If I had $800 to spend at Sephora …

If I had $800 to spend at Sephora …

Recently I decided to do a little series of posts on what I’d buy if I had $800 to spend in certain places, ‘cos I’m shallow like that! Sadly, I don’t actually have $800 to randomly spend on unnecessary things, but I’m not going to let the facts get in the way of a good story!  The first in the series was Pinup Girl Clothing – you can read about it here.

Number two on my list of places to faux-shop, is Sephora – an online mecca for makeup-obsessed boys and girls!  Since joining the Facebook group known as Makeup Obsessives, (website/blog here)I have been exposed to SO MANY exciting products that I need (well, want actually!) and now I’m an admin it’s even worse better (those babes are truly obsessed!)

So … here are my picks:

Pick number one – the Hourglass Ambient Light palette – $58 ($742 left) MumptyStyle Hourglass Ambient Light
Simply because everyone is raving about this online!  Apparently it uses photoluminescent technology to filter out harsh light and refine the appearance of the complexion.  All sounds very techo to me, but if it makes me look pretty and young, I’m all for it!

♥ Pick number two – Stila Stay All Day foundation & concealer – $44 ($698 left)

MumptyStyle Stila Stay All Day

Billed as an oil-free foundation and creamy concealer and … the ultimate multi-tasking duo for flawless, breathable coverage.  Sounds good to me – and it gets very good press from the admin girls at Makeup Obsessives so that helps make up my mind!

♥ Pick number three – Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing system – $126 (inc. replacement brush head) ($572 left)

MumptyStyle Clarisonic Mia
Gala Darling raves about hers and has done for years – ’nuff said.  I would probably also get a replacement brush head for $27 – ‘cos, ‘ya know … I like to be organised!

♥ Pick number four – Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume – $80 and Flowerbomb cream $90 ($402 left)

I’ve run out of perfume, and am on the hunt for some more.  One of my besties wears this and I love it, so into the basket it goes.

MumptyStyle ViktorandRolfAnd because I like to layer my fragrances, and it has very pretty packaging, the Flowerbomb cream would make its way into my shopping basket as well!

MumptyStyle Viktor and Rolf cream

♥ Pick number five – Sephora Collection eyelash curlers – $18  ($384 left)

MumptyStyle Sephora eyelash curlers

Because I need some and because they’re hot pink, thus matching my tweezers!

♥ Pick number six – Sephora Collection Perfect Pink brush set – $68 ($316 left)

MumptyStyle Sephora brush set

I don’t really have brushes.  I need brushes.  These are pink.  For some reason I don’t like brushes with white hair; I like these black ones.  They come in a pink, quilted carry case.  For all these reasons; get in mah shoppin’ bag!

♥ Pick number seven – NARS Virtual Domination cheek palette – $65 ($251 left)

MumptyStyle NARS cheek palette

It’s got a cool name.  The colours look pretty – and it looks like there’s a shade there that will work with most of my outfits, plus a contouring one as well.  I like it.  And it’s Limited Edition too.  And I don’t have any NARS products yet and that makes me just a little bit sad.

♥ Pick number eight – Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume – $76 ($175 left) 
MumptyStyle Marc Jacobs Daisy

I’ve wanted this for a while, so now that I’m on my faux-spending spree, why not get it?! Shhhh … I’m getting this for the packaging alone; I don’t even know what it smells like!

♥ Pick number nine – Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil – $79 ($96 left)
MumptyStyle Algenist

Serums are all the rage and I haven’t really used them before.  Besides, Kylie Bax uses Algenist, and since we’re very similar (!), I’m going with her recommendation on this one.  Also, I noticed on the Sepohora site that it had 3,204 “loves” which can only mean one thing right?  I need it!

♥ Pick number ten – Bite Beauty Agava Lip Mask in Champagne $26 ($70 left)

MumptyStyle Bite Beauty

a) I like champagne and the colour is described as “rose gold pearl” which sounds brilliant; b) Gala recommends this stuff and c) it’s going to revive and rehydrate my lips apparently!

♥ Pick number eleven – Guerlain Kiss Kiss Contour Shaping Cream lip colour in Love Red $37 ($33 left)

MumptyStyle Guerlain Kiss Kiss

I need a new red lipstick and any time I’ve bought anything by Guerlain I’ve loved it.  Also … the packaging is to die for don’t you think!

♥ Pick number eleven – Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheeks in Rose Frivole – $40 (eeeep … I’ve overspent by $7!!!!)

MumptyStyle YSL Baby DollThis stuff looks gorgeous does it not?  Sephora describe it as an “air-whipped, two-in-one mousse formula for lips and cheeks” and who doesn’t love a two-in-one product?!  It’s also going to give me an “edgy baby doll attitude”, which makes me a little curious, but it sounds like fun really!

What would you purchase at Sephora if you had $800?  Actually, I strongly advise you to check out their site – it really is incredible – it’s filled with gorgeous products; there are recommendations and reviews; you can zoom in on everything; there are tutorials on how to use the products; suggestions on what to pair them with; links to articles and photographs … I could go on (and often do!).  Anyway – click here to visit.  

Enjoy …

All images are taken from the Sephora website, and I’ve just used the $US figure rather than converting it to $NZ because it’s easier!

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