Benefit Fakeup review …

Oh Benefit fakeup … where have you been all my life?

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I don’t know about you, but as one of those girls who no longer falls into the “nubile young filly” category (in fact I fall a bit more into the “gently-rounded aging broodmare” category), I’ve not been able to find a product that actually conceals those pesky dark shadows under the eyes that seem to deepen and extend as I age. (Whew … that was a long sentence – are you still with me?!)

In my humble opinion, what my peers and I have been pining for is a product that a) conceals the dark shadows; b) doesn’t sit in, and thus accentuate, the fine lines (fine lines, she says optimistically!) c) doesn’t dry the skin and d) stays the distance. A product that makes your under eyes look all bright and glowy and plumped out and well, let’s face it, YOUNG! So whad’ya know … Benefit has gone and made a product that does just that!

A product called fakeup (all trendy-like, without a capital!)

MumptyStyle Fakeup

As you can see from the picture, Benefit has put the coloured, concealy-stuff in the middle of a super-hydrating shell of balm-like moisturiser, which is most likely the reason it makes your under eyes look plumped up, fresh and bright for the whole blimmin’ day! Plus … the packaging is so pretty (important, I know!) The hydrating shell contains Vitamin E and apple seed extract which gives an immediate moisturising effect and the coloured concealy-stuff (that’s the technical term, I swear!) is where the magic happens with regard to hiding the dark shadows and light diffusion – ie minimising the wrinkles fine laughter lines!

The road test …
Because I’m such a thorough little thing I thought it would be in our best interests to show rather than just tell; thus here is pictorial evidence of the supreme efficacy of fakeup (ie here are some pictures to show you that it actually works!)

The “before shot”… in all honesty I had rather hoped I’d need to have a late night, or drink copious amounts of wine (see how dedicated I am!) and take this shot “the morning after” in order to emphasise the dark shadows under my eyes. But oh no, there they obligingly were, happily visible after a full night’s teetotal rest. **Sigh**

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As you can see, the dark shadows under my eyes are enough to make a panda jealous (I have helpfully provided a photo of said panda for comparison below.) Oh and by the way LOOK AWAY FROM THE FEATHERED LIPSTICK!!! This is about the eyes OK? … the feathered lipstick is another “issue”!

MumptyStyle Panda

So … in order to conceal my panda-like eyes, I used Benefit’s fakeup in medium. I patted it on using my ring finger; waited a few seconds for it to warm up and then really gently blended it in a kind of upside-down triangle shape which I find gives a much better and more natural result than if you dab it on in a circular shape. And viola! My dark shadows are gone! (As you can see from the photo, this is an entirely serious matter and not to be smiled about!) fakeup glides on really easily leaving no waxy or sticky residue at all; it’s most definitely a no-mess, no-fuss option.

MumptyStyle Fakeup applied
Please note … these photos were taken BEFORE I bloody well learned about filter apps. Please be kind …

To “set” my fakeup application, I used Benefit’s Agent Zero Shine and hoped for the best. And I must say, fakeup came up with the goods! By the end of the day it was still in place; still covering the dark shadows and … the best thing about it? It HAD NOT settled into the fine lines! And when you’re over 40 ladies, this is a very, very good thing!

The recommended retail for Benefit’s fakeup at Smith & Caughey is $45.00 and worth every cent if you ask me – I highly recommend it for long-lasting, medium coverage of dark shadows and fine lines.

Oh Benefit … this gently-rounded broodmare thanks you!

Five heart rating? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I hope you enjoyed my review.

Love …



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