November roundup

November roundup: the top five most popular posts

So … it’s the last day of November which means it’s time for the monthly roundup!  (Apologies to anyone who might have already seen this – I must have unknowingly published it three days ago!)

November on MumptyStyle featured lots of burlesque with a smattering of fiction and makeup!  Herewith the top five most popular posts for November – in order this time.  (Well actually, there are six because two posts came in with the same number of views, so I’ve included them both!)

# 1 – The Grand Dame of New Zealand Burlesque
My interview with Miss Chevious Cinders was one of the most popular blog posts I’ve written to date.  Click here to read about Cindy’s amazing transformation from male to female and how burlesque changed her life. 

MumptyStyle Cindy NZBF

# 2 – A Burlesquin’ Bachelorette Bash …
My review of the amazing burlesque show that was Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s Hen’s Night proved popular with readers too!  It was an amazing night – I hope if we ever get around to getting married, that I have something cool like that too!  Click here to read all about it!

MumptyStyle BBB

# 3 – The A-Z of NZ Burlesque (two part series)
I LOVED writing this two-part series, so I was very pleased that people seemed to like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!  Click here to read part one and here to read part two.

MumptyStyle Willow Noir pasties
Image of Willow Noir by Pushing Up Pixels.

# 4 – Fifty make-uppy things to do with a cotton bud …
Really people, really?!  When I wrote this I thought it was a light-hearted, kind of silly post … but lots of people read it!!!  I’m still learning about my “audience” (gosh that sounds conceited!!!) … so I find all the statistics WordPress gives you soooooo interesting!  Anyway … click here to find out 50 make-uppy things you can do with a cotton bud!

MumptyStyle Cotton Buds

# 5 equal: The mystery of why six girls ended up on a beach in the middle of nowhere  …
One of my favourite things to do is to pick a photo I like, and then write about it!  And that’s what I did for this post and it made the top five for November, so I’m pretty proud of that! 

MumptyStyle Six Girls on a Beach

# 5 equal: My quick-fire Q&A with Teer Wayde … my pinup idol!  Click here to read what Teer had to say.

MumptyStyle Teer 3















And that’s my November roundup folks!  I hope you enjoyed it!  Can’t wait for the December roundup – it’s going to be GORGEOUS!

Enjoy …


Pinup December announcements

I have two very exciting announcements to make …

MumptyStyle Excited
Heheeee!  This image is PERFECT for me right now because I AM just so excited about these announcements!  Okay … get on with it Mumpty!

Firstly … I am running a special feature on MumptyStyle for the entire month of December – called “Pinup December” (bet you can’t work out how I came up with that title!)

Essentially, for each day of December, MumptyStyle will feature a beautiful local (and international) pinup or burlesque performer, and my goodness, I am blown away by the incredible women that have agreed to participate!

As well as sharing their favourite image with us, these beautiful ladies are going to share what has made them proud this year; a special achievement, a win, overcoming an obstacle – whatever has made them happy in 2014.

Also … I’ve asked each of them to nominate a charity and in the New Year, I will make a random draw, and donate $50 to the charity of that lady’s choice.

So as these ladies turn up on MumptyStyle, please share, like their Facebook pages and follow them on Instagram.  Let’s share the pinup/alt/burlesque love this silly season!

The second very exciting announcement is that the incredible Flo Foxworthy, costumier to the stars, is offering my readers a discount code of 15% until the end of the year … just enter the code mumpty at checkout.  Wahooooo!  Enjoy ladies – I can just see all the sparkly numbers winging their way to your Santa Sack now!!!

I CANNOT wait for December to start now!  And thanks to my good friend Miss Monique Sweet, who brainstormed this little idea with me.  She’s the best!

Love …



MumptyLoves 28/11/2014

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 28/11/2014

♥ GHD Rose Gold Special Edition straightener

MumptyStyle GHD Rose Gold

You may or not know that I am a massive fan of GHD products – they really are the only hair products that work for me.  So of course I was insanely jealous when my sister told me she was getting this for Christmas!  And don’t worry – I haven’t blown the surprise – she knows!  This is the sister who would spend from April (her birthday) to December telling us what she wanted for Christmas; and from December to April, telling us what she wanted for her birthday!  Anyway … how beautiful is that straightener?  It makes my plain old black one look positively vanilla!

