Why I TILT – and why you should too …

Why I “TiLT” … and why you should too!

MumptyStyle TiLT folder
My “TiLT” folder!

So about now you may be wondering “what the hell’s a TiLT, and why should I do it?”

“TiLT” is an acronym for Things I Love Thursday, and is an internet phenomenon started by the magical Gala Darling in 2007.  I first heard about it on Gala’s site way back in 2008 and I give her all the credit for inspiring me to follow her lead – thank you ever so Gala!

Essentially a TiLT is a weekly gratitude list and I reckon it’s one of the most valuable and positive habits in my “happiness arsenal.”  I have TiLT-ed every week, without exception, since September 2008 – so that’s six years, which is a lot of TiLTs!

How do you do a TiLT? 
A TiLT is an intensely personal thing and there’s no right or wrong way to do it – in a way, it’s a kind of diary or journal – well, that’s the way it works for me anyway.  Although I’ve said it’s a really personal thing, many people share their TiLT with friends or other groups – gratitude begets gratitude they say!  I share mine with my Mum, my sisters and a good friend – Gala shares hers with everybody!  It depends on your level of comfort with the people you share it with, and of course if you want to “censor” it, you don’t have to include EVERYTHING you’re grateful for!

The way I do my TiLT is that I create a Word file every week and I update it with little things throughout the week.  I include photos, quotes, images from the internet; anything I’ve loved that week obviously.  And it doesn’t have to be big things either … my entries typically range from stuff like “the rainbow on the way to work” to “my daughter won Player of the Day” or “squeeeee … a new pair of shoes!”

Each week, on a Friday (because that allows me to capture everything that week, all the way up to Thursday night!) I finish off my TiLT, print it off and then send it to my “TiLT Group.”  I keep all my TiLTs both on my computer and printed out in my TiLT folder, which is pictured above.  Because I’m a geek, I also do a Year in Review; which is essentially a “best of TiLT” each month!

MumptyStyle TILT page
A typical TiLT page!

A TiLT can be long or short; mine is generally a double-sided A4 page, but as I said, I include lots of pics, so they take up space!  My TiLTs always include lots of quotes, shoes, dresses and pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Dita Von Teese ‘cos I’m shallow like that!  They also contain personal and “big stuff” as well ‘cos I’m not totally shallow!  TiLTs are actually really fun to look back on too – I can see all the trends and obsessions in my life and the stages I’ve been through.  It’s also come in handy a few times when I’ve wanted to find out when something happened … if it was important or special to me, it will be in my TiLT somewhere! MumptyStyle TILT Page
A TiLT or a gratitude list, in my experience, is a powerful thing. Even the physical act of typing things into a document makes you stop and think about the positive things in your life -be they big or small, they all contribute to a feeling of well-being and happiness.  Well that’s what I find anyway!  And without wanting to sound “airy fairy” I sometimes think you need to be careful what you type into your TiLT because it often comes true – it’s the old adage “be careful what you wish for!”  So many times I’ve put something in my TiLT and within a couple of weeks the opportunity to purchase that item, or have that experience, or whatever it was, appears.  I’m not always in a position to take up that opportunity, but I’m always amazed at how it seems to work.

So why should YOU do a TiLT?
Well why not?  No harm can come from acknowledging the things that are good in your life! Even if you don’t take the time to document it like I do, or even to write it down, the simple act of recognising the good stuff in your world can help combat the bad stuff when it comes along.  And at the very least … it’s a good way to start or finish your day!

Love …





Extra for experts: 
1) Search the internet for Things I Love Thursday’s – thousands of bloggers do them and they’re really interesting to read!
2) To read Gala Darling’s TiLTs visit her site here and click the TILT category on the right-hand side.
3) You may (or may not!) be wondering why I always put a small “i” in my TiLT.  The answer is … I don’t know!  I always have – I’m pretty sure Gala used to way back when, but I can’t be sure!  So yep – it’s a quirk of my TiLT!

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