MumptyLoves 31/10/2014

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 31/10/2014

♥ Karen Farley Age-Defying Intensive Moisturiser
MumptyStyle Karen Farley

This was SUCH a timely little suprise when it arrived in my mailbox!  I had run out of moisturiser a week or so ago; the Sukin sample I’ve been using is just not heavy enough for me and I am waiting for my “courtesy of Flybuys” Trilogy Rosapene cream to turn up.  So getting back to the Karen Farley moisturiser, I ordered a sample of this AGES ago off their website and had forgotten all about it to be honest, so when it turned up, I was happy, happy!  Their products are all-natural and organic so that’s a nice start.  I’ve been using it for three days now and so far I’m loving it; it smells fabulous, feels luxurious to put on and my skin feels plump and hydrated in the morning (my butt feels plump in the morning too, but I think that’s just too many carbs!)  I’m liking this one and think I might buy a full-sized one when my Rosapene runs out.

♥  The Louis Vuitton Icons collection – Cindy Sherman
MumptyStyle Iconoclasts Messenger
In last week’s MumptyLoves we looked at Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld.  This week it’s the Cindy Sherman collaboration – Cindy created one of the most gorgeous, limited edition items I’ve ever seen; the “Studio in a Trunk” featuring silk-screened patches that recall vintage hotel labels; a luxurious vanity case; a camera Messenger bag and a total of 31 drawers to accommodate treasures large and small.  The colours dazzle and are based on the hues of Cindy’s pet macaw, Mister Frida; there’s even a fold-up stool!  Louis Vuitton has only created 25 of these, so if any of my photographer friends are keen, you’ll have to get in quick!

MumptyStyle LV Cindy Sherman
Louis Vuitton Iconoclasts collaboration with Cindy Sherman – the limited edition, Studio in a Trunk

♥ My new skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing … the Jenny skirt in the Dancing Horses print

MumptyStyle Dancing Horses Jenny

I’ve been wanting this for a while so when it came on sale, I decided I was just damm well going to get it.  And guess what?  It fits; it’s pretty and it’s very, very girly!  ‘Nuff said.  And goodness; the shipping was fast.  I ordered it on Friday and it arrived Tuesday lunchtime – impressive huh.  Especially since the Monday was a long weekend.  Well done PUG – you rule!

♥ Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry 

Mumptystyle Limecrime Suedeberry

I love the Lime Crime Velvetines – they go on well, last forever (like FOREVER!) and although I love the bloody-near-impossible-to-find Red Velvet, I am still very much enamoured by the gorgeous hue known as Suedeberry – particuarly with summer coming up.  The picture above is a bit rubbish when it comes to demonstrating how great Suedeberry is, but it’s all I could find OK?!  I did a little review of the Velvetines here – it was a facelip-off between OCC Lip Tars and Lime Crime Velvetines – check it out!

♥ Blogging

Top L-R: Joanne Gair, Miss Victory Violet, Elvis Presley. Middle L-R: Marilyn Monroe, Paula Penfold. Bottom L-R: Kylie Bax, Miss Chevious Cinders, Kirsty Leigh

Even though I’m still only a “baby blogger” and have only been blogging five minutes in the scheme of things, I’m absolutely loving it – I can’t believe I didn’t start my wee blog AGES ago!  If you’re reading this, I hope you’re enjoying my blog as much as I am – check out all the awesome people I’ve been able to talk to already – so cool – and I’ve got lots more in the pipeline too.  If you want to read any of these Q&A’s, click here.  

♥ Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk … 

MumptyStyle Lewis Road

If you’re in New Zealand and you haven’t heard of the cult-like Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk, you must have been living under a rock!  Billed as the “perfect marriage” between Lewis Road Premium Whole Milk and Whitaker’s  5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate – and it is DIVINE – you will not taste better!  Hunt it down …

And finally … these!  Aren’t they bloody gorgeous – and so understatedly (!) glam !  The Christian Louboutin Pensee – these would SO match my earrings *wink*

MumptyStyle Louboutin Pensee

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …




Five quotes that inspire me

Five quotes that inspire me … 

Nowadays your Facebook page and any internet access you may have seems to be flooded with inspirational quotes, e-cards and the like. Mostly they just pass you by, but every now and then one strikes a chord with you; something clicks; something seems familiar, whatever.  Here are five I love that motivate and inspire me, and why …

MumptyStyle Dancing in the rain
Image via Pinterest

Life doesn’t start when you lose weight, or get more money, or get a new job or whatever it is you’re waiting for.  Your life is happening RIGHT NOW and tomorrow is not promised … get out there and enjoy every day like it might be your last!

audrey-hepburn-pictures-hd-wallpaper-7-660x330“I’m afraid I’m just not cut out for that,” I said.  “Who cut you out?” she said.  “Cut yourself out again.”

I absolutely LOVE this quote, but for the life of me I can’t find out where it came from!  If anyone knows, do tell!  Anyway … to me it means that it’s never too late to make a change.  Question your beliefs.  A while ago I thought about certain beliefs I had about myself that stem from my childhood and younger years.  For example – I’m bad at maths.  Ya’ know what?  I can do all the maths I need; I can balance my budget, add and subtract and I still know my multiplication tables off-by-heart!  When I was 18, an ex told me I couldn’t dance and all my life I believed him.  Until I decided “who cares?” and to be honest, I’m getting by on that one too!  Sometimes you have to revisit things – don’t let your old beliefs shape your future beliefs.