♥  Elizabeth Taylor’s diamonds
Everything about Liz was glamorous and spectacular really, so it goes without saying that her engagement rings would be the same!   photo-1

Now THAT ladies, is a ROCK!  This was her third engagement ring, and for the record, it was seven times bigger than her first!  Liz was a lady who knew what she was doing!  This one was from Mike Todd (her third husband) and was a 29.4 carat emerald-cut stunner.  Emerald cuts are my absolute favourite … always have been.  My engagement ring is an emerald-cut diamond, but sadly it’s not 29 carat!  Elizabeth Taylor had possibly the most impressive jewellery collection of any woman, ever.  I love that this was the way she felt about her jewellery collection though:

I’ve never thought of my jewellery as trophies. I’m here to take care of it and to love it, for we are only temporary custodians of beauty.” —Elizabeth Taylor

I have decided that each of seven engagement rings are all so stunning they are deserving of a mention in Mumpty Loves  for the next few weeks – not to mention the other little trinkets she was given for no other reason than simply being Elizabeth Taylor!  Stay tuned …

♥ This old photo of the slide at the Hamilton Lake  

MumptyStyle Liz Taylor RockAny of you over a certain age will surely remember this slide at the Hamilton Lake.  I remember when we were little we used to go there a lot and it seemed absolutely HUGE to my six year-old eyes!  And so, so much fun!  I was lucky to be blessed with a pretty awesome childhood – thanks Mum and Dad!  This photo was apparently taken round about 1966 (before I was born by the way!)

♥ Eartha Kitt’s original version of the Christmas classic, “Santa Baby”

Originally recorded by the late and truly great, Eartha in 1953 in New York with Henry René and his orchestra, this is one of my favourite EVER Christmas songs.  And look at Eartha … wasn’t she a stunner?  They don’t make ’em like that any more!  

MumptyStyle Eartha Kitt

♥ My daughter’s Christmas tree … 

MumptyStyle Xmas TreeBefore you ask … yes, I have given in and she has her Christmas tree up in her bedroom before the 1st of December!  But to be honest, I don’t really care because our little family loves Christmas so much that we figure we might as well stretch it out …

This isn’t really the best picture of it … I haven’t put the lights on properly yet and it was photographed in the semi-dark.  But OMG – it is SOOO pretty and we have adorned it with turquoise and pink decorations.  Love it.  We bought the little silver, sparkly Eiffel Tower today – I couldn’t resist buying two; one for the family tree as well!  Do you add to  your Christmas decorations each year or do you stick with the same ones each year?

♥ LUSH “Bubble Gum” Lip Scrub 
I love this stuff … it’s super-good for exfoliating your lips and keeping them soft – especially if you’ve been wearing a slightly drying lipstick like the Lime Crime Velvetines for example (did I mention I LOVE those Velvetines?!) It would make the perfect little gift to slip into someone’s Santa stocking I would think. (NZ$12.50) And it smells delicious of course!

MumptyStyle Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

♥ Happy 10th Birthday Pigalle!
As usual, I am rounding up Mumpty Loves this week with the Louboutin!  At the moment the internet is being flooded with Pigalle photos as the Pigalle turns ten years old and Louboutin are celebrating!  And so they should be – they are a stunning, very classic shoe and all the different variations mean there is a pair for every occasion, for EVERYONE – although I’m told they’re not particularly comfortable.  However, Louboutin himself has said he doesn’t design his shoes for comfort – they are designed for the woman who wants to stand out!  He’s clearly never worn a pair of his own shoes for an extended period of time.  But still … he’s a brilliant man and women all over the world are happy to suffer in silence. so let’s not complain!

Anyway … these are a killer pair of Pigalle if you ask me – turquoise, spikes and that gorgeous red sole for the ultimate pop of colour – I would suffer for these (likely not in silence though!)

MumptyStyle Louboutin Pigalle

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …




Five facts you may not have known about … Coco Chanel

Five facts you may not have known about … Coco Chanel

MumptyStyle Coco Chanel

1) She came from a poor background – she was born in a hospice for the poor; her mother did laundry for a living and died of tuberculosis and her father simply deserted them.  She was put into an orphanage at the age of twelve and lived there for six years – it was actually the nuns there that taught her to sew!

2) She began her career designing hats – as a hobby.  Later, as she became more famous, a hat designed by Coco Chanel was a must-have item for aristocratic Parisian ladies.

3)  She lived in a hotel for more than 30 years – The Ritz Hotel, Paris to be precise.  She had a very luxurious suite, and lived there happily for 37 years until her death in 1971.  Check out her apartment below – isn’t it gorgeous?

MumptyStyle Coco Chanel Ritz

4) She was the first person to name a perfume after herself – this is called a “vanity perfume” apparently.

Fun fact:  somewhere, someone in the world buys a bottle of Chanel No. 5 every 30 seconds.  Goodness …

5) When Coco passed away, there were only three outfits found in her suite at The Ritz.  Three???  Here’s hoping she had a fabulous stash elsewhere.

Fun quiz:  can you name what are considered the four, signature “must-have” Chanel items to have in your wardrobe?

1) the tweed jacket
2) the perfume (Chanel No. 5 of course!)
3) the LBD (Little Black Dress) and
4) the quilted handbag.

Do any of you have all four of these?  And could you survive with only three outfits?

Love …



How to care for feather fans

One of my favourite images … oh, and how to care for your feather fans!

Photo via Pinterest

As the title of this post states, this is one of my favourite images of Marilyn Monroe.  What a stunner – she looks so happy and that feather fan is so beautiful.  Ostrich feathers really are the ultimate luxury aren’t they?

