Lovetober … let’s do it!

Lovetober … let’s do it!

Have you heard about the Lovetober Instagram challenge for October?  It’s fun, it’s positive and it’s a great way to start or finish your day!

Essentially, #lovetober is the brainchild of the fabulous ex-Kiwi, Gala Darling and this is her second version – #1 version being #radicalselflovejuly which garnered over 14,000 entries!

How it works …
Each day you post an image to your Instagram account and tag it “lovetober”  The pictures you upload are based on the graphic below.  Click here for the full rundown on how it works, plus photo ideas from Gala Darling’s site.  

MumptyStyle Lovetober

If you’re in NZ and you haven’t started – start now!  It’s only Day 2!  If you’re reading this and it’s October the 1st where you are, hop to it – it starts today!

Why it’s cool …
You get to upload all your gorgeous pics and you get to share the love with the rest of the #lovetober participants around the world.

So join the fun and follow along.  If you want to follow me I’d love you to do that!  Click here for my Instagram account where I’ll be posting my #lovetober pics!  Here’s a sneaky peak of my first two days … day # 1 Flower Power

MumptyStyle Flower Power

and day # 2 Nostalgia (me and my sisters!):

MumptyStyle Sisters

If you don’t have Instagram, no problems … you can do it on Facebook if you want to!

Enjoy and get snapping …





Extra for experts: for some Instagram photo hints on how to make your pictures brighter and even more fabulous, read Gala Darling’s post here – 10 tips for Instagram over-achievers.
And PS: if you don’t have access to a photobooth for day # 3, there are apps that will do it for ‘ya!

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