Pinup December announcements

I have two very exciting announcements to make …

MumptyStyle Excited
Heheeee!  This image is PERFECT for me right now because I AM just so excited about these announcements!  Okay … get on with it Mumpty!

Firstly … I am running a special feature on MumptyStyle for the entire month of December – called “Pinup December” (bet you can’t work out how I came up with that title!)

Essentially, for each day of December, MumptyStyle will feature a beautiful local (and international) pinup or burlesque performer, and my goodness, I am blown away by the incredible women that have agreed to participate!

As well as sharing their favourite image with us, these beautiful ladies are going to share what has made them proud this year; a special achievement, a win, overcoming an obstacle – whatever has made them happy in 2014.

Also … I’ve asked each of them to nominate a charity and in the New Year, I will make a random draw, and donate $50 to the charity of that lady’s choice.

So as these ladies turn up on MumptyStyle, please share, like their Facebook pages and follow them on Instagram.  Let’s share the pinup/alt/burlesque love this silly season!

The second very exciting announcement is that the incredible Flo Foxworthy, costumier to the stars, is offering my readers a discount code of 15% until the end of the year … just enter the code mumpty at checkout.  Wahooooo!  Enjoy ladies – I can just see all the sparkly numbers winging their way to your Santa Sack now!!!

I CANNOT wait for December to start now!  And thanks to my good friend Miss Monique Sweet, who brainstormed this little idea with me.  She’s the best!

Love …



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