To be honest, when I started this post it was solely to share this particular image of Marilyn, but then I decided I might as well do something useful with it, so I decided to include a little bit of information about how to care for your gorgeous ostrich feathers – if you are lucky enough to own a pair of course!  If I was in the market for feather fans, which sadly I’m not, I would most certainly be blazing a trail to the fabulous Flo Foxworthy – because really, there is simply no better!

Anyway … onto the care information:

How to care for your feather fans …

Storage …
Store them in a solid box whenever possible to protect them against being squashed and knocked; plumes facing up so you don’t break the spines.

To remove any odours … 
 You can leave them out in the sunlight for a couple of hours.
 Alternatively, you can gently place them inside a pillow case and put two or three anti-static dryer sheets inside the pillow case with the fans and then leave them for a day or so.  The anti-static sheets will absorb odours.  DO NOT put them in the dryer!

How to re-fluff your feather fans …
Feathers naturally dry out over a period of time and consequently start to lose their fluffiness.
Rub them firmly but carefully – this makes them more fluffy.  You can also shake them gently – this helps remove dust and fluffs them out.
Steam them – basically just boil some water in a pot and put a lid covering 90% of the pot; this will help you direct the steam.  Be careful of your fingers though!  Once the feathers have opened a bit you can stop, as more steaming makes little or no difference.  You can also use a steamer if you have one of course!

How to wash your feather fans …
Feathers pick up oils from your hands really easily – make sure you wash your hands before you use them; also don’t wear lip gloss when working with fans!
Use luke-warm, soapy water or baby shampoo and be super gentle.  The colours are most likely not colour-fast.
It’s probably best to quarter-fill a bath and swish the feathers gently around in that.
Let them dry naturally – never use direct heat; i.e. don’t hang them over a heated towel rail or anything like that.

MumptyStyle Ms Tittle Tattle Flo Foxworthy
The stunning Ms Tittle Tattle with her beautiful ostrich feather fans by internationally acclaimed New Zealand costumier, Flo Foxworthy. Image by Jeanette Probyn.

Fun fact:
 The pink ostrich fans that Dita Von Teese uses in her tribute act to Sally Rand were made by her friend and fellow performer, Catherine D’lish.  They are constructed with four graduated shades of pink and hundreds of rose-colored crystals.  They measure seven feet across and weigh 2.3 pounds each – wow – I’m surprised tiny wee Dita can carry them!

What’s your ultimate luxury?

Love …







Splurge or save … daily makeup

Splurge or Save … daily makeup

MumptyStyle Splurge or Save

Right, so today I thought I would do a “splurge or save” rundown on the standard makeup I use to make up “de ole face.”  

What that means is that I’m going to pretty much go through the makeup that I use on the daily and offer you the “splurge” option and the “save” option.  Something to mention here is that I actually have or had all of these products, so I can make an informed judgement on their performance … which is nice.

If you are one of our Makeup Obsessives, I hope you find this helpful!

So let’s get started …

SPLURGE – Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Moisturiser (around NZ $80)

MumptyStyle Estee Lauder DaywearSAVE – Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream (around NZ $10)

MumpytStyle Nivea Soft

The verdict: while the Estee Lauder product is absolutely gorgeous to apply, honestly the Nivea product does just as good a job, and for $70-odd less, I’m picking the Nivea.

Save: 1, Splurge: 0

SPLURGE – Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray (around NZ $50)

MumptyStyle Skindinavia Primer Spray SAVE – ELF Mineral Face Primer – (around NZ $14)

MumptyStyle ELF Primer

The verdict: I’m definitely going to pick the Splurge option here.  The Skindinavia product is just fabulous and your makeup lasts like a dream.  I actually found the ELF product started to give me little pimples – and at my age, I am NOT going there with that!

Save: 1, Splurge: 1

SPLURGE – Estee Lauder Double Wear (around NZ $70)

MumptyStyle EL DoubleWear

SAVE – Natio BB cream (around NZ $20)MumptyStyle Natio BB

The verdict: I kinda had to think about this for a while, and then I realised there was actually no quandary at all – what do I put on my face every day?  It’s the Natio – even though I have the Double Wear too.  In fairness to the Double Wear, I tend to keep it for “going out” and times when I need a fuller coverage, but on a daily basis, it’s the Natio.

Save: 2, Splurge: 1

SPLURGE – Benefit Fakeup (around $45)

MumptyStyle Fakeup

SAVE – Natio Pure Mineral Dark Circle Corrector (around NZ $20)

MumtpyLoves - Natio Dark Circle Corrector

The verdict: I really only wear concealer under the eyes, so I’m going to have to go with the Benefit Fakeup in this case.  The Natio product is magic for hiding and concealing bags and dark circles under the eyes, but I do find it tends to settle in one’s fine laughter lines after an hour or so and the Benefit Fakeup doesn’t do that.  For me anyway.

