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Pinup December …

MumptyStyle Venus_Starr
Venus Starr

If you don’t know about Mumpty’s Pinup December, you are in for a treat. A stunning pinup, burlesque performer or alt model every day for December; what’s made them proud this year and a charity of their choice. Click on the links below for each individual Pinup December model’s page.

First up is the entirely spectacular Venus Starr.
And day two – the gorgeous Azure D’Murre.
Day three – the dazzling Amourous Ava.
Day four – international burlesque costumier to the stars, Flo Foxworthy
Day five – she’s a stunner! It’s Leda Petit.
Day six – it’s the fabulous Coney Bow.
Day seven – is the sassy Sugar Spanx.
Day eight – it’s Miss Pinup NZ 2014 – Miss Victory Violet.
Day nine – is the incomparable Lilly Loca.
Day ten – she’s sassy, smart and funny – she’s Miss Monique Sweet.
Day eleven – a gorgeous “raw” image of Duchess deBerry.
Day twelve – the effervescent Lady Kittyhawk.
Day thirteen – the marvellous Miss Mollie Tov.
Day fourteen – it’s the grand dame, Miss Chevious Cinders.
Day fifteen – the spectacular Bonita Danger Doll.
Day sixteen – the delightful Pixie Twist.
Day seventeen – the sassy MisRed Delicious.
Day eighteen – the delicious Ruby Spice.
Day nineteen – the incredible Miss Anthropy.
Day twenty – the beautiful Sweet Painted Lady.
Day twenty-one – old-style glamour with Amber La Vintage.
Day twenty-two – it’s the stunning Soda Fontaine.
Day twenty-three – is the sexy alt model Bettie Rage.
Day twenty-four – the glorious Trillian.
Day twenty-five – the lovely Miss Christmas Day, aka Miss Charlotte Cake.
Day twenty-six – it’s burlesquin’ superwoman, Ruby Ruin.
Day twenty-seven – it’s the sassy and sexy Alegra Fantail.
Day twenty-eight – it’s petite singer and designer, Honey L’Amour.
Day twenty-nine – the gorgeous, newly-married Miss Bettsy Rose Lee.
Day thirty – it’s Mumpty!
Day thirty-one – Pinup December roundup.
Pinup December – donation – Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust – click here.
Pinup December – donation – SPCA – click here.

Final Pinup December

Well that’s the end of Pinup December …

MumptyStyle Flipagram

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing women who agreed to take part in Pinup December … I feel so honoured that you all said yes and I hope you’ve enjoyed this feature as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together!

I’m so proud of the awesome mix of women and amazed at all their incredible achievements this year.  To commemorate the end of Pinup December, I have put together this little Flipagram of all of you gorgeous ladies – simply click Venus’s image above and enjoy!

And now – the charity draw …
I have made an executive decision … because Pinup December was so popular and because I am feeling so dammed happy, I have decided to make two $50 donations.  One will go to the SPCA as so many of you chose this charity – and it’s certainly very well-deserving of a donation.

MumptyStyle Pinup December SPCA

So, bearing that in mind, I put the other charity names into a hat, and I drew out …

The Westpac Helicopter Rescue (Waikato)

MumptyStyle Westpac Rescue Helicopter

Congratulations Miss Chevious Cinders!!!!

When I get back from my blogging break, I will post a copy of the receipts so it’s all on the up-and-up!

Again … a MASSIVE thank you to all the incredibly talented, sparkly and wonderful Pinup December ladies.  Would you mind if I tapped you on the shoulder again for a Pinup December 2015?!

MumptyStyle Glitter Hearts

Ever so much love …






Pinup December: Mumpty

Pinup December – Mumpty

MumptyStyle Pukemiro
Image by David Rowe Photography

Well, would you look at that … here I am on Pinup December! I hadn’t planned to be, but then I decided I have a lot to be proud of and grateful for this year, so here I am!

What Mumpty is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “Like many of the other girls that have taken part in Pinup December, there have been so many things I’ve been proud of in 2014 … my daughter turned ten this year and she is still the most amazing little creature I know and I love her like you wouldn’t believe.  Her achievements well outweigh mine and I love watching her grow and develop her cheeky personality! 

I am also really proud that I FINALLY created my blog ( – I’ve always loved to write and had been meaning to create a blog for so long, but for some reason, kept finding excuses not to start.  Finally I decided it “was time” and so far I am absolutely loving having this little space to write in and it makes my little heart swell when people actually read what I write and enjoy it!  I am super-proud of my Pinup December feature – mostly because of all the incredible women who agreed to be a part of it – I appreciate it SOOOO much.  

