Pinup December links

If you don’t know about Mumpty’s Pinup December, you are in for a treat. A stunning pinup, burlesque performer or alt model every day for December; what’s made them proud this year and a charity of their choice. Click on the links below for each individual Pinup December model's page. First up is the entirely … Continue reading Pinup December links

Final Pinup December

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing women who agreed to take part in Pinup December ... I feel so honoured that you all said yes and I hope you've enjoyed this feature as much as I've enjoyed putting it together! I'm so proud of the awesome mix of women and … Continue reading Final Pinup December

Pinup December: Mumpty

Well, would you look at that ... here I am on Pinup December! I hadn't planned to be, but then I decided I have a lot to be proud of and grateful for this year, so here I am! What Mumpty is most proud of this year ... (in her own words) "Like many of the other girls … Continue reading Pinup December: Mumpty

Pinup December: Miss Bettsy Rose Lee

Pinup December - Miss Bettsy Rose Lee This gorgeous pinup/burlesque performer is the recently-married and fresh-back-from-her-honeymoon, Miss Bettsy Rose Lee.  I'd like to wish her and her husband a happy and sparkly marriage and all the love in the world!  I'm so pleased to feature Miss Bettsy Rose Lee here on Pinup December. What Miss Bettsy … Continue reading Pinup December: Miss Bettsy Rose Lee

Pinup December: Honey L’Amour

Pinup December - Honey L'Amour She's petite, sweet and has the voice of an angel ... she's Honey L'Amour, and I'm thrilled to have her here on Pinup December. What Honey is most proud of this year ... (in her own words) "After taking a few years off from my clothing label to focus on being a new … Continue reading Pinup December: Honey L’Amour

Pinup December: Alegra Fantail

Pinup December - Alegra Fantail I had the pleasure of watching the beautiful Alegra Fantail perform recently at The Nivara Lounge and what a stunning performer she is ... she had the crowd on the edge of their seats with her cheeky and sassy act.  I'm very, very pleased to feature her here on Pinup December. … Continue reading Pinup December: Alegra Fantail

Pinup December: Ruby Ruin

Pinup December - Ruby Ruin  Wow ... Ruby Ruin is a busy and motivated lady ... check out what she's achieved in just one year!  I am extremely proud to have this stunning burlesquin' superwoman on Pinup December! What Ruby Ruin is most proud of this year ... (in her own words) "This year really has been … Continue reading Pinup December: Ruby Ruin

Pinup December: Miss Charlotte Cake

Pinup December - Miss Charlotte Cake (aka Miss Christmas Day!) I am ever so happy to have the fabulous Miss Charlotte Cake here on Pinup December.  I've really enjoyed seeing the wonderful, personalised cakes she has been making and talking about on her blog in her "Baking with a Pinup" series.  So cool. ***** Oh and by … Continue reading Pinup December: Miss Charlotte Cake

Pinup December: Trillian

Pinup December - Trillian Trillian has had an incredible year this year and has achieved some pretty huge accolades in the burlesque world ... it's so exciting to have her here on Pinup December.  And congratulations, Trillian, on your recent wedding.  May you have a long, happy and sparkly marriage! What Trillian is most proud of this … Continue reading Pinup December: Trillian

Pinup December: Bettie Rage

Pinup December - Bettie Rage Bettie Rage is a pinup, alt and tattoo model from Glamilton, NZ - she's sassy, sexy, edgy and ... her image is appearing all over the place!  I'm very pleased to have her here on Pinup December. What Bettie is most proud of this year ... (in her own words) "Becoming a … Continue reading Pinup December: Bettie Rage