Save: 2, Splurge: 2

SPLURGE – Lancome Blush Subtil (around NZ $77)

MumptyStyle Lancome blush

SAVE – Jordana blush (around NZ $3.50)

MumptyStyle Jordana blushes

The verdict: I do so love Lancome, but there’s no question here for me.  The Jordana wins hands down – it’s tiny money so you can have a colour to suit every outfit or makeup look – and it’s pretty pigmented as well, so it won’t disappear after five minutes.

Save: 3, Splurge: 2

SPLURGE – Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (not readily available in NZ but can often be bought for around NZ $130)

MumptyStyle Naked 3 palette


SAVE – Chi Chi Nudes palette (around NZ $32)

MumptyStyle Chi Chi Nudes

The verdict: I LOVE my Naked 3 palette with.a.passion and I reach for it every single day.  So yup, it’s the Splurge option on this one.

Save: 3, Splurge: 3

SPLURGE – Estee Lauder (around NZ $85)

MumptyStyle EL Sumptous Extreme mascara

SAVE – Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves mascara (around NZ $20)

MumptyStyle Rimmel mascara

The verdict: I’d probably have to pick the Rimmel Rockin’ Curves here … I will admit the Estee Lauder one is better, but not $65 better, so I’d prefer to save my money on this one.

Save: 4, Splurge: 3

SAVE – Natio Brow Kit (around NZ $26)

MumtpyStyle Natio brow kit
The verdict – I have to admit, I only have this one – I don’t have a splurge option.  However, this is really pretty damm good so I can’t imagine me going out and paying lots for an alternative.  The only thing I might say is that the wax stuff runs out WAY before the colour stuff which is kinda annoying and the only negative I have.

Save: 5, Splurge: 3

SPLURGE – Lime Crime Velvetines (around NZ $32)

MumptyStyle Lime Crime Red Velvet
Red Velvet

SAVE – Australis Velourlips (around NZ $17.50)

MumptyStyle Australis

The verdict – I’m going with the Lime Crime here – I’ve not found a better, more stay-onny option (see my review here.) The Velourlips are good; just not as good.

Save: 5, Splurge: 4

SPLURGE – Benefit The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine Powder (around NZ $58)

Benefit Porefessional MumptyStyle SAVE – ELF High Definition Powder (around NZ $14)

MumptyStyle ELF Powder

The verdict – Agent Zero Shine all the way for me.  I didn’t really like the ELF one at all.

Save: 5, Splurge: 5

Now I don’t always wear eyeliner, but when I have the time and I’m in the mood, these are the ones I have so I might as well include them:

SPLURGE – Benefit Badgal Eyeliner (around NZ $38)

MumptyStyle Benefit Badgal

SAVE – Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner (around NZ $16.50)

MumptyStyle Liquid Eyeliner

The verdict – Most definitely the Rimmel offering.  I found the Benefit one too smudgy and it didn’t offer the precision I was after.

Save: 6, Splurge: 5

So when all is said and done, it appears that I am a cheapskate when it comes to makeup (but only by a whisker!!!)  I SOOO didn’t expect the Save option to come out on top, but I’m secretly pleased it did.  It’s really gratifying to know there are options out there that are far cheaper and that, in many cases, actually do a very similar job to the more expensive versions.

When it comes to your makeup, do you SAVE or do you SPLURGE?

Love …



A Pinup Advent Calendar

A Pinup Advent calendar …

MumptyStyle Pinup Christmas
Image via

Now you may or may not know, I am a HUGE fan of Christmas, and am always keen to string it out as long as humanly possible!  So the other day, a little lightbulb went off in my head and I decided to put together some ideas for a Pinup Advent Calendar!  What could be more fun than having something like this to wake up to every day of December?!  Bliss!  And guess what … you still have time!  Just casually forward your significant other the link to this blog post and cross your fingers!

Anyway … here are my picks for my ideal Pinup Advent calendar.  I’ve tried to do it with a somewhat realistic budget in mind!

December 1: seamed stockings – actually, these are seamed pantihose, which is cheating a wee bit if you’re a purist, but if you’re a practical pinup like me, they’re perfect.

MumptyStyle Seamed Stockings

December 2: a pinup flower –  my friend Miss Monique Sweet makes some lovely ones.  I do rather fancy a hot pink  one like this.  Just be careful it’s not too “sticky-outy” when you put it in your hair; it needs to sit relatively flat otherwise you’ll look like you have a garden sprouting out of your head!

MumptyStyle Hot Pink Hair Flower


December 3: a 2015 pinup calendar I just happen to know of two *insert  coy little wink here* … and oh will you look at that?  I’m in both of them!

There is the Classics Museum Pinup Calendar (available from here) … this is my pic – I am “Miss March”:

Miss March - Classics Car Musuem

(You can read about my shoot for the calendar here.)

Secondly, the Miss Cheesecake Pinup Calendar (available by PM-ing their Facebook page here.)  I haven’t seen the full picture of this calendar yet as it’s available very soon, but here is the “teaser” pic (that’s me on the right with the umbrella – I’m “Miss December”):

MumptyStyle Cheesecake calendar
Picture taken by Myra at Lutece Photography

December 4 – cardigan clips – these are gorgeous and are such a cool way to add extra colour or just finish off that cardy or top.  These ones are from Pinup Girl Clothing.  You can also get them from Pop That Cassette.

