A burlesquin’ bachelorette bash!

A burlesquin’ bachelorette bash!

MumptyStyle BBBA couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend the Bountiful Bachelorette Bash of Glamilton diva and Miss Burlesque NZ 2011, Miss Bettsy Rose Lee.  And I’m jolly pleased I did, because it was a show that not only honoured the gorgeous bride-to-be in the most glamourous and exuberant way, but gave us, the audience, a damm good night out!

MumptyStyle Show Poster
The show poster, designed by the uber-talented Collette Fergus.

The Bountiful Bachelorette Bash at Glamilton’s Meteor Theatre was a Crazy Diamond production, organised by Miss Bettsy Rose Lee herself, in conjunction with her wonderful bridesmaids, Azure D’Murre and Miss Ooh La La Paree and ably stage-managed (and kittied!)  by the delightful Lady La Rouge.

When I saw the glorious lineup of talent advertised, I jumped at Azure D’Murre’s request that I be “Door Dolly” for the evening – I am all over any opportunity to get glammed up and enjoy a burleyQ/theatre-ish evening out!

Fun fact: Glamilton is considered one of burlesque’s “hot spots” – due in no small part to Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s contribution to the scene.

I always love the backstage buzz before a show, and this one was no exception;  there was glitter and feathers and sequins and champagne and sparkles backstage – all the usual burlesque accoutrements – and an explosion of colour!  Bettsy herself was dressed and ready to go well ahead of time, and my goodness, she looked divine!

The show was MC’d by the magnificent Glorious Ole who, “believe me” did a wonderful job of combining slightly bawdy and risqué humour with touching sentimental asides for Miss Bettsy Rose Lee.   She also treated us to a medley of “One Singular Sensation” (from A Chorus Line) and “You Are So Beautiful.”MumptyStyle GloriaFirst up, naturally, was the bride-to-be herself who performed her routine to “I’m in love with a wonderful guy” in a bridal gown! Now I know for a fact that Miss Bettsy Rose Lee only finalised her routine the day before.  The reason I mention this is because it absolutely astounds me that someone can do that!  I guess that’s where a lifetime of theatre and dance comes in; if I tried that I would be absolutely terrified!  Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s fiance was in the audience and it was lovely to see the interaction between the two throughout her routine.    MumptyStyle BettsyAfter she had performed, Miss Bettsy Rose Lee was seated on the couch/throne where she and her fiance enjoyed cupcakes and she was presented with a very special cake in the shape of a doll!  In the pic below she blows out her candles while her amused fiancé, Richard, looks on!MumtpyStyle BBB blow out candle

The exuberant Lady Gee performed her hilarious and raunchy Rocky Horror “Sweet Transvestite” act – her cheeky style always appeals to the audience and Miss Bettsy’s Bachelorette Bash was all the better for her raunchy contribution! MumptyStyle Lady Gee
The wonderful Qteas Teas performed a fabulous routine, “Mogwai to Gremlins” that included green paint being smeared over her body and ended with the floor being COVERED in glitter – always the sign of a good routine in my opinion! In my mind, she will be hereforth referred to as “Glitterpants!”MumptyStyle QTeas
Azure D’Murre debuted a stunning new act to “13 Men” and a GORGEOUS new costume (a beautiful tangerine colour which is a departure from Azure’s normal blue wardrobe but very pretty indeed) – in which, as usual, she looked spectacular!  Azure’s routines are always full of sass and attitude and I love that they end in fabulous tassle-twirling – as I mentioned in this A-Z of Burlesque, Azure is the best tassle-twirler I know!  There is a bit of a story behind Azure’s act … “13 Men” was the song that Miss Bettsy Rose Lee performed in her first ever public burlesque outing.  Azure had encouraged Bettsy to revive that routine several times over the years, and in the end got sick of waiting and decided to revive it herself!  And what a great job she did!  MumptyStyle AzureAnd another of Azure, because I can! Check out the lovely gold chain detail.MumptyStyle Azure back

Fiasco Belle gave an outstanding rendition of “Lilac Wine.” She has the most beautiful, soulful voice and was ably accompanied by her musical partner on the guitar. Another fabulous performance that enhanced the evening, ensuring there was “something for everyone” in the audience.MumptyStyle Fiasco Belle

