What to do when you hate your photos …

What to do when you hate your photos …

We’ve all had those times when you’ve been to a party or some other event; you dressed up for it; you made a real effort with your makeup and you thought you looked great.  And then the photos start popping up on your newsfeed … and you absolutely HATE them!  You think you look terrible and you wonder what you were thinking when you left the house!

Like I said, it’s happened to all of us – and it happened to me recently.  Whilst I had an awesome time at the Makeup Obsessives meetup and I loved every minute of it, I was much less enamoured by the photos that started to appear!  So … the title of this post is “what to do when you hate your photos” so in the interests of illustrating my point, I have decided to use one of them below!

MumptyStyle Bad Photos
OK, so that’s me – far right. This is most certainly not the worst photo taken of me that day, but even so, it’s definitely not one of my favourites! Women are always so hard on themselves, and I’m no different. What this pic screams to me is that my haircut accents the roundness of my face; pink lipstick is not my colour and that is not a good angle to present my body on! Also, do not stand next to a bunch of beauties who are *cough* “several years” younger than you!

Anyway … after beating myself up about the photos for a while, I got over myself and focused instead on what a bloody great day (and night!) I’d had!  And you know what – I felt much better about the photos after that wee change of mindset!  So … having moved through the process (I know, I know – I’m a drama queen!) I decided my thought process was possibly worth sharing.  So here goes – how to get over yourself when you don’t like your photos … 

Step one – have a closer look and be honest with yourself about what it is you don’t like about the photos … is there something you can change?  Does your hair just not suit you that way?  Don’t wear it that way next time.  Does that belt make your dress sit funny?  Change the belt for next time.  There’s bound to be things you can spot that you can do something about.

Step two – work through the photos and find one you do like – at least that way you’ll know you didn’t look hideous the whole day and you can put it down to a few bad camera angles!

MumptyStyle MUO meetup
I don’t hate this one so much …

Step three – think about what people said to you at the time; did they say you looked great?  Did they compliment your outfit, exclaim over your hair?  If the answer’s yes, then go with that – they were there and you obviously looked fine.  If you can’t remember any positive comments, then move on to the next step!

Step four – get a full length mirror out and practice your pose!  Work out which angles work best for your body; make sure your waist is visible (maybe place your hands on your hips and then bring your hands in toward your bellybutton a bit – instant tiny waist!); work out which is your “best side” in terms of your face; cock your head to the side; maybe raise your shoulder a bit; dip your knee to create an “s” shape with your body to flatter your curves; lean slightly forward; keep your head up to make sure you don’t have double chins (but not too much or you just look weird!) – there’s all sorts of ways you can improve your look – you just need to practice – and so do I clearly!  It might even be a good idea to search the internet for posing hints.  I’m going to do a post on this soon – I have lots of burlesque friends who REALLY know how to rock their curves and ensure they look great in photos!

Step five – the practical step!  If someone tags you, you don’t actually HAVE to allow the photos on your timeline you know!   You can just choose the “don’t allow on timeline” option.  If worst comes to worst, you can also ask your friends to remove them, but I don’t recommend this – it’ll just make you look insecure and what’s more … just move on to step six!

Step six – if all else fails and you still hate all of  your photos … just remember, in a couple of days time other stuff will have flooded everyone’s newsfeeds and memories, and they’ll have forgotten all about your bad snaps!  And don’t forget to focus on what a great time you had with your friends and/or family … that’s WAY more important anyway!

And last but not least – step seven – don’t forget even models have bad photos – just find one you like, and post that instead!  Like I’m just about to do!!!

Mumpty Pukemiro
Oh hai, professional photo taken in good light, wearing my favourite frock, on a day I’d had my hair done and was feeling great! How did you get here?


I hope this helps!






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