MumptyStyle Cardy ClipsDecember 5: a hair scarf – perfect for concealing “bad hair days” but also perfect when you want to accent a good “do” as well!  And to add a pop of colour/clash/compliment… the list is endless.  This one is from Pinup Girl Clothing.

MumptyStyle Hair Scarf

December 6: a crop cardigan – again, from Pinup Girl Clothing, these little crop cardigans are only $18 USD and come in a range of colours.  They are the hands-down the best accompaniment to pinup frocks that I know of! 

MumtpyStyle PUG Crop cardigan

December 7: a wide elastic belt – also known as waist accenters!  These are pretty cheap and you need them in as many colours as possible … this is a Hell Bunny one.

MumptyStyle Hell Bunny Belt

December 8: pinup sunglasses – because really, you can never have too many pairs.  And they’re generally not expensive – sometimes as low as $10!  These ones are from Etsy.

MumptyStyle Sunnies

December 9: finger wave clips – because every now and then every good pinup likes to try and put finger waves in her hair – “so deco darling!”

MumptyStyle Finger Wave Clips

December 10: a brooch –  another way to add colour and/or interest to a pinup “ensemble.”  This one is from Erstwilder.

MumptyStyle Erstwilder Dog

December 11: a necklace – again, a good way to add character and pizazz to an outfit.  Here’s our very own Miss Victory Violet wearing another Erstwilder creation.

MumptyStyle Erstwilder necklace

December 12: earrings – same story as the previous two!  From Erstwilder.

MumptyStyle Flamingos

December 13: pinup hairclips swallow ones are good – or cherries – or skulls!  These ones are from Rita Sue

MumptyStyle Hair clips
December 14: pin curl clips – essential for a good pin curl set, and most pinups love a good vintage pin curl set, let’s face it!

MumptyStyle Pincurl clips

December 15: setting lotion – again, an essential for vintage sets.  There are hundreds of different brands … you can’t go too far wrong really.

MumptyStyle LottaBody

December 16: false eyelashes – pinups LOVE false eyelashes! The best ones I’ve ever found are the Monda Studio Professional wispy and demi-wispy.  Once you get over the fact that they’re human hair (eeeeew!!!) I’m sure you’ll find these the best you’ve ever used too.  They are SO easy to apply – no struggling and getting frustrated and then having a tant and throwing them in the rubbish ‘cos you can’t get them on!  You can get these from Nicola at Blush Baby.

MumptyStyle Monda Lashes

December 17: eyelash adhesive – if you’re gonna buy the eyelashes, you need the adhesive too right?!  I prefer black eyelash adhesive, but it doesn’t matter too much.  I like the Duo brand personally.  Try and get a decent one – this stuff does go VERY close to your eyes after all and I wouldn’t risk using the stuff from the $2 Shop if I were you!

MumptyStyle eyelash glue

December 18: foam rollers – a lot of pinups swear by a foam roller set.  It is renowned for holding the curl and often when you take them out you’ll find you have the FULL POODLE look! I’m told you then brush, and brush, and brush, and brush and brush and – well, you get the picture!  I’ve had no success with them, but that doesn’t mean much – I am not known for my vintage styling skills!

MumptyStyle Foam Rollers
Image via

December 19: bobby pins –
a pinup can NEVER have too many of these!  Varying colours and sizes is good.

MumptyStyle Bobby Pins

December 20: Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet – I bloody LOVE this stuff – every pinup needs a good red lipstick she can rely on.  This stuff is seriously THE BOMB!  Read my review here.

MumptyStyle Lime Crime Red Velvet

December 21: a “hair puff” – something decorative in one’s hair is always pretty, and something other than a flower makes a nice change.  This particular one is from Pop That Cassette – they can custom-make them for you too – this one was made for Lorelei Louise of True Confessions of a Vintage Addict. So cool.

MumptyStyle Hair Puff

December 22: The Modern Pinup Makeup & Hair DVD by Micheline Pitt – gorgeous tutorials with the gorgeous Micheline!  You can get this on Amazon or from Pinup Girl Clothing.

MumptyStyle Michelline

December 23: a “boofy” petticoat – to go under those gorgeous pinup swing dresses.  The boofier the better in my opinion!  Ideally you would need a wardrobe of these; certainly black white and red.  I would also like mint, pink (hot and baby), purple and yellow.  Oh – and orange and emerald.  I could go on (and often do apparently!)   This is a Hell Bunny one and I understand the Vivien of Holloway ones are very good too.  (NB: I would advise you don’t go and ask for a “boofy petticoat” – you may get a funny look – that is possibly not the correct terminology?) 

MumptyStyle Petticoat
Image via

December 24: a snood –
now I’m not personally a fan of these, although I probably should be because then I wouldn’t have to “do my do” would I?!  They do look great on other people though – this one is from Arthelia’s Attic on Etsy.

