MumptyLoves 28/11/2014

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 28/11/2014

♥ GHD Rose Gold Special Edition straightener

MumptyStyle GHD Rose Gold

You may or not know that I am a massive fan of GHD products – they really are the only hair products that work for me.  So of course I was insanely jealous when my sister told me she was getting this for Christmas!  And don’t worry – I haven’t blown the surprise – she knows!  This is the sister who would spend from April (her birthday) to December telling us what she wanted for Christmas; and from December to April, telling us what she wanted for her birthday!  Anyway … how beautiful is that straightener?  It makes my plain old black one look positively vanilla!

♥  Elizabeth Taylor’s diamonds
Everything about Liz was glamorous and spectacular really, so it goes without saying that her engagement rings would be the same!   photo-1

Now THAT ladies, is a ROCK!  This was her third engagement ring, and for the record, it was seven times bigger than her first!  Liz was a lady who knew what she was doing!  This one was from Mike Todd (her third husband) and was a 29.4 carat emerald-cut stunner.  Emerald cuts are my absolute favourite … always have been.  My engagement ring is an emerald-cut diamond, but sadly it’s not 29 carat!  Elizabeth Taylor had possibly the most impressive jewellery collection of any woman, ever.  I love that this was the way she felt about her jewellery collection though:

I’ve never thought of my jewellery as trophies. I’m here to take care of it and to love it, for we are only temporary custodians of beauty.” —Elizabeth Taylor

I have decided that each of seven engagement rings are all so stunning they are deserving of a mention in Mumpty Loves  for the next few weeks – not to mention the other little trinkets she was given for no other reason than simply being Elizabeth Taylor!  Stay tuned …

♥ This old photo of the slide at the Hamilton Lake  

MumptyStyle Liz Taylor RockAny of you over a certain age will surely remember this slide at the Hamilton Lake.  I remember when we were little we used to go there a lot and it seemed absolutely HUGE to my six year-old eyes!  And so, so much fun!  I was lucky to be blessed with a pretty awesome childhood – thanks Mum and Dad!  This photo was apparently taken round about 1966 (before I was born by the way!)

♥ Eartha Kitt’s original version of the Christmas classic, “Santa Baby”

Originally recorded by the late and truly great, Eartha in 1953 in New York with Henry René and his orchestra, this is one of my favourite EVER Christmas songs.  And look at Eartha … wasn’t she a stunner?  They don’t make ’em like that any more!  

MumptyStyle Eartha Kitt

♥ My daughter’s Christmas tree … 

MumptyStyle Xmas TreeBefore you ask … yes, I have given in and she has her Christmas tree up in her bedroom before the 1st of December!  But to be honest, I don’t really care because our little family loves Christmas so much that we figure we might as well stretch it out …

This isn’t really the best picture of it … I haven’t put the lights on properly yet and it was photographed in the semi-dark.  But OMG – it is SOOO pretty and we have adorned it with turquoise and pink decorations.  Love it.  We bought the little silver, sparkly Eiffel Tower today – I couldn’t resist buying two; one for the family tree as well!  Do you add to  your Christmas decorations each year or do you stick with the same ones each year?

♥ LUSH “Bubble Gum” Lip Scrub 
I love this stuff … it’s super-good for exfoliating your lips and keeping them soft – especially if you’ve been wearing a slightly drying lipstick like the Lime Crime Velvetines for example (did I mention I LOVE those Velvetines?!) It would make the perfect little gift to slip into someone’s Santa stocking I would think. (NZ$12.50) And it smells delicious of course!

MumptyStyle Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

♥ Happy 10th Birthday Pigalle!
As usual, I am rounding up Mumpty Loves this week with the Louboutin!  At the moment the internet is being flooded with Pigalle photos as the Pigalle turns ten years old and Louboutin are celebrating!  And so they should be – they are a stunning, very classic shoe and all the different variations mean there is a pair for every occasion, for EVERYONE – although I’m told they’re not particularly comfortable.  However, Louboutin himself has said he doesn’t design his shoes for comfort – they are designed for the woman who wants to stand out!  He’s clearly never worn a pair of his own shoes for an extended period of time.  But still … he’s a brilliant man and women all over the world are happy to suffer in silence. so let’s not complain!

Anyway … these are a killer pair of Pigalle if you ask me – turquoise, spikes and that gorgeous red sole for the ultimate pop of colour – I would suffer for these (likely not in silence though!)

MumptyStyle Louboutin Pigalle

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …




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