MumtpyStyle Everything will be OK
Image via Pinterest

Isn’t this brilliant?  I fully believe it too – things have a way of sorting themselves out and often the end result is way better than what you expected.  I’m lucky in that I don’t tend to stress too much and I’m not prone to being depressed, but if I was, I think this quote would be up on my wall for daily reference.

MumptyStyle Ruin your lipstick
Image via Popsugar

Pretty self-explanatory right?!  All that angsting when you’re young over men who were not right for you in the first place – don’t you just wish you knew then what you know now?  I think in some ways this quote relates to friends and associates as well – not the lipstick part obviously (!) but like I said in this post, I think you are very much influenced by the people you spend the most time with, so although I try not to be judgmental of anyone and the decisions they make, I’m also aware my time is precious to me and so I choose to spend it with people I admire and love.  And that’s what this quote means to me.

MumptyStyle Get Up
Image via Pinterest

And the final quote I love is this one … get up, dress up, show up and never give up.  You know those days when you’d just rather stay in bed?  Yep, that’s when you have to put this mantra into action!  And have you ever had an occasion that you just couldn’t be bothered with, or even dreaded?  And then you dressed up, showed up and it was awesome?  Me too – it happens!  But mostly I think this quote just applies to your everyday life; make it happen and do it with your own brand of style!

What quotes motivate and inspire you?

Love …





Top Tips Tuesday: does your foundation not stay the distance?

Top Tips Tuesday: does your foundation not stay the distance?

MumptyStyle Top Tips

Do you find your foundation just doesn’t have the staying power you need?  It looks fabulous when you put it on, but by mid-morning it’s kind of separated and gone patchy, or even kind of slipped off your face?

If you’re having that problem … have a quick look at the ingredients in your moisturiser.  You know how oil and water just don’t mix?  Well it could be that your moisturiser is oil-based (particularly if you have dry skin) and your foundation is water-based.  So you apply your water-based foundation over your oil-based moisturiser and waaaaaaa, it doesn’t stick to your face!

How can I fix the problem?
If you’re using a water-based moisturiser, make sure you use an oil-free foundation, and vice versa.

How can I tell if my products are oil or water based?
Have a look at the ingredients listed; if oil properties are high on the list, its likely to be oil-based.  If they’re showing a lot lower down the ingredient list, it’s probably water-based.  Ingredients that are listed down the bottom are generally only present in small traces so shouldn’t contribute to the problem too much.

Try it and let me know how you get on.

Love …




MumptyLoves 24/10/2014

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 24/10/2014

♥ Shiseido Moisture Mist Beauty Cake foundation

As I was writing this, I was thinking to myself “this stuff is damm near iconic!” 
MumptyStyle Shiseido Beauty Cake

I’ve personally used this foundation (in good old Cafe Au Lait!) for most of my adult life and while I have moved away from it over the past couple of years, I still have a couple of compacts and every now and then I pull one out, use it and fall in love all over again!  Well, as much as one falls in love with foundations that is!  It gives a pretty good cover; goes on easily, stays on well and lasts forever, so is good value for money.  Apparently it has been Moisture Mist’s best-selling foundation for over 30 years, so they must be doing something right, right?! And while I’m sure there are better and more “technologically advanced” products out there, I still think this is a goodie and I will continue to use it on and off as my whim dictates!

♥  The Louis Vuitton Icons collection – Karl Lagerfeld
Last week MumptyLoves looked at Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Christian Louboutin – this week it’s Mr Chanel himself, Karl Lagerfeld – he of the grey ponytail!  Mr Lagerfeld has been wonderfully impractical and designed a punching bag, complete with boxing gloves and a travelling trunk to store it in!  Not to mention the gorgeous rounded “gym bag” that goes with it.  I cannot even IMAGINE the price tag on this lot!

MumtpyStyle LV Lagerfield Punching Bag

MumptyStyle LV Lagerfield Iconoclasts
Images via

♥ Gala Darling’s #lovetober Instagram challenge
I did a post on this earlier in the month – you can read it here.  Now that we’re 24 days into it, I can safely say I’m loving this challenge!  Click here to see my entries in the challenge and search #lovetober to see the whole gloriously colourful challenge!

MumptyStyle Instagram challenge JG

Plus I was very excited to get a mention in Gala’s weekly roundup (see above), but unfortunately I didn’t get a prize – dammit!  If you look closely at the pic, you will see that the outline of the bikini is very deceiving!  This is the work of the amazing Joanne Gair, who I interviewed here and here.

♥ I won a signed poster of Lilly Loca!
For those of you who may not know Lilly Loca, she is one of the wonderful alter-egos of Nat Hugill, an Auckland burlesque performer.  Nat is also an actress, drama teacher, producer, model and emcee.  Not to mention her most recent role as Mum to a little baby girl.  Gosh how I love social media competitions!   You can find Lilly Loca on Facebook here.  

MumptyStyle Lilly Loca
Lilly Loca’s photo via

♥ Liz at one-twenty-five
I’ve been following the antics of Liz at one-twenty-five for quite a while now and she is one of the funniest, most brutally honest bloggers around.  The original premise of her blog was her goal weight of 125lbs, but her blog is just so much more than that.  In fact, it’s not a weight loss blog at all any more – she’s just a bloody good writer and it’s a pleasure reading her blog every day.  Check her out – you’ll be glad you did!

MumptyStyle One-twenty-five

♥ The Bonita Danger Doll 2015 calendar
Continuing with the burlesque theme … how amazing is this pic of the incredible Bonita Danger Doll?  And just think – you can have eleven more stunning pictures like this if you buy her calendar – I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting one.  To purchase this fabulous calendar for yourself, click here.  And guess what – Bonita will sign it for you too!