MumptyStyle Snood

And then of course, it’s Christmas Day, when the big reveal of the FABULOUS main gift/s will occur!!!  Here are three ideas (budget = blown on these ones!) that I would love to see in my stocking …

1) A pinup photo shoot – with Tony at Handcrafted Stories, because whoa – he is awesome!  Here is a shot he took of my friend, Miss Monique Sweet recently – hot huh!

MumptyStyle Miss Monique Sweet

2) This frock … gorgeous isn’t it?!  It’s a 1950’s design by Mulberry Street Vintage Boutique.  Love, love, love.  I would wear it with red accents.  Or maybe navy.  Or purple.

MumptyStyle Mulberry Vintage
3) The GHD curler – because meh, all those vintage tools like foam rollers are cool ‘n all, but I’m a modern pinup so I’d much rather go with something quick and easy!  This is the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand – I do want this quite a lot!

MumptyStyle GHD Curve


So there it is … 24 days of pinup Advent excitement!  Enjoy making/dreaming up your own Pinup Advent Calendar and then casually leaving your list lying around!  Best of luck pinup babies!

Love …




MumptyLoves 21/11/2014

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 21/11/2014

♥ Lime Crime Velvetine – Red Velvet – get on mah lips!

MumptyStyle Lime Crime Red Velvet

I ran out of my Red Velvet Velvetine ages ago and it has been out of stock all round the world for SOOOOOO long!  Anyway … it has finally become available again and as soon as I saw the notification I was on my little computer shopping away like crazy!  As we speak my Red Velvet is winging its way to my eager little lips!  Squeeeeee!  I love this stuff so much – it is the most stay-onny lip stuff ever (I’m not sure what to call it – it’s not really a lipstick, it’s not a gloss and it’s oh-so-much more than a stain.)  Anyway … I wrote a review about it here.  But if you don’t have time to read it – here’s a summary: buy some!  I got mine from

♥  Betsey Johnson Hearts & Lockets necklace

MumptyStyle Betsy Johnson necklaceIsn’t this fab?!  Another gorgeous Betsey piece to add to my collection.  Her jewellery is always such happy, funky stuff and the quality is great – especially for the price.  This one is extra-cool in that all the lockets actually open, meaning I can put photos in them!  And I do so love Betsey’s trademark packaging of hot pink satin with leopard print accents!

♥ The Ginger Kisses

MumptyStyle Ginger Kisses 2

Sister act, The Ginger Kisses, are one of my most favourite burlesque acts; they’re gorgeous, exuberant, funny, sexy, raunchy and talented!  As individual performers, they’re wonderful, but when they perform together like they did recently in Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s Bountiful Bachelorette Bash, a certain magic happens!  Check out their Facebook page here.

♥ My quick-fire Q&A with Teer Wayde

MumtpyStyle Teer
Teer is my pinup idol, so I was SOOOO excited to have her on my blog.  So much so that I’m putting her in my MumptyLoves so I can show off again!  Click here for the Q&A with Teer.

♥ My crazy burlesque class (and my crazy burlesque teacher!)

MumptyStyle Ms Tittle Tattle Tempo

One week it’s “Cruisy Sexy”; the next it’s Bumps & Grinds and walking like ducks (well, that’s what it felt like anyway!) What happens at burlesque, stays at burlesque right?!  Well not really actually – I have a lot of laughs practicing at home some weeks!  Anyway … this week’s class was one of my favourites ever … a crazy, funny, sexy combination of bumps, grinds and struts … my three favourite burlesque things!  Oh … and here is my burlesque teacher, Ms Tittle Tattle, featuring in our local newspaper.  Isn’t she gorgeous?!

♥ Coffee

MumptyStyle Coffee

Because … yum!  And the good thing about coffee is that although it’s awesome all by itself; it’s so often enjoyed in the company of friends and family, and that is just cool.

And to round up MumptyLoves again this week … the Louboutins!

MumptyStyle Louboutin Pigalle

These are the Pigalle Plato’s from the Spring 2013 collection.  These would be FABULOUS to have in one’s wardrobe, doesn’t one think?   So very versatile with the red AND the hot pink!

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …




If I had $8,000 to spend at Louis Vuitton …

If I had $8,000 to spend at Louis Vuitton …

Recently I decided to do a little series of posts on what I’d buy if I had $800 to spend in certain places, ‘cos I’m shallow like that! Sadly, I don’t actually have $800 to randomly spend on unnecessary things, but I’m not going to let the facts get in the way of a good story!  The first in the series was Pinup Girl Clothing – you can read about it here.  Number two in the series was Sephora – you can read about that here.

This time, I am faux-shopping at Louis Vuitton – my favourite shop in the world!  Sadly, $800 won’t actually cut it at Louis Vuitton, so I have increased my budget to $8,000 because what’s an extra zero between friends right?!