And I’m also sneakily proud that I came runner-up for Miss January in Vintage Life Magazine’s competition; I am Miss March in the Classics Museum Pinup Calendar 2015 and Miss December in the Cheesecake Pinup Calendar 2015.

I’ve also loved being a part of the burlesque community and have met some amazing women who I’m proud to call friends; their creativity and their showgirl antics are a joy to be a part of!!!”

MumptyStyle Lutece Mumpty
Image by Myra Bayly, Lutece Photography

Also … I would like to thank Miss Monique Sweet who is SOOOOO supportive of my blogging efforts – she always adds to my little ideas and makes them better!

Mumpty’s charity of choice … is the SPCA.

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Love …



Pinup December: Miss Bettsy Rose Lee

Pinup December – Miss Bettsy Rose Lee

MumptyStyle Miss Bettsy Rose Lee
Image by Brooke Baker – Photo taker, magic maker

This gorgeous pinup/burlesque performer is the recently-married and fresh-back-from-her-honeymoon, Miss Bettsy Rose Lee.  I’d like to wish her and her husband a happy and sparkly marriage and all the love in the world!  I’m so pleased to feature Miss Bettsy Rose Lee here on Pinup December.

What Miss Bettsy Rose Lee is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “Winning two Golden Garters at this year’s New Zealand Burlesque Festival was a huge shock and honour, especially the award for Favourite Routine!

I was also thrilled with the productions I have been involved in creating this year. Three successful Crazy Diamond Burlesque shows at the mighty Meteor Theatre here in Glamilton which I co-produced with my two best friends and of course, the biggest production of my life – my wedding!  (Click here to read about her Hen’s Night – Mumpty)

Bettsy’s Christmas memory: coming home from Midnight Mass to discover that Santa had been and being allowed to open my presents at about 1am!  Brilliant really, as we all got to sleep in on Christmas morning!”

Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s charity of choice … is Nvader.

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Love …



Pinup December: Honey L’Amour

Pinup December – Honey L’Amour

MumptyStyle Honey
Image by Miss T Pinups

She’s petite, sweet and has the voice of an angel … she’s Honey L’Amour, and I’m thrilled to have her here on Pinup December.

What Honey is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “After taking a few years off from my clothing label to focus on being a new mum, this year I managed to find the balance!  I re-branded my label Honey L’Amour (previously known as Brigette Boop Couture) and launched a new collection which has had a great response and got my name back out there as a designer.

But I would have to say that what I am most proud of this year is watching my daughter Belle (who turned two this year) grow from a baby into an incredible, loving, creative, imaginative, strong-willed little lady.”

Honey’s Christmas memories … “I am part of a huge, spread out family, so for me Christmas time is the family season.  It is the only time of year that most of us gather together and catch up on the stories of our lives.

This Christmas is particularly special for me because it is the first one where my daughter is starting to understand what is happening.  But, like me, she is more excited about seeing all the family than she is about the presents.  I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and all she wanted was flowers.  So we went to the garden centre, filled a trolley with plants, and on Christmas we are going to plant a garden together.”

And there’s more!  Honey L’Amour is a woman of many talents; she’s a singer, a pinup model, a hair and makeup artist and a designer … phew!  This year, as she said above, Honey has focused on her design career and this has resulted in an absolutely beautiful collection called “Tiki Time.”  Honey’s been dreaming of summer; fruit cocktails, palm trees and tiki parties!  The Tiki Time collection was inspired by 1950’s American tiki culture and is a beautiful mix of tropical prints, parrots, leopard print, hula girls and palm trees.  Check out some of her gorgeous mix and match pieces below – you can see the full range and purchase via her website – click here.  (All images by Linda Radosinska.)  What a great way to spend your Christmas money!

Honey’s charity of choice … SAFE for Animals.

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Pinup December: Alegra Fantail

Pinup December – Alegra Fantail

MumptyStyle Alegra Fantail
Image by Shifting Light Photography

I had the pleasure of watching the beautiful Alegra Fantail perform recently at The Nivara Lounge and what a stunning performer she is … she had the crowd on the edge of their seats with her cheeky and sassy act.  I’m very, very pleased to feature her here on Pinup December.

What Alegra Fantail is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “Proudest moments?   Collaborating with a talented group of artists and releasing Blue Sapphire Electroswing Collective to the world last summer. It is a burlesque electroswing set, with lots of fun and tease – of course!

Alegