The A to Z of Burlesque (part two)

The A to Z of burlesque (part two) …

I decided it might be kinda fun to put together an “A to Z” of burlesque in New Zealand. This is part two in the two-part series. Click here for part one (A to M).

MumtpyStyle Dolly D'Ville
Glamilton burlesque artist Dolly D’Ville at a Dr Sketchy event.

N is for nudity …
While you won’t get full nudity at a burlesque show, you’ll certainly see lots of skin!  Burlesquers very much celebrate the body in all its forms; voluptuous, petite, tall, short, toned, not-toned!  And that, I think, is a very good thing.  As that terrible TV show would say “there’s no shame, we’re all the same!”   

It’s also for the NZ Burlesque Festival – “an annual celebration of all things burlesque – aimed at developing the New Zealand burlesque scene from a community through to a supportive and sustainable industry.”  The NZ Burlesque Festival is presented by Danny Rascal and MisRed and they do an awesome job.  I am SOOOO going next year!  Visit the website here.

O is for OTT! 
Burlesque babes are not known as shrinking violets, although you’d be surprised how many of them get SUPER-nervous before going on stage.  But anyway, most things at a burlesque show will be OTT (over the top!) … the shoes, the hair, the makeup, the eyelashes, the boobs, the costumes, the movements, the facial expressions – all of it!  And it’s “O for oarsome!”  Here Miss Ooh La La Paree demonstrates an OTT facial!MumptyStyle Miss Oooh La La

P is for pasties …
Also known as nipple tassles, these gorgeous, normally sparkly shapes are designed to cover the nipple, thus preserving a burlesque performer’s dignity – although they are notorious for flying off mid-routine, often to great applause!  Pasties come in all shapes and sizes and a lot of effort goes into them!  Check out these oversized crosses worn by Willow Noir during her infamous performance when she won the title of Miss Burlesque NZ 2012.  (Azure D’Murre makes some great pasties by the way.)  This photo was taken by the fabulous Pushing Up Pixels.   MumptyStyle Willow Noir pastiesQ is for queerlesque …
Started by Phlossy Roxx in NZ, Queerlesque is described by Phlossy on her blog as burlesque “by, for and about the queer community. “Queer identities challenge perceptions of gender and sexuality.  Queerlesque provides a safe place for performers of all gender identities, expressions and styles.

R is for raunchy, riveting and racy … 
All of which burlesque is!  A good burlesque show will titillate the senses and leave you wanting more!

S is for stilettos …
I personally don’t know how these girls wear some of the heels they do when they’re dancing, but they seem to be able to!  I must admit though, they do make one’s legs look awesome!  Generally bedazzled in some way, a burlesquer’s shoes are an integral part of a showgirl’s costume. Check out these crystal-encrusted lipstick heels – perfect for burlesque!
MumptyStyle StilettosT is for tassle twirling …
Tassle twirling is the art of making those tassles spin!  You can shimmy, shake, bounce on your toes … whatever it takes to get those tassles spinning!  Azure D’Murre (pictured below) is the best tassle-twirler I know!

MumptyStyle tassle twirling

U is for unique …
Burlesque performers are certainly unique!  An important part of their performance is their ability to bring their own unique character to life on stage.  Many of them go “into character” long before they go on stage and I LOVE watching the transformation.  I’ve talked about it in my post called “Backstage at a burlesque show” – you can read it here.

V is for vixens …
Burlesque babes are some of the sexiest, cleverest, funniest, down-to-earth vixens I know!  I’m so proud to be a small part of the burlesque “scene” here in New Zealand.

W is for wigs …
A burlesque performer’s costume often includes a wig and there are some beautiful ones around.  Here’s Ruby Spice wearing one of her many fabulous wigs!  MumptyStyle Ruby Spice

X is for … x-rated
Which burlesque isn’t really – after all, there’s no nasty displays of “private bits”!  However it is most certainly R18 at times! 

Y is for yawn …
Not that you’d ever need to, but believe me – do NOT EVER get caught yawning at a burlesque show!  You yawn, you get caught, you PAY!  You could well find yourself up on stage performing against your will! 

Z is for Ziegfeld Follies …
OK, not necessarily a well-known one I admit, but “z” is hard!  The Ziegfeld Follies was a series of elaborate theatrical productions on Broadway in New York City from 1932 and 1936; of which burlesque was a large part.MumptyStyle Ziegfeld
So there you have it folks; the A to Z of New Zealand burlesque with a few internationals thrown in!)  Click here to read part one.

Love …



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