MumptyStyle Bonita Danger Doll
Image via

Sooo … it’s time for the gratuitous Louboutin shot!  Who wouldn’t love a pair of these highly impractical Miss America 150mm slingbacks?  Now that is a pair of “photo shoes” if I ever did see one!

MumptyStyle Louboutin Miss America

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …




Benefit Fakeup review …

Oh Benefit fakeup … where have you been all my life?

MumptyStyle Designer Bags

I don’t know about you, but as one of those girls who no longer falls into the “nubile young filly” category (in fact I fall a bit more into the “gently-rounded aging broodmare” category), I’ve not been able to find a product that actually conceals those pesky dark shadows under the eyes that seem to deepen and extend as I age. (Whew … that was a long sentence – are you still with me?!)

In my humble opinion, what my peers and I have been pining for is a product that a) conceals the dark shadows; b) doesn’t sit in, and thus accentuate, the fine lines (fine lines, she says optimistically!) c) doesn’t dry the skin and d) stays the distance. A product that makes your under eyes look all bright and glowy and plumped out and well, let’s face it, YOUNG! So whad’ya know … Benefit has gone and made a product that does just that!

A product called fakeup (all trendy-like, without a capital!)

MumptyStyle Fakeup

As you can see from the picture, Benefit has put the coloured, concealy-stuff in the middle of a super-hydrating shell of balm-like moisturiser, which is most likely the reason it makes your under eyes look plumped up, fresh and bright for the whole blimmin’ day! Plus … the packaging is so pretty (important, I know!) The hydrating shell contains Vitamin E and apple seed extract which gives an immediate moisturising effect and the coloured concealy-stuff (that’s the technical term, I swear!) is where the magic happens with regard to hiding the dark shadows and light diffusion – ie minimising the wrinkles fine laughter lines!

The road test …
Because I’m such a thorough little thing I thought it would be in our best interests to show rather than just tell; thus here is pictorial evidence of the supreme efficacy of fakeup (ie here are some pictures to show you that it actually works!)

The “before shot”… in all honesty I had rather hoped I’d need to have a late night, or drink copious amounts of wine (see how dedicated I am!) and take this shot “the morning after” in order to emphasise the dark shadows under my eyes. But oh no, there they obligingly were, happily visible after a full night’s teetotal rest. **Sigh**

MumptyStyle Bags

As you can see, the dark shadows under my eyes are enough to make a panda jealous (I have helpfully provided a photo of said panda for comparison below.) Oh and by the way LOOK AWAY FROM THE FEATHERED LIPSTICK!!! This is about the eyes OK? … the feathered lipstick is another “issue”!

MumptyStyle Panda

So … in order to conceal my panda-like eyes, I used Benefit’s fakeup in medium. I patted it on using my ring finger; waited a few seconds for it to warm up and then really gently blended it in a kind of upside-down triangle shape which I find gives a much better and more natural result than if you dab it on in a circular shape. And viola! My dark shadows are gone! (As you can see from the photo, this is an entirely serious matter and not to be smiled about!) fakeup glides on really easily leaving no waxy or sticky residue at all; it’s most definitely a no-mess, no-fuss option.

MumptyStyle Fakeup applied
Please note … these photos were taken BEFORE I bloody well learned about filter apps. Please be kind …

To “set” my fakeup application, I used Benefit’s Agent Zero Shine and hoped for the best. And I must say, fakeup came up with the goods! By the end of the day it was still in place; still covering the dark shadows and … the best thing about it? It HAD NOT settled into the fine lines! And when you’re over 40 ladies, this is a very, very good thing!

The recommended retail for Benefit’s fakeup at Smith & Caughey is $45.00 and worth every cent if you ask me – I highly recommend it for long-lasting, medium coverage of dark shadows and fine lines.

Oh Benefit … this gently-rounded broodmare thanks you!

Five heart rating? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I hope you enjoyed my review.

Love …



Nine Q&A’s with Joanne Gair (part two) …

Nine Q&A’s with the world’s premier body painter and makeup artist, Joanne Gair …   

Today’s post is part two of an amazing interview with world-renowned makeup artist and body painter, Joanne Gair.  Click  here for part one.
MumptyStyle Joanne Gair feather
Q5.  Joanne, you are, and have worked with some of the greatest names in the business in terms of hair stylists, photographers and the like. Do you have any special tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way you could share with us?

A. I’m going to answer this from the perspective of someone wanting to get into the business of makeup artistry.
The most important tip I can give you here is to know your place in the team. The photographer and the client are the leaders. Come prepared – do your homework and research, research, research. Don’t assume you’ve got everything in your kit just because you were successful with it on your last job. If at all possible, have a conversation with everyone involved beforehand and make sure you know what their expectations are with regard to the makeup component of the shoot.

Nails – nails are a big thing now and I see salons popping up everywhere in New Zealand. Don’t just assume nails will be done; ask! If a manicurist is going to be onsite, great; but if not, make sure you know whether you are expected to deal with nails. Hands are extremely important; particularly when you’re doing wedding shoots or beauty of any kind. If there is no manicurist on set, make sure the model comes with nails manicured/pedicured to save time. You then would need to apply the colour. Timeframes – you need to know when the model is required to be “camera-ready” and work back from there. You are part of a team; you are not the only person. If a stylist needs to take the model away for a fitting, make sure you allow them to do that; they have often been working on their part of the shoot for weeks – you are just coming in at the end. Of course no one wants to be the last one and have to be hurried, but you all need to work in together. Often you can do your skin prep at the start and then when the model’s hair is set and off her face, that is when you can really go all out on makeup.
Photographs – it is EXTREMELY important that you don’t take photographs on set; this is very intrusive and it’s not your place to do so … that is the job of the photographer. Do not Instagram photographs or mention things on social media unless you’ve been given permission to do so; often a makeup artist won’t see photographs of their work, or even be able to talk about it, until the shoot has gone to print and this could be months. Don’t make the mistake of overstepping the boundaries on this one. I’ve seen people lose excellent opportunities and promotions through this type of poor judgement. Knowing your place is the biggest lesson to learn.