So … here are my picks:

Pick number one – the Alma BB in vernis $2,340 ($5,660 left)

MumptyStyle LV Alma BB pinkThese little Alma’s are quite simply divine!!!  They are pretty small, so you’d only really fit your lippy, keys, wallet and your phone – but who cares, ‘cos they are so darn cool!  The Alma is one of Louis Vuitton’s icons (this is the latest incarnation of it) which traces its pedigree from the original Art Deco icon introduced in 1934.  It has an adjustable  strap so you can wear it either waist or hip height, or you can wear it cross-body as well, which is very cool.

Although this colour would probably be my first pick, I would be definitely looking pretty hard at this one …

MumptyStyle Alma BB light pink

and this one too because Louis Vuitton have only very recently offered the vernis range in black (other than the odd special edition ones.)

MumptyStyle LV Alma BB black

Which one would you choose?

♥ Pick number two – the Pochette Accessoires in Epi leather $880 ($4,780 left)

MumptyStyle LV Epi Pochette teal
The Pochette Accessoires in cyan epi leather.

The little Pochette Accessoires are among my favourites from the Louis Vuitton range, and I have a few of these (old ones though!)  The new style has got a gusset, meaning it’s wider and can accommodate more, which is a great improvement.  They also have a longer handle, which is a good thing too.  It does remove the need for the little keyring extender though, which is kind of a shame ‘cos it’s cute!

This range of leather is called the epi leather range and was developed to offer a hardy, easy-care option in a range of beautiful colours.  The epi pieces don’t include vachetta (the caramelly-coloured leather you often see on Vuitton pieces) meaning you don’t have to worry about rain drops, staining or darkening of the leather etc.

Anyway, again … I think I would be in the store deliberating over colour choices for quite.some.time!  Here are two more that I love …

MumptyStyle LV Pochette Epi orange

This colour is piment – I assume derived from pimento.  It’s stunningly vibrant in person.  Want.want.want.

MumptyStyle LV Pochette epi purpleThis colour is known as figue – pretty huh.  I think it could do double duty as blue or purple so that makes it super-versatile! Hmmm … although maybe that depends on how your screen represents the colour!  I think I may need to visit the store again, just to be sure!

♥ Pick number three – the Mini Speedy $802  ($3,978 left)

MumptyStyle LV Mini Speedy

The Mini Speedy is ridiculously cute – my daughter was given a beautiful vintage one by a friend of mine for Christmas and I am insanely jealous – I want one of my own!

♥ Pick number four – Pom pom bag charm – $615 ($3,293 left) MumptyStyle LV bag charm
Louis Vuitton’s bag charms are quite expensive, but hey – they’re gorgeous and we’re only faux-shopping afer all!  I particularly love the little gold bow on this one – I’m a bit of a sucker for bows!

And because I love them so much, I’d get this one too …

♥ Pick number five – Posy bag charm $685 ($2,803 left)

MumptyStyle LV Posy Bag Charm

Pretty huh.  The good thing about the bag charms is that you can swap them out over your different bags, and you can also use them as keyrings; again, versatile right?!

♥ Pick number six – Eyeline pump in bleu $1,108 ($1,695 left)MumptyStyle LV Eyeline pumpI have several dresses now that could do with a pair of blue shoes to go with them and I love the simplicity and classic styling of these.  Plus they do have that little gold accent at the back to give them a little “lift.”  And such gorgeous leather too.

♥ Pick number seven – Keepall 50 Damier Ebene Canvas $1,800 – whoops, I overspent by a couple of hundred! 

MumptyStyle LV Keepall

I LOVE the travel range.  How luxurious would it feel to pack your things into this and wander off somewhere glamorous for the weekend?!  The Keepall was introduced in 1930 so is another of Louis Vuitton’s icons.

As an aside …
Have you ever visited a Louis Vuitton store?  You really should … just for the experience!  I have only been to the Auckland one, but it is simply fabulous. The doorman opens the door and ushers you in, and you are normally greeted by Moana, their Store Manager (who has been there over 25 years and miraculously only looks 30!); there is an air of hushed luxury in the store, and honestly – their products are so, so beautiful.

The service too is impeccable – and I mean, impeccable. All the staff members know the products so well, and are well aware of the vintage styles as well and will comment if you’re wearing a vintage Louis Vuitton bag. I took my daughter’s mini Speedy in to be fixed (the leather pull tab had been torn) and as they had the replacement part instore, they did it that day. Unfortunately we were unable to wait, so they couriered it to us overnight at no charge, and even hot-stamped her initials on it for her! All this knowing it was a vintage bag that hadn’t been purchased at that particular store. That is called standing behind your brand.

Actually, I think that’s one of the things I love the most about Louis Vuitton; the heritage of their brand is evident in everything they do; their packaging, their catalogues, their advertising; the absolute quality of everything, right down to the stationary they use. The Auckland store has gorgeous vintage trunks kind of scattered around the place – they are worth a fortune, and really add to the ambience and feeling of solidity and luxury. Do I sound like a Sales Associate? I wish …

What would you purchase at Louis Vuitton if you had $8,000? 

