If I had $8,000 to spend at Louis Vuitton …

If I had $8,000 to spend at Louis Vuitton …

Recently I decided to do a little series of posts on what I’d buy if I had $800 to spend in certain places, ‘cos I’m shallow like that! Sadly, I don’t actually have $800 to randomly spend on unnecessary things, but I’m not going to let the facts get in the way of a good story!  The first in the series was Pinup Girl Clothing – you can read about it here.  Number two in the series was Sephora – you can read about that here.

This time, I am faux-shopping at Louis Vuitton – my favourite shop in the world!  Sadly, $800 won’t actually cut it at Louis Vuitton, so I have increased my budget to $8,000 because what’s an extra zero between friends right?!

So … here are my picks:

Pick number one – the Alma BB in vernis $2,340 ($5,660 left)

MumptyStyle LV Alma BB pinkThese little Alma’s are quite simply divine!!!  They are pretty small, so you’d only really fit your lippy, keys, wallet and your phone – but who cares, ‘cos they are so darn cool!  The Alma is one of Louis Vuitton’s icons (this is the latest incarnation of it) which traces its pedigree from the original Art Deco icon introduced in 1934.  It has an adjustable  strap so you can wear it either waist or hip height, or you can wear it cross-body as well, which is very cool.

Although this colour would probably be my first pick, I would be definitely looking pretty hard at this one …

MumptyStyle Alma BB light pink

and this one too because Louis Vuitton have only very recently offered the vernis range in black (other than the odd special edition ones.)

MumptyStyle LV Alma BB black

Which one would you choose?

♥ Pick number two – the Pochette Accessoires in Epi leather $880 ($4,780 left)

MumptyStyle LV Epi Pochette teal
The Pochette Accessoires in cyan epi leather.

The little Pochette Accessoires are among my favourites from the Louis Vuitton range, and I have a few of these (old ones though!)  The new style has got a gusset, meaning it’s wider and can accommodate more, which is a great improvement.  They also have a longer handle, which is a good thing too.  It does remove the need for the little keyring extender though, which is kind of a shame ‘cos it’s cute!

This range of leather is called the epi leather range and was developed to offer a hardy, easy-care option in a range of beautiful colours.  The epi pieces don’t include vachetta (the caramelly-coloured leather you often see on Vuitton pieces) meaning you don’t have to worry about rain drops, staining or darkening of the leather etc.

Anyway, again … I think I would be in the store deliberating over colour choices for quite.some.time!  Here are two more that I love …

MumptyStyle LV Pochette Epi orange

This colour is piment – I assume derived from pimento.  It’s stunningly vibrant in person.  Want.want.want.

MumptyStyle LV Pochette epi purpleThis colour is known as figue – pretty huh.  I think it could do double duty as blue or purple so that makes it super-versatile! Hmmm … although maybe that depends on how your screen represents the colour!  I think I may need to visit the store again, just to be sure!

♥ Pick number three – the Mini Speedy $802  ($3,978 left)

MumptyStyle LV Mini Speedy

The Mini Speedy is ridiculously cute – my daughter was given a beautiful vintage one by a friend of mine for Christmas and I am insanely jealous – I want one of my own!

♥ Pick number four – Pom pom bag charm – $615 ($3,293 left) MumptyStyle LV bag charm
Louis Vuitton’s bag charms are quite expensive, but hey – they’re gorgeous and we’re only faux-shopping afer all!  I particularly love the little gold bow on this one – I’m a bit of a sucker for bows!

And because I love them so much, I’d get this one too …

♥ Pick number five – Posy bag charm $685 ($2,803 left)

MumptyStyle LV Posy Bag Charm

Pretty huh.  The good thing about the bag charms is that you can swap them out over your different bags, and you can also use them as keyrings; again, versatile right?!

♥ Pick number six – Eyeline pump in bleu $1,108 ($1,695 left)MumptyStyle LV Eyeline pumpI have several dresses now that could do with a pair of blue shoes to go with them and I love the simplicity and classic styling of these.  Plus they do have that little gold accent at the back to give them a little “lift.”  And such gorgeous leather too.

♥ Pick number seven – Keepall 50 Damier Ebene Canvas $1,800 – whoops, I overspent by a couple of hundred! 

MumptyStyle LV Keepall

I LOVE the travel range.  How luxurious would it feel to pack your things into this and wander off somewhere glamorous for the weekend?!  The Keepall was introduced in 1930 so is another of Louis Vuitton’s icons.

As an aside …
Have you ever visited a Louis Vuitton store?  You really should … just for the experience!  I have only been to the Auckland one, but it is simply fabulous. The doorman opens the door and ushers you in, and you are normally greeted by Moana, their Store Manager (who has been there over 25 years and miraculously only looks 30!); there is an air of hushed luxury in the store, and honestly – their products are so, so beautiful.

The service too is impeccable – and I mean, impeccable. All the staff members know the products so well, and are well aware of the vintage styles as well and will comment if you’re wearing a vintage Louis Vuitton bag. I took my daughter’s mini Speedy in to be fixed (the leather pull tab had been torn) and as they had the replacement part instore, they did it that day. Unfortunately we were unable to wait, so they couriered it to us overnight at no charge, and even hot-stamped her initials on it for her! All this knowing it was a vintage bag that hadn’t been purchased at that particular store. That is called standing behind your brand.

Actually, I think that’s one of the things I love the most about Louis Vuitton; the heritage of their brand is evident in everything they do; their packaging, their catalogues, their advertising; the absolute quality of everything, right down to the stationary they use. The Auckland store has gorgeous vintage trunks kind of scattered around the place – they are worth a fortune, and really add to the ambience and feeling of solidity and luxury. Do I sound like a Sales Associate? I wish …

What would you purchase at Louis Vuitton if you had $8,000? 

Enjoy …





All prices are approximate and were correct at the time of publishing – all images are taken from the Louis Vuitton website. 

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