Q6:  Great makeup, and I’m sure great body painting, starts with great skin. Do you have a specific skincare line that you recommend your clients, or do you “pick and mix” your recommendations based on individual requirements?

A:  I really mix and match products to be honest. Here are some of my current picks …

Le Mieux – You would be well advised to try it! I particularly like the TGS-V eye serum masks. I actually can’t believe how brilliant they are. They are absolutely magical for reducing the appearance of fine lines. The product comes in a pack of four and would be an excellent treat for a client; simply pop them on and leave them for 15 minutes minimum but preferably up to 30 minutes; bliss!

Le Mieux Derma Relief Serum and TGS-V booster – I find this product brilliant to mix with the Skindinavia The Make Up Primer spray I mentioned earlier. I put a drop of each on the back of my hand and apply it to the skin. It’s a water-based moisturiser and your foundation simply glides over the top.

Mario Badescu Skincare line – I’ve used this range myself for a long, long time. It’s not expensive and they’ve managed to keep the price point reasonable by packaging it in plastic; it’s not flash, but the product inside is wonderful. My favourites in this line are the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion and the Glycolic Eye Creams.

Embryolisse Body Lotion Lait-Crème Fluid Multi-function Nourishing Moisturiser this one’s not cheap but I particularly love it. I’ve heard people refer to it as gold! It’s a light-weight body moisturiser, but you can certainly use it on the face as well. It’s not greasy and works well in humidity. Actually, this one is a really good one to use on shoots when fabrics can be problematic with getting product marks. Say for example a model was wearing a very fine silk fabric, you wouldn’t be popular with the stylist if you applied a moisturising product that left greasy marks all over the fabric! These are things makeup artists need to be aware of when working as part of a team!

Nivea Intensive Care Moisturiser – this is an inexpensive product that comes in a large bottle from your local drug store. It’s great for when the body needs a shiny look and you want a lovely natural glow to the skin.

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray – this is an oil-free spray that is pretty new. Skindinavia currently has only two sprays. Order them both! If you can’t afford both, get the primer spray first and then save for the finishing spray. Some people set their makeup with a mist of aerosol; I find this gives a bit of a plastic feel which I don’t like. The Skindinavia spray doesn’t give you that feeling and it’s full of lovely nutrients as well!

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment – I’ve travelled for over thirty years and this is the product I used to bring back to the USA as gifts for everyone, however it’s readily available now. It’s an essential for a makeup artist’s kit; I always apply it on my model’s lips as part of the skin prep process and it makes lipstick application a dream. This is my gold! My sister puts it all over her face once a week and goes to bed with it, she completely believes in its skin repairing powers. The plus side is a little goes a long way and it’s not expensive.

Aloe Vera gel – I believe the aloe vera plant is the most underrated plant ever! The gel has almost magical properties; you can use it straight from the plant by simply scraping the gel out and applying it directly – it can be a bit sticky and has a slightly unusual smell though, so you probably wouldn’t use it on a client. This is where the Epicuren Aloe Vera Gel comes in! This is aloe vera gel in its most pure form; it doesn’t flake or roll and I use it every day – my foundation goes over the top of it. I like it because it calms the skin and tightens the pores. I also use it after I’ve cleansed my skin and before my creams. It comes with a pump dispenser.  

MumptyStyle Joanne Gair bikini

Q7. Do you have a favourite fragrance or “Holy Grail” product?

A:  I love perfumes and I try different ones all the time as I travel through airports on a regular basis. I must admit though that I am rather attracted to the traditional perfumes – my mother uses one by Elizabeth Arden which I love called Beautiful. I’m initially attracted to the bottles to be honest, and I mix and layer different perfumes a lot too, which is fun. Two perfumes I love are Serge Lutens 5 o’clock (Au Gingemvre) and Givenchy’s Amarige. 

Q8:  Table of eight for dinner; you and seven other people (living or dead) … who would they be?

A:  I’m homesick at the moment, so I’m going to take the easy option here and say“my family!” I’m a Kiwi girl at heart and I adore the chance to sit around the table, have hilarious conversations, laugh out loud and share memories. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I have travelled a great deal in my life but I still believe New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and special places in the world. It is an absolute pleasure for me to come home and spend time here with my beloved family. 

MumptyStyle Joanne Gair Wallpaper
© 2005 Joanne Gair/PQ Blackewell

Q9.  If there was a “makeup time capsule” to be opened by a makeup obsessed girl or guy in 50 years time, what product would you put in it and why? 

A. One product, one word … sunblock. Particularly for those of you in New Zealand and Australia. The one I love and use the most is the Banana Boat Ultra Defence Sheer Protect SPF50 – it’s lightweight, not greasy, inexpensive, somewhat water-resistant and full of antioxidants. The thing I love about it is that I can put it on under my foundation and I don’t have to reapply it all day. Whichever sunblock you choose, just make sure that you have the appropriate SPF!  

