Top Tips Tuesday: does your foundation not stay the distance?

Top Tips Tuesday: does your foundation not stay the distance?

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Do you find your foundation just doesn’t have the staying power you need?  It looks fabulous when you put it on, but by mid-morning it’s kind of separated and gone patchy, or even kind of slipped off your face?

If you’re having that problem … have a quick look at the ingredients in your moisturiser.  You know how oil and water just don’t mix?  Well it could be that your moisturiser is oil-based (particularly if you have dry skin) and your foundation is water-based.  So you apply your water-based foundation over your oil-based moisturiser and waaaaaaa, it doesn’t stick to your face!

How can I fix the problem?
If you’re using a water-based moisturiser, make sure you use an oil-free foundation, and vice versa.

How can I tell if my products are oil or water based?
Have a look at the ingredients listed; if oil properties are high on the list, its likely to be oil-based.  If they’re showing a lot lower down the ingredient list, it’s probably water-based.  Ingredients that are listed down the bottom are generally only present in small traces so shouldn’t contribute to the problem too much.

Try it and let me know how you get on.

Love …




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