Gosh how I love goodie bags

Gosh, how I love goodie bags!

OK … so you may or may not know that I am an admin for the Facebook group known as Makeup Obsessives.  I thought I knew a bit about makeup before I joined, but OMG – my knowledge, not to mention my makeup collection (!) has increased tenfold since joining some six months ago … so when I was offered the opportunity to become part of the admin team, I jumped at it!

MumptyStyle MUO team
Some of the girls from the Makeup Obsessives admin team … there’s always one that doesn’t look at the camera right? And yep – that was me!

So what’s that got to do with goodie bags you ask?  Well, tsk tsk you impatient being … I’m getting there!  As part of the “Makeup Obsessives movement”,  Queen Kirsty (the founder of Makeup Obsessives) and her glorious assistant, Nicola (of Blush Baby fame), organises events around NZ where MUOs (as we’re known) get to meet up, meet Kirsty and her team of admins, discuss makeup, drink wine and … ta da – get a goodie bag (see, I got there in the end!)

MumptyStyle Goodie Bags
The goodie bag lineup

Over the weekend I attended the meetup held at Igauna in Hamilton.  There was much chit chat, fabulous makeup, hilarity and wine … but this post is about the goodie bag – and what a fabulous and generous goodie bag it was.

Being the disorganised soul I am, I didn’t think for a second to take a photograph of the contents of my goodie bag before I ripped into them, so now I have to try and remember it all.  Thankfully one of the other, more clever MUO’s, took a photo of her goodie bag and as the goodie bags were mostly the same, the guessing process has been greatly assisted!

So … in my goodie bag was:

Monda Demi Wispy false eyelashes courtesy of Blush Baby (Shhhh … don’t tell anyone, but these are A-MAZING)  UPDATE: Bought six pairs of these off Nicola at Blush Baby!
Elvive Total Repair conditioner – full-sized product – great timing too ‘cos I’m about to run out of conditioner!
Sukin facial moisturiser – sample size (haven’t tried this yet, but am looking forward to it)  UPDATE: tried it, didn’t like it, not moisturising enough for my old skin sadly.
A makeup brush from Beauty Bliss UPDATE: love it.
Maybelline Colour Show nail polish in blue (which disappeared like lightening when my 10 y/o daughter saw it!)
The Bardot BB cream, Rhino Repair and Apple A Day moisturiser – very generous sample sizes from Oasis Beauty (and guess what … the BB cream works AWESOME under your cream foundation as a kind of primer)
Trilogy Rosapene night cream samples x 2 – they smell DIVINE and leave my skin SO soft.  UPDATE: bought the Rosapene via Flybuys points and got the Trilogy oil as well.  Both beautiful.
Antipodes Grace gentle face cleanser – sample size – gorgeous and so effective – especially at getting mascara off!
Sorbet “sensational solids” shampoo (I think it was shampoo – or maybe it was conditioner – whoops, I threw out the packaging – anyway, it smelt fab, but I have a feeling the dog ate it *insert sad face here*!)
Elizabeth Arden bold eye pencil – full-sized product in a gorgeous iridescent teal colour.
Pixi by Petra lip booster – full-sized product – this is really, very nice.

And discount vouchers for products and services from Blush Baby and Sophie Tabakas

Also … there were giveaways!!!  For everyone!!!  (Including Stila palettes, Revitalash, soaps, Eye of Horus etc) – I was VERY excited to receive an “Instain” staining powder blush from one of my favourite brands; The Balm.  And it’s gorgeous … a lovely, soft pink/plum; although you do have to be careful as it’s darker than it looks – and ya’ know what – if you put too much blusher on, it’s very hard to get off!  Lesson learned the hard way – so go easy on this one!  Cute packaging too as you can see below.    MumptyStyle MUO giveaway

So … that was my goodie bag … in a blog post!  As you can see, most of the items were made in NZ which was awesome to see as I love to support NZ-made products – particularly when they’re so damm good!  (The ones that weren’t NZ-made were good too by the way!)  Goodie bags are such a great opportunity to try new products without the financial commitment of purchasing the full-sized version – let’s face it, you don’t always like or suit everything you try!

I know some of these products were purchased by Kirsty and Nicola for the goodie bags but a lot of them were generously sponsored/donated by local businesses.  I’d like to give them a great.big.thanks for supporting Makeup Obsessives – as an MUO, and as an admin, I can say it’s most appreciated!  And thank you too to Kirsty and Nicola for all your effort in making the MUO meetups such awesome events – I know they put their heart and soul and a great deal of their time into these meetups to make them the fabulous events they are.  It’s not often enough that you get the opportunity to meet your “like-minded, social media friends” in real life!

And to round this post off, here is a picture of moi and one of my fellow MUO admins, Loren, before we went for the admin dinner at Good George Dining Hall – which was all.the.fun! 

MumptyStyle Mumpty_Loren
Avert eyes from cherry-covered, gently-rounded stomach IMMEDIATELY!

I hope you enjoyed this sneaky peek into my goodie bag … please share the love and support these fabulous brands if you can – you won’t regret it, I promise!

Enjoy …



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