Enjoy …





All prices are approximate and were correct at the time of publishing – all images are taken from the Louis Vuitton website. 

Five iconic fragrances

Five iconic fragrances …

MumptyStyle Chanel No. 5
Photo by Austin Calhoon –

Fragrance is such an essential part of a woman’s allure; to me it feels like the absolute finishing touch of my “getting ready” routine.  Nowadays we tend to have a number of fragrances that we pick and choose from, but I actually love the idea of having a signature fragrance.  I bet if you’re a Makeup Obsessive you’ll have lots of them!

While there have been many classic fragrances released over the years, I think these five are probably the most famous and the most enduring.  I love the heritage and history associated with them and any and all of them would be very welcome additions to Mumpty’s perfume wardrobe (which is sadly a little bare at the moment!)

# 1 – Chanel No. 5 by Coco ChanelMumptyStyle Chanel No. 5First launched in 1921 by the queen of style, Coco Chanel, this timeless fragrance consists of mostly vanilla, may rose and jasmine and is perhaps the most famous fragrance ever created.  It’s certainly the one that comes to my mind when I think of classic perfumes.

Chanel No. 5 has been represented over the years by a galaxy of stars including Catherine Deneuve, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt and Audrey Tautou – the current face of Chanel No. 5 is model, Gisele Bundchen.  The fragrance was given a major publicity boost in the 1950’s by Marilyn Monroe’s unsolicited endorsement – in response to a cheeky question by a radio announcer as to what she wore to bed, Marilyn responded “Chanel No. 5 of course!”   As a result, sales absolutely rocketed! MumptyStyle Chanel KidmanFun fact: Coco Chanel was presented with glass vials containing sample scent compositions numbered 1-5 and 20-24.  She chose vial number 5 and told her master perfumer, Ernest Beaux, that “I present my dress collections on the 5th day of May; the fifth month of the year and so we will let this sample number five keep the name it has already – it will bring good luck.”  And how right she was!
Fun fact # 2: at the end of the war, Coco Chanel decided to offer free bottles of Chanel No. 5 to American GI’s to take home to their sweethearts.

# 2 – Youth Dew by Estee Lauder  MumptyStyle Estee Lauder Youth DewLaunched in 1953, Youth Dew was the first fragrance released by beauty legend Estee Lauder, and by around 1955, was responsible for 80% of the company’s sales and had transformed the small company into a multimillion dollar business.  It is still one of the brand’s best sellers over 60 years later.

Estee Lauder herself was said to have wanted to change women’s attitudes about perfume being “for best” only, so she released it as a bath oil, and women felt free to wear it and enjoy it every day.  Its combination of opulent flowers, rich spices and precious woods smelled so good that it was a natural progression for women to start wearing it as a fragrance as well, and it has become known by many as “simply the sexiest fragrance ever.” 

# 3 – Miss Dior by Christian DiorMumptyStyle Miss DiorLaunched in 1947, Miss Dior is a chypre floral fragrance that was developed with the “young woman in love” in mind.  In those days, you wore a perfume for life and it became your signature perfume.  Nowadays of course, modern women are likely to have a “perfume wardrobe” that they mix and match for different moods and occasions.  Interestingly, not only the original packaging, but the formula as well, has been completely replaced and yet it still retains its legendary appeal.

Recently the stunning Natalie Portman has become the face of Miss Dior.MumptyStyle Miss Dior Natalie

# 3 – Joy by Jean Patou
MumptyStyle Jean Patou Joy

Released in 1929 by Parisian couturier, Jean Patou, and billed as the costliest fragrance in the world, every ounce (30ml) of this subtle floral bouquet requires 10,600 jasmine flowers and twenty-eight dozen roses.  Goodness!  Perhaps that’s why its said to envelop every women who wears it in a cloud of sophistication and prestige.

I read somewhere that Joy has been described as “a smell for the badly behaved that is ever, ever so good” – that sounds like a perfect fragrance to me, and I must admit, I’m adding this to my “fragrance want list!”

# 5 – Shalimar by Guerlain MumptyStyle Shalimar

Launched in 1925, Guerlain’s Shalimar was known as the “Forbidden Frangrance.”  Shalimar is the name of the place where the love between Indian Prince, Shah Jehan and Persian Princess, Mumtaz was celebrated, and the Taj Mahal was built to commemorate her memory when she died during childbirth.  Jacques Guerlain was inspired to create the fragrance when hearing of the couple’s all-consuming love – awwwww!

The famous art deco-styled bottle was designed to emulate the silhoeuttes of the Indian palaces.  The fragrance itself was one of the first of the oriental fragrances, heavy on leather and incense and with notes of sandalwood and civet.  It was said in the 20’s that there were three things a good girl didn’t do; “bob her hair; smoke cigarettes and wear Shalimar!”  Now if that doesn’t make you want to wear it, I don’t know what will!  Another to add to my list methinks!

What’s your favourite perfume?  Do you love the modern perfumes or, like me, appreciate the heritage and glamour of the classic perfumes? 

Love …