MumptyLoves 07/11/2014

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 07/11/2014

♥ Trilogy Rosapene night cream and Rosehip Antioxidant Oil  MumptyStyle Trilogy
My skin was so.bloody.relieved when this little duo arrived in the mail!  Since I ran out of moisturiser about a month ago, I’ve been dabbling in all sorts samplers and testers and my skin finally rebelled and said “Give it up Mumpty and get me the good stuff, or you’ll pay – I’ll bust out the wrinkles.”  And at first I didn’t listen, and so the wrinkles got busted out – and my goodness, I got that Rosapene business back on my bathroom shelf quick-as-a-wink!  At my age, if your skin gets dry, you might as well send those wrinkles a written invite to come and stay!

Thankfully the Trilogy Rosapene night cream, in conjunction with the Rosehip Antioxidant Oil, sorted out my skin’s woes and it’s now feeling all properly hydrated and plump again; thus minimising my wrinkles character-proving-laugh-lines.

♥  This iconic Chanel “charms handbag” … MumptyStyle ChanelNow I wouldn’t normally feature a Chanel handbag on here because I am an extremly loyal Louis Vuitton fan (!) however this vintage one is beautiful and I am a sucker for charmy things like this!  Chanel really do create some lovely handbags and this collector’s piece is certainly one of them.  Which is your favourite charm?  Mine is the Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle, followed closely by anything with a crown.

♥ Our daughter has turned ten and this was her birthday cake! MumptyStyle Birthday CakeEvery year I decorate our daughter’s birthday cake in whatever theme she chooses; in the past she’s had piggys, Shrek, In the Night Garden, daisies, The Faraway Tree – all sorts!  This year, she made it suuuuper-difficult by wanting not only owls, but Olaf and Lego as well!  While I’m not actually 100% happy with any of the elements, I think overall it was a kinda cool cake and since I was up till 1am making it, I went a little easy on myself for Olaf being a slightly “Halloween” version of himself!  Anyway, she loved it, so that’s me done and dusted for another year on the cake-decorating front!  Do you decorate your own cakes?  It’s kinda fun/kinda “I-wish-I-had-never-gone-there-in-the-first-place-and-set-up-that-expectation” right?!

♥ L’oreal Skin Perfection Advanced Serum MumptyStyle Skin PerfectionI got this a) on the recommendation of Kirsty Leigh at Makeup Obsessives; and b) because it has pretty pink packaging!  (Check out Kirsty’s cute vlog on the full range here.) Although I’ve only been using it for a week and therefore probably shouldn’t even mention it yet, I’m going to ‘cos I live life on the edge ya’ know!  Anyway … I like it; it glides on easily and leaves my skin feeling super-soft.  Tick from me (and tick from Kirsty too by the way!)

♥ Curves to Kill MumptyStyle Teer WaydeCurves to Kill is the wonderfully visual blog of Teer Wayde, a completely beautiful plus-size model and blogger from Melbourne, Australia.  I’ve been following Teer’s blog for a while now and stylistically it’s gorgeous.  She does some stunning photo shoots as well as providing well-researched reviews for pinup babes.  I highly recommend you check her out.

♥ My blog post on what I’d buy if I had $800 to spend at Sephora … MumptyStyle Guerlain Kiss KissOK … so I’m self-promoting, but let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you may well have already read my post!  And I like my post – it had pretty cool things in it.  If you haven’t already, read it here.

And finally … the Louboutins!  I love this photo so much that I had to include it.  Now are these “killer heels” or what?!

MumptyStyle Louboutin Red Soles
Image via

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …




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