MumptyStyle Joanne Gair Pink and Gold

Joanne, thanks so much for your wonderful answers – I’m sure they will inspire my readers to “stalk your work!” I’d like to thank you again personally – I’ve so enjoyed working with you on this Q&A; you are a true professional and a generous and beautiful soul.

If you’d like to find out more about Joanne Gair and her AMAZING work you can (and you must!) find her at the following social haunts:

Instagram: joannegair
Twitter: @joannegair  

(NZ Stockists)
By Terry
Mario Badescu
Kryolan;; Auckland store
M.A.C – Auckland store (there is a store-finder on the site)

Extra for experts:
(A Q&A with Joanne detailing the body painting process)



Nine Q&A’s with Joanne Gair (part one) …

Nine Q&A’s with the world’s premier body painter and makeup artist, Joanne Gair …   

MumptyStyle Joanne Gair flowers
© 2005 Joanne Gair/PQ Blackewell
With a client list that includes Madonna, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore and Heidi Klum, Joanne Gair is an EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY big deal in the makeup and body paint world and I am so proud to feature her here on MumptyStyle!  And wow – she’s from New Zealand!

“Kiwi Jo’s” work is absolutely incredible; so incredible in fact, she’s been featured on “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” Honestly, there’s just not enough time or space here to even touch on the amazing work Joanne has done (and yes, she did THAT body paint on Demi Moore for Vanity Fair- click here to see!) Unfortunately, I am are not able to embed photos of much of the work Joanne has done in this Q&A due to copyright issues with Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair and other little companies like that (haha!) so you’ll just have to get clicking! A great place to start is Pinterest – type Joanne Gair into the search function and prepare to be amazed! Click here for a painted Heidi Klum; here for Rachel Hunter and here for Madonna.

You should also go to her website – – and just bathe in her glory – it really will blow you away! And guess what – she is the NICEST lady too – triple bonus. Joanne took over an hour out of her busy schedule to talk with me, not to mention several follow-ups and e-mails, and for that I am incredibly grateful. Joanne would love to connect with you all on Instagram too, so check her out – @joannegair

So get clicking ladies and gentleman; but in the meantime … meet Joanne Gair.

MumptyStyle Kiwi Jo
Kiwi Jo – Joanne Gair

Joanne, thank you so much for doing this Q&A (which was originally written for  As I’ve mentioned, your work is incredible and the attention to detail is phenomenal. We hope this article will help inspire other makeup artists to achieve greatness too!

Because Joanne shared such a wealth of information in this Q&A, I have decided to publish it in two parts.  But don’t worry – you won’t have to wait long – I’ll post them on consecutive days!

So – here goes with part one …

MumptyStyle Joanne Gair MAC displayMumptyStyle Joanne Gair MAC 2
Q1.  The August 1992 cover for Vanity Fair featuring Demi Moore catapulted both you and the art of body painting to fame. What products do you use for body painting and have they, or your artistic process, changed much since that defining work?

A. The Vanity Fair body paint shoot was actually a follow up story on Demi Moore from the previous year where she was featured pregnant on the cover of the August 1991 issue. I had done the makeup for that shoot too. Annie Leibovitz, who photographed both stories, had us in Hawaii and Los Angeles for different photo sessions during 1992. Eventually, it was decided one of the shoots would be body painting. Demi and I had discussed having her painted over previous years of working together with me only doing beauty makeup on her. This was her first of many painting sessions with me.

A lot has changed since that shoot with Demi. I originally only used Aqua Colours which are water-based. The brand is called Kryolan which is a German product – it is readily available everywhere now. Aqua products can be applied with a brush; sponge or with your fingers – the work I did on Demi utilised all of these techniques. Makeup through body painting has become more of an art form and the products are numerous in choice and so sophisticated. I’m very lucky that people send me products to try all the time. I love knowing what is new on the market!

Essentially nowadays body painting is a layering process. In addition to water based products, I work with alcohol-based, latex, silicon and acrylic products, and because of this the process has become more involved. The downside is there is more to sort and carry in my kit! For Sports Illustrated I tend to start with an alcohol-based product and then layer over painting with other products as I get to achieve the look and texture I’m after. There are innate requirements for each job and I adapt the products and processes I use each time to suit.

One thing I’d like to point out for anyone getting started is that you don’t have to have all the expensive products in order to do this type of work. Essentially, if you can use a product on your face, you can use it on your body; it’s all skin and there’s no right or wrong, particularly when you are colouring in. The most important feature of a product is its ability to mix and to stay on the skin without slipping or fading. M.A.C has a wonderful aqua line both in pancake and liquid colours. They also have a colourful grease stick and a silicon-based line that you can airbrush to achieve different looks. M.A.C’s Auckland store is excellent; their staff are very helpful and knowledgeable – it’s a great place to go for someone wanting to start out in body painting and in makeup in general. 

Q2:  With the massive attention to detail that is synonymous with your work, how long on average, would a full body paint take to complete?

A:  Aaaahh – this is the question I get asked most often! It is really totally dependent on the detail involved in the job. Generally though it varies between 8 and 12 hours; 12 being more realistic as normally there is hair and makeup involved as well.

In order to estimate a time frame, I ask the following types of questions:
How are you intending to crop the image – i.e. head and shoulders, waist up, full length etc?
Do you expect to be able to view the full body all the way around?
How many colours are being used, pattern, detail, etc. – all these add to the time it takes.
Are you going to be shooting on location?
The day’s weather also has a lot to do with time frames. You also need to add at least 45 minutes if any areas of the body need to be covered with latex for privacy.

