November roundup

November roundup: the top five most popular posts

So … it’s the last day of November which means it’s time for the monthly roundup!  (Apologies to anyone who might have already seen this – I must have unknowingly published it three days ago!)

November on MumptyStyle featured lots of burlesque with a smattering of fiction and makeup!  Herewith the top five most popular posts for November – in order this time.  (Well actually, there are six because two posts came in with the same number of views, so I’ve included them both!)

# 1 – The Grand Dame of New Zealand Burlesque
My interview with Miss Chevious Cinders was one of the most popular blog posts I’ve written to date.  Click here to read about Cindy’s amazing transformation from male to female and how burlesque changed her life. 

MumptyStyle Cindy NZBF

# 2 – A Burlesquin’ Bachelorette Bash …
My review of the amazing burlesque show that was Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s Hen’s Night proved popular with readers too!  It was an amazing night – I hope if we ever get around to getting married, that I have something cool like that too!  Click here to read all about it!

MumptyStyle BBB

# 3 – The A-Z of NZ Burlesque (two part series)
I LOVED writing this two-part series, so I was very pleased that people seemed to like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!  Click here to read part one and here to read part two.

MumptyStyle Willow Noir pasties
Image of Willow Noir by Pushing Up Pixels.

# 4 – Fifty make-uppy things to do with a cotton bud …
Really people, really?!  When I wrote this I thought it was a light-hearted, kind of silly post … but lots of people read it!!!  I’m still learning about my “audience” (gosh that sounds conceited!!!) … so I find all the statistics WordPress gives you soooooo interesting!  Anyway … click here to find out 50 make-uppy things you can do with a cotton bud!

MumptyStyle Cotton Buds

# 5 equal: The mystery of why six girls ended up on a beach in the middle of nowhere  …
One of my favourite things to do is to pick a photo I like, and then write about it!  And that’s what I did for this post and it made the top five for November, so I’m pretty proud of that! 

MumptyStyle Six Girls on a Beach

# 5 equal: My quick-fire Q&A with Teer Wayde … my pinup idol!  Click here to read what Teer had to say.

MumptyStyle Teer 3















And that’s my November roundup folks!  I hope you enjoyed it!  Can’t wait for the December roundup – it’s going to be GORGEOUS!

Enjoy …


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