Five facts you may not have known about … Coco Chanel

Five facts you may not have known about … Coco Chanel

MumptyStyle Coco Chanel

1) She came from a poor background – she was born in a hospice for the poor; her mother did laundry for a living and died of tuberculosis and her father simply deserted them.  She was put into an orphanage at the age of twelve and lived there for six years – it was actually the nuns there that taught her to sew!

2) She began her career designing hats – as a hobby.  Later, as she became more famous, a hat designed by Coco Chanel was a must-have item for aristocratic Parisian ladies.

3)  She lived in a hotel for more than 30 years – The Ritz Hotel, Paris to be precise.  She had a very luxurious suite, and lived there happily for 37 years until her death in 1971.  Check out her apartment below – isn’t it gorgeous?

MumptyStyle Coco Chanel Ritz

4) She was the first person to name a perfume after herself – this is called a “vanity perfume” apparently.

Fun fact:  somewhere, someone in the world buys a bottle of Chanel No. 5 every 30 seconds.  Goodness …

5) When Coco passed away, there were only three outfits found in her suite at The Ritz.  Three???  Here’s hoping she had a fabulous stash elsewhere.

Fun quiz:  can you name what are considered the four, signature “must-have” Chanel items to have in your wardrobe?

1) the tweed jacket
2) the perfume (Chanel No. 5 of course!)
3) the LBD (Little Black Dress) and
4) the quilted handbag.

Do any of you have all four of these?  And could you survive with only three outfits?

Love …



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