Five quotes that inspire me

Nowadays your Facebook page and any internet access you may have seems to be flooded with inspirational quotes, e-cards and the like. Mostly they just pass you by, but every now and then one strikes a chord with you; something clicks; something seems familiar, whatever.  Here are five I love that motivate and inspire me, and why …

MumptyStyle Dancing in the rain
Image via Pinterest

Life doesn’t start when you lose weight, or get more money, or get a new job or whatever it is you’re waiting for.  Your life is happening RIGHT NOW and tomorrow is not promised … get out there and enjoy every day like it might be your last!


“I’m afraid I’m just not cut out for that,” I said.  “Who cut you out?” she said.  “Cut yourself out again.”

I absolutely LOVE this quote, but for the life of me I can’t find out where it came from!  If anyone knows, do tell!  Anyway … to me it means that it’s never too late to make a change.  Question your beliefs.  A while ago I thought about certain beliefs I had about myself that stem from my childhood and younger years.  For example – I’m bad at maths.  Ya’ know what?  I can do all the maths I need; I can balance my budget, add and subtract and I still know my multiplication tables off-by-heart!  When I was 18, an ex told me I couldn’t dance and all my life I believed him.  Until I decided “who cares?” and to be honest, I’m getting by on that one too!  Sometimes you have to revisit things – don’t let your old beliefs shape your future beliefs.

MumtpyStyle Everything will be OK
Image via Pinterest

Isn’t this brilliant?  I fully believe it too – things have a way of sorting themselves out and often the end result is way better than what you expected.  I’m lucky in that I don’t tend to stress too much and I’m not prone to being depressed, but if I was, I think this quote would be up on my wall for daily reference.

MumptyStyle Ruin your lipstick
Image via Popsugar

Pretty self-explanatory right?!  All that angsting when you’re young over men who were not right for you in the first place – don’t you just wish you knew then what you know now?  I think in some ways this quote relates to friends and associates as well – not the lipstick part obviously (!) but like I said in this post, I think you are very much influenced by the people you spend the most time with, so although I try not to be judgmental of anyone and the decisions they make, I’m also aware my time is precious to me and so I choose to spend it with people I admire and love.  And that’s what this quote means to me.

MumptyStyle Get Up
Image via Pinterest

And the final quote I love is this one … get up, dress up, show up and never give up.  You know those days when you’d just rather stay in bed?  Yep, that’s when you have to put this mantra into action!  And have you ever had an occasion that you just couldn’t be bothered with, or even dreaded?  And then you dressed up, showed up and it was awesome?  Me too – it happens!  But mostly I think this quote just applies to your everyday life; make it happen and do it with your own brand of style!

What quotes motivate and inspire you?

Love …





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