Q3. Joanne, you’re not just a body painter (and I say “just” as a huge understatement!) you are an extremely accomplished makeup artist as well. What “new trends” have you noticed (or started!) lately that we should be aware of? Is there a trend you think should be banned (I’m thinking something like bleached eyebrows here!)?   

A:  Bleached eyebrows! It’s not really an everyday thing you would do for the public – it’s more of an artistic expression that a MUA might use for runway or photographic magazine looks. You don’t have to go so far as to actually bleach the eyebrows; if you dip an eyebrow wand into a reasonably thick foundation and comb it through the brow, you’ve made the brow a lot more subtle and given the illusion of being bleached; it’s a quick fix. Actually, I’m not against bleached eyebrows – it makes a much bigger canvas for the eye which can be fun.

I’d rather see eyebrows bleached than plucked though; plucking inevitably damages the follicles and not only do they not always grow back; if they do, they often grow back in the wrong direction! If you’re going to pluck them, always pluck in the direction the hair is growing.

TrendsI think trends are very much seasonally dependent. In New York we are currently in summer. The other thing I would say regarding trends is that there is actually nothing new; they’re simply things that have been seen before that are being interpreted and applied in a new and different way. For example right now eyeliner is big again and has been for a while, particularly the application of the cat eye. Eyeliner has been around for years and years of course (a smoky eye with cat eye liner is the trademark for Guess for example) but it’s being interpreted in a different way on the catwalks right now; they’re playing with bold colours on the eyes; greens and blues; they’re taking the colours into areas they’ve previously not done before – up to the brow for example and others are playing with it under the eyes etc; they’re using iridescents and geometric shapes. That type of look is definitely high fashion/artistic expression rather than an everyday look – it’s about making a new statement, making a trend!

Anybody can set a trend – it’s really just using your imagination to create something that’s outside our normal use; it’s doing something different. Coming up with a new trend pushes your imagination – that’s why makeup artists are often sent new products; they’re hoping you’ll use your imagination to push the boundaries with their products. It’s fun and it’s what keeps things exciting!

Trends are also evident in the way new products are marketed now; their packaging; the hype surrounding them – it’s a way of differentiating them from the “normal” and going above and beyond.


Q4:  What are your top five favourite products (they could include hair, makeup, fragrance or supplements?)  

A:  Note from Mumpty: this was an extremely difficult question for Joanne to answer! She said she has her “regular old favourites” but she is constantly being exposed to new products; some of which have blown her away. These ones are ones she loves at the moment, but she did mention we could interview her again in six months time and she’d have a new list for us!

MumptyStyle Skindinavia Primer Spray1) Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray – this is an oil-free spray. I am really impressed with this product. I know they worked hard on the dispensing mechanism. The spray nozzle is the best one I’ve ever used; it gives a really nice, even spray. It brightens and nourishes the skin. Makeup sits smoothly on top with no product rolling or any build-up happening. If I had to choose one primer to use, this would be the one I would suggest. It’s an absolute must for your kit. Skindinavia is relatively new on the market and is rapidly becoming very popular amongst makeup artists.

2) By Terry foundation – E’clat Opulence – By Terry have many foundations but this is the one I always have in my kit. It comes in a glass pot and the colour I use personally is Nude Radiance. Its creamy, silky texture can be blended out quite sheer and it can be warmed up with blushers, bronzers etc. You can also have it quite thick if you want more coverage and it can even be used as a concealer.

Most people only have one foundation. Remember you will need to alter it depending on the season and if the skin colour has changed due to tanning, etc. I don’t believe it’s really necessary for a consumer to have more than two different foundations as long as they know how to warm up the foundation they have by dusting a warmer powder or bronzer over the application where needed.

3) AMAZING Cosmetics Powderset setting powder – even though it’s white in the compact, this product is so translucent it can go on any skin tone. It’s velvety, matte and very sheer. You can apply it with a brush, however I find it works really well if you just press it into your skin with a latex sponge – use it only on the areas you need – t-zone, eyelids, forehead etc. I like the fact that it comes in a slim-line compact with a good-sized mirror as I love a good two-in-one product – this one will last you forever.

4) A good mascara – I go through gazillions of them! I’d like to make the point here that you don’t need expensive mascaras – a good mascara is really all about the wand to be honest; there are multitudes of them out there so keep playing and experimenting with different ones! Having said that, I am loving M.A.C Extended Play Gigablack mascara – the bristles on this wand are quite far apart and they coat your lashes individually without clumping. Because they don’t clump you can achieve a natural look with a single application or go for something much more dramatic by building layers. It comes in a smaller container than most mascaras which I love as I find bulky mascaras are horrible to pack in my makeup bag.

5) A great eyeliner – Rapid Black Penultimate eyeliner by M.A.C – this one is perfect for both the everyday person and for the makeup artists out there. It’s a loaded felt tip pen that gives you an almost fool-proof line that lasts a long time. I find liquid eyeliners that are applied with a brush can be problematic; the bristles inevitably get damaged and it makes it very hard to achieve a good, clean line. With M.A.C’s felt pen eyeliner you will get a very proficient line; it’s very gentle to the eye and doesn’t poke you in between your eyelashes.

6) Lipstick – I adore lipsticks – they’re an absolute must! Here’s a little trick I’ve always done with my lipstick and I find it works with almost every colour … once I’ve applied my lipstick I tap, tap, tap on my painted lip with my middle finger and then rub the excess lipstick onto my cheeks; it becomes your cream blush. It gives a complimentary, tone-on-tone warmth to your face and creates a lovely healthy glow.

