What if … you could buy customised makeup-infused tear sheets?

What if 

This is the first in a mini-series of posts I’ve planned called “What if?”  So here goes …

… you could buy customised “makeup-infused tear sheets”?

MumptyStyle Makeup Look Books

You know how you have different makeup looks to suit different outfits and occasions?  Or sometimes your makeup look is decided by factors like speed of application; available time or even your mood; be it romantic, natural, sporty, dramatic – whatever really.  Well what if you could buy tear sheets of makeup and build up a physical library of makeup looks?  How cool would that be?

Now I’m no makeup developer or chemist, so I have no idea how this would work in practical terms, but who said Mumpty was practical?  I’m an “ideas person” OK?!  What I do know though, is that you can buy 3D makeup printers, so I’m thinking my idea is not entirely far-fetched.  So here’s how it pans out in my little head …

MumptyStyle Eye Makeup

Step one – you go to a website and you upload photos of your face – the website then allocates you foundation colours and the like, based on those photos and whatever other information is required, then it stores that information away in its little memory bank.
Step two – you search a visual database of makeup looks based on genres like say – pinup, nude, sugarskull etc.  You use dropdown boxes to choose your options.  Once you’ve customised yourself a “pinup” look for example, you then save that “tear sheet” to your “library.”  Or you can choose pre-developed tear sheets from their library.
Step three – you purchase your tear sheets and they arrive in the form of a makeup-infused A4 face chart which is almost like a jigsaw puzzle – each piece has a plastic film over it which you peel away to reveal the powdered makeup underneath.  A separate face chart has a colour copy of the tear sheet and the application instructions. Or of course, if you have the 3D makeup printer, you simply download the code and print that look off!
Step four – application. You simply add water (or maybe it’s a special liquid concoction they send you – who knows?) in the quantity required by the instructions and that water (or liquid concoction) turns the powder in your jigsaw to makeup in the correct consistency of a standard product!  Apply away – just like you normally would using the minimal brushes you need to get the look.

The benefits of my scheme …
You can develop your own makeup library – order them up (or print them out) and keep them in a tabbed file in your makeup area.  That way, depending on your mood, what you’re wearing – whatever – you just grab that particular look and you’re ready to slap it on!
Think of all the spare space in your ensuite, bathroom or bedroom that your makeup won’t be hogging!  There’ll be more room for shoes!
Wouldn’t weekend away and holiday packing be a breeze?  You’d just grab three or four “natural look” tear sheets; a “dinner out” tear sheet and a couple of “beach babe” tear sheets – stick them in your suitcase and you’re set.
Got a formal occasion but you don’t have time to go home after work?  Pack some makeup remover wipes and your “ball makeup” tear sheet, then nip to the bathroom; wipe off the old look, slap on the new look, wiggle into your frock and you’re good to go!
Of course you’ll be prepared for any occasion because you will have customised your library in just the format you need to suit your tastes and your lifestyle.  For me there’d be tear sheets for each of the following “work when I can’t be bothered making too much effort”; “burlesque class”; “book club”; “pinup”; “BBQ”; “watching netball”; “work when I can be bothered making an effort”; “Halloween party”; “Makeup Obsessives meetup”; “when I want to look killer!” etc.  And then of course there’d be the ones entitled “to match PUG Neverland dress”; “to match slinky black dress”; “to match cherry wiggle” etc.
 You can share your tear sheets in Instagram-like fashion and earn royalities when people purchase your masterpieces!  And vice versa too – see someone else’s tear sheet you love?  Buy it for your own library!  Ooooh they could even do limited editions and one-off collector’s items!

MumptyStyle Red Lips

Aaaahhhhh … my mind goes to some funny places sometimes!  But seriously, I don’t think this stuff is too far away really.  And if my concept becomes reality and L’Oreal makes even more millions from it – remember, you heard it here first and I should get a little share!!!!

What are your thoughts on this?  If you think it’s a cool concept – please share my post!

Love …





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