ensure she could write about whatever.the.hell.she.liked rather than being just beauty-focused.  Anyway, Zoe is a brilliant, quirky writer and a very funny lady with LOTS of knowledge and excellent suggestions.  Not afraid to write about the embarrassing stuff (in fact she appears to relish it!) one of her most poular posts EVER was this one about how to kill a coldsore fast.   Check her out at and … you’re welcome!

♥ My Betsey Johnson golden teardrops necklace

MumptyStyle Betsey Johnson necklace

This necklace is The Jazz!  This is another necklace that I scored off Trademe for the princely sum of $15 – bargain huh!  It adds a touch of glam to any outfit and feels so nice against your skin.  I.Love.Betsey.Johnson  Won’t you just look at her … what a fabulous, glamorous, OTT little PocketRocket/Diva she is!  

Betsey Johnson MumptyStyle

And lastly …

Good God … gold, sparkly AND Louboutin.  I hate the word “shoegasm” really, but if there ever was a pair that might inspire such a thing; it would surely be these!

MumptyStyle Gold Louboutin

The Pigalle by Christian Louboutin in gold/glitter finish – le sigh.

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …




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