When it comes to lipstick, again I don’t believe you need to spend a lot. One brand I find its consistency is good is NYX. They have an extensive colour range and are lovely and creamy in texture. I find they stay on well on the lips without becoming dry. You can always make a matte lipstick have a satin finish by simply adding a lubricant of some kind.  

So there you have it … part one of this fabulous interview with a world-famous makeup artist.  For part two, come back tomorrow!  In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about Joanne Gair and her AMAZING work you can (and you must!) find her at the following social haunts:

Instagram: joannegair
Twitter: @joannegair  


What if … you could buy customised makeup-infused tear sheets?

What if 

This is the first in a mini-series of posts I’ve planned called “What if?”  So here goes …

… you could buy customised “makeup-infused tear sheets”?

MumptyStyle Makeup Look Books

You know how you have different makeup looks to suit different outfits and occasions?  Or sometimes your makeup look is decided by factors like speed of application; available time or even your mood; be it romantic, natural, sporty, dramatic – whatever really.  Well what if you could buy tear sheets of makeup and build up a physical library of makeup looks?  How cool would that be?

Now I’m no makeup developer or chemist, so I have no idea how this would work in practical terms, but who said Mumpty was practical?  I’m an “ideas person” OK?!  What I do know though, is that you can buy 3D makeup printers, so I’m thinking my idea is not entirely far-fetched.  So here’s how it pans out in my little head …

MumptyStyle Eye Makeup

Step one – you go to a website and you upload photos of your face – the website then allocates you foundation colours and the like, based on those photos and whatever other information is required, then it stores that information away in its little memory bank.
Step two – you search a visual database of makeup looks based on genres like say – pinup, nude, sugarskull etc.  You use dropdown boxes to choose your options.  Once you’ve customised yourself a “pinup” look for example, you then save that “tear sheet” to your “library.”  Or you can choose pre-developed tear sheets from their library.
Step three – you purchase your tear sheets and they arrive in the form of a makeup-infused A4 face chart which is almost like a jigsaw puzzle – each piece has a plastic film over it which you peel away to reveal the powdered makeup underneath.  A separate face chart has a colour copy of the tear sheet and the application instructions. Or of course, if you have the 3D makeup printer, you simply download the code and print that look off!
Step four – application. You simply add water (or maybe it’s a special liquid concoction they send you – who knows?) in the quantity required by the instructions and that water (or liquid concoction) turns the powder in your jigsaw to makeup in the correct consistency of a standard product!  Apply away – just like you normally would using the minimal brushes you need to get the look.

The benefits of my scheme …
You can develop your own makeup library – order them up (or print them out) and keep them in a tabbed file in your makeup area.  That way, depending on your mood, what you’re wearing – whatever – you just grab that particular look and you’re ready to slap it on!
Think of all the spare space in your ensuite, bathroom or bedroom that your makeup won’t be hogging!  There’ll be more room for shoes!
Wouldn’t weekend away and holiday packing be a breeze?  You’d just grab three or four “natural look” tear sheets; a “dinner out” tear sheet and a couple of “beach babe” tear sheets – stick them in your suitcase and you’re set.
Got a formal occasion but you don’t have time to go home after work?  Pack some makeup remover wipes and your “ball makeup” tear sheet, then nip to the bathroom; wipe off the old look, slap on the new look, wiggle into your frock and you’re good to go!
Of course you’ll be prepared for any occasion because you will have customised your library in just the format you need to suit your tastes and your lifestyle.  For me there’d be tear sheets for each of the following “work when I can’t be bothered making too much effort”; “burlesque class”; “book club”; “pinup”; “BBQ”; “watching netball”; “work when I can be bothered making an effort”; “Halloween party”; “Makeup Obsessives meetup”; “when I want to look killer!” etc.  And then of course there’d be the ones entitled “to match PUG Neverland dress”; “to match slinky black dress”; “to match cherry wiggle” etc.
 You can share your tear sheets in Instagram-like fashion and earn royalities when people purchase your masterpieces!  And vice versa too – see someone else’s tear sheet you love?  Buy it for your own library!  Ooooh they could even do limited editions and one-off collector’s items!

MumptyStyle Red Lips

Aaaahhhhh … my mind goes to some funny places sometimes!  But seriously, I don’t think this stuff is too far away really.  And if my concept becomes reality and L’Oreal makes even more millions from it – remember, you heard it here first and I should get a little share!!!!

What are your thoughts on this?  If you think it’s a cool concept – please share my post!

Love …





MumptyLoves 17/10/2014

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 17/10/2014

♥ Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray 

 MumptyStyle Skindinavia Primer Spray

The Makeup Primer spray by Skindinavia is a lightweight, vitamin-based, silicon-free spray/mist that just helps everything you slap on your face go on smoother, and last longer.  Who wouldn’t be happy with that right?!  The Skindinavia brand is much loved by makeup artists, and this particular spray was recommended to me by one of the best – Joanne Gair (check out her work – amazing).  I’m loving it, and so will you.  If you’re a New Zealand reader, you can find it at   Next on my list to purchase is the finishing spray by Skindinavia.

♥  The Louis Vuitton Icons collection – Christian Louboutin
I think it takes a company that is pretty secure in its product and its heritage to create an “icons” range wherein it collaborates with other famous designers from rival companies.  And to celebrate its 160th year anniversary, that’s exactly what Louis Vuitton has done with the likes of Christian Louboutin, Karl Lagerfield (Chanel) and others.  The handbag below is one of the designs from Christian Louboutin – isn’t it gorgeous – I love how he’s done one side red to align with his own brand and used the studs he’s so fond of.  And at a mere $US5,150 this shopping tote is a snip!