Sister act, The Ginger Kisses peformed what for me, was the standout routine of the evening – I absolutely bloody loved it! They performed the song “I just can’t do it alone” from the musical Chicago – you know, the one Catherine Zeta-Jones performed when her sister “died”? It was hilarious, cheeky and fun-filled and they worked together SO well that you would swear they’d been performing it together for ages. Such talent … their Mum attends all the shows her gorgeous girls are in (Lady Gee and Ruby Spice are The Ginger Kisses and are real-life sisters!) and I know she is rightly very proud!MumptyStyle Ginger KissesAnd another one ‘cos they were just THAT cool! MumptyStyle Ginger Kisses 2
Di Va performed two highly energetic and fierce acts (Grand Medley and All About that Anaconda”) – phew, I was exhausted just watching her shake that booty! Her hardcore dance music and routines provided an excellent contrast to some of the more traditional burlesque routines performed by the other girls. Love that variety!MumtpyStyle Di Va
Ruby Spice was her usual gorgeous and sexy self as she performed “Love for the Bump & Grind” – that girl sure has “sensual” nailed!  Ruby’s always a pleasure to watch as she interacts with the audience so well.  I think she’s one of those girls all the boys want, and all the girls want to be!   MumptyStyle Ruby Spice

I have never had the privilege of watching Leggy Luna Lucy perform before and I am SO pleased that situation has now been remedied! She is an AMAZING performer; cheeky, sensual and with a knockout body that she sure knows how to rock! She gave a polished performance and her fanwork was nothing short of spectacular! I loved the way she drew the happy couple in … just brilliant.  She performed two acts; “Mein Herr” and “Dance Around the World.”MumptyStyle Leggy Luna
Brilliant diva Ms Tittle Tattle, resplendent and gorgeous in purple, performed  an “Ode to Burlesque” a beautiful poem for which we don’t know who to credit!  It was given to Ms Tittle Tattle to perform, without credit, some months ago, so if you do know where it came from, we’d love to hear!  Ms Tittle Tattle was accompanied by her husband, Simon Crowfoot, on bass.  This wonderful duo delivered an enchanting performance in an unusually “demure” act for Ms Tittle Tattle – again, love to see that variety in a show, and in a performer.MumptyStyle Tittle Tattle

The Grand Dame of NZ burlesque, Miss Chevious Cinders performed her new “pirate” routine, which was hilarious – that is a very cheeky and often very rude, bird!  I love watching Cindy perform – she’s such a character and (no pun intended) she FLYS by the seat of her pants and manages to pull it off every time!  MumptyStyle Cindy
And last, but certainly not least, to close the show, was the aptly-named Miss Ooh La La Paree – Chic, Unique and Magnifique with her energetic and dazzling rendition of Katy Perry’s “Firework” song!  The gorgeous sparkly props she liberally handed out to Miss Bettsy Rose Lee and the audience members made for a blast of colour, sparkle and audience participation … she is often referred to as a “firecracker” or “pocket rocket” and this routine demonstrated why!  What a glorious way to end the show!MumptyStyle Ooh La

So there you have it … a rundown of the fabulous event that was the celebration of Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s final days as a single woman!  I’d like to take this opportunity to wish her and her husband a magical marriage full of love, laughter and all the things they each love – together, and as the gorgeous couple they are! MumptyStyle BBB lineupThe curtain call (left to right) … Glorious Ole, Miss Ooh La La Paree, Ms Tittle Tattle, Leggy Luna Lucy, Di Va, Azure D’Murre, Ruby Spice, Lady Gee, Miss Chevious Cinders, Fiasco Belle, Qteas Teas.

All photos were taken by the magical David Rowe from David Rowe Photography.  Check out David’s website here and his Facebook page here.

And because I can, here is a photo of yours truly on her way to be Door Dolly!  It was so much fun to dress up and to see the rest of the audience dolled up to the nines as well.  I’d like to make special mention of the gentleman dressed in a Steampunk ensemble – he looked fantastic!

MumptyStyle Door Dolly

Enjoy …





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