MumptyLoves 14/11/2014

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 14/11/2014

♥ Nivea In-Shower Smooth Lotion Skin Conditioner

MumptyStyle Nivea

As Kirsty from Makeup Obsessives would say, “I bloody love this stuff!”  And I do!  I got it as part of my Black Box package and so far, I am very impressed.  You know how you get out of the shower, dry yourself off, then mositurise your legs, arms etc – and then you to wait for a while before you put your clothes on because the moisturiser is still a bit sticky?  Nuh-uh – not with this stuff.  It’s kind of a weird concept, but basically what you do is use your normal body wash in the shower, rinse it off and then in the shower, while you’re still wet, you apply this stuff (and it’s goes on SO easily) and then rinse it off, hop out of the shower (or you can just get out – you don’t have to hop!) and dry yourself.  Done!  No waiting around; no sticky legs; you just get dressed and you’re good to go!  Perfect!  And it really does moisturise too, which is handy given that’s what it claims to do!

♥  Bombshell Burlesque (Glamilton)
MumptyStyle Michelle CherryThis is my burlesque class and I LOVE spending my Wednesday evenings at class – I get to dress up and strut around posing and having lots of fun with my fellow class members – and, of course, our brillant Head Mistress, Ms Tittle Tattle. If you’re in Glamilton, come along … you will love it! If you have always been curious about burlesque but haven’t tried it – I urge you to get along to a local class and give it a go. I swear there’s a good chance it will change your life. I wrote a post about how it changed mine here. Mwahhhh!

♥ Chocolate Box Sparkling Shiraz

MumptyStyle Chocolate Box Sparkling Shiraz

Now I’m not normally a red wine drinker, but a couple of years ago we were given a bottle of this as a gift, along with the promise that it would “totally convert you.”  And my goodness, it did!  I still don’t drink red wine, but I do drink this!   It’s an Australian sparkling shiraz made from premium Barossa grapes and in my professional sommelier’s opinion, it’s YUM!  (That’s a technical wine term!)  They’re billing it as the perfect wine to accompany your Christmas turkey and ham and also as the perfect drop to leave out for Santa.  Sorry Santa … it won’t be hanging round on the mantelpiece at our place!  Retail price is approx. NZ$29.99

♥ Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s Bountiful Bachelorette Bash! MumptyLoves BBBOver the weekend I was lucky enough to be “Door Dolly” at local Glamilton diva, Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s Bountiful Bachelerette Bash!  It was a fabulous show and a wonderful way to celebrate her last few days of single life!  Miss Bettsy has allowed me to write about it on next week’s blog, so I won’t say any more *wink*  (Photo by David Rowe Photography

♥ One of my long-time favourite blogs: Yes and Yes MumptyStyle Yes and Yes

MumptyStyle Sarah von BargenSarah von Bargen’s “Yes and Yes – because Yes is more fun than No” is one of the most enjoyable blogs I follow.  I’ve  followed her for about three years now and that’s a testament to a) her content; b) her professionalism and sense of humour and c) the frequency with which she posts.  Sarah is a very talented writer and an international traveler – check her blog out for awesome features like “True Story: …” Web Time Wasters, Network of Nice and lots of cool discussions on travel, business, blogging, fashion, food and just being generally awesome!

♥ My “local” – Punnet CafeMumptyStyle PunnetLocated just five minutes from home, Punnet Cafe is an essential stop on my way to work and has been for a good couple of years now!  They serve great coffee and food; it’s a gorgeous place (and even better now having undergone extensive renovations recently) and the staff and owners are awesome!    Check out their Facebook page here … this weekend they’re having their big Strawberry Farm Festival to celebrate the new season; the strawberries being available and the opening of the new playground and renovations.  There is also a truly fabulous grocery and collectible store as part of the complex – their Facebook page is here.

And to round up MumptyLoves this week … the Louboutins!

MumptyStyle Louboutin Justinodos

The Justinodo by Christian Louboutin – aren’t they gorgeous?!  The bows are killer and I love the gold accent at the back.

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …




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