MumptyStyle LouisVuitton Louboutin tote

MumptyStyle Louis Vuitton Louboutin tote rear

♥ My new dress by Pinup Girl Clothing … the Jenny dress in Neverland print

MumptyStyle PUG Jenny

Isn’t it cute?!  I have worn this about four times now and have gotten lots of compliments each time.  The Jenny dress is VERY full around the waist, which took a bit of getting used to, but once you get your head round that you’ll end up wanting to boof it out even more with a petticoat!  The Neverland print is a really fun print … shhh, it has topless mermaids on it!  Another thing I love about Pinup Girl Clothing is that they always show their garments on both a “standard” model and a “plus-size” model like the one above.  Clever people.  (And speaking of Pinup Girl Clothing … did you see my recent post about what I’d buy there if I had $800?  Click here if you missed out.)

♥ The 2015 Classics Museum Pinup Calendar

MumptyStyle Calendar

Miss March - Classics Car Musuem
Need something pin-uppy and fabulous to hang on your wall for next year?  Check out the 2015 Classics Museum Pinup Calendar … featuring Mumpty as Miss March!  Read about the “calendar shoot day” here and about the launch party here.  If you’d like to purchase your own calendar, you can get it here.


MumptyStyle Kirsty Leigh
Kirsty Leigh – founder, Makeup Obsessives

I am an admin for the 30,000-strong Facebook group that accompanies this website, and I am proud to call it’s founder, Kirsty Leigh, a friend.  Check out her amazing site for all things makeup … you’ll learn SO much.  Kirsty is a really engaging writer – she does some fabulous reviews which are often accompanied by giveaways – you gotta be in to win, so hop over to the site right now!

♥ Jordana blushes …

MumptyStyle Jordana blushes

For the price of these ($3.50 each in NZ), you are getting such amazing value – so much so, in fact, that you almost feel like you’re ripping someone off!  These go on well and stay on well and the colours are so pretty.  There’s not really much more you can expect from a blush now is there?!  I have three of them and expect to collect more – for that price, why not?  Jordana are a very reputable American brand too and don’t test on animals, so you don’t need to worry about anything horrible like that or about putting cheap rubbish on your face – you’re fine with Jordana.  In NZ you can find it at many of the $2 Shops but beware – the stands get stocked up and emptied out again almost as fast as ELF at KMart!  Check out the rest of their range too – it’s just good makeup for the price.

And finally … who doesn’t love a good nude?  This pair of Christian Louboutin 120mm Pigalle in nude patent would be very welcome to join my wardobe.

MumptyStyle Louboutin Nude Pigalle

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …




Why I love my car

Why I love my car …

Meet Milly – my 2004 turbo Volkswagen Beetle.  She’s my dream car and has been for as long as I can remember.

MumptyStyle Milly
Photo by Myra at Lutece Photography

There’s something about her cheeky little curves; her bright cherry red body and her peppy little engine that just makes me smile.  I never get enough of zipping round town in my little Milly and I feel very lucky to have her.

Milly is actually my second Beetle.  As I said, I’d wanted a Beetle for as long as I can remember, and about six years ago, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase Lucy – a lime green Beetle who was my pride and joy!  At that time, my daughter was about three years old, and Lucy was surprisingly practical as she was easy to get Kellie in and out of, and she had a deceptively large boot into which I could pile all Kellie’s stuff!

About 18 months later, my father told me that Westpac were selling their fleet of Beetles through Turners Auctions and I should keep an eye out as I might be able to upgrade Lucy.  So, with knots in my stomach, I put her on the market and she sold very quickly, for quite a good price.  Which meant I had money burning a hole in my pocket and I DESPERATELY wanted to replace her!  Which ideally, is not the mindset to be in when purchasing a vehicle and led to this …

I bought Milly, without having even seen her, from Turners in Christchurch, and had to get her up to Hamilton, all the while hoping like hell, she was OK and had no issues!

MumptyStyle Milly bootI believe that is what you call “auction fever” … I was sitting on my computer at home in Hamilton watching the auction and Milly was about to get passed in.  In a fit of excitement I pushed the bid button and suddenly it came up “bid successful” and my heart went into overdrive!  I’d just bought a car I hadn’t even seen and now I had to a) tell my partner (!) and b) get her up to Hamilton!

Now this is a bit of an aside, but always makes me laugh.  My Dad, being in the motor industry, was DEAD AGAINST me getting a European car because of the expense of fixing it if anything went wrong and also because he didn’t stock European vehicles and therefore wouldn’t be able to get me the parts.  Anyway … after much thought, I decided that he couldn’t SURELY be angry with me forever, and went ahead and got one!  I did get the cold shoulder for a few days, but Mum cheered me up by saying she’d always found with Dad that it was “better to ask forgiveness than permission” … hahahaaa!  Poor Dad!   

Anyway, I’ll spare you the details, but I was very fortunate that Milly turned up in Hamilton and she was absolutely fine with no issues whatsoever!  Phew …

MumptyStyle Milly petrol cap
Why yes … Milly does have her name on her petrol cap!

So there you have it … why I love my Beetle.  I sincerely recommend you get a car you love if you can – if your car brings a smile to your face, then that’s a good start to your day!

Love …



PS: as much as I love Milly, I wouldn’t be adverse to having a Range Rover Evoque find it’s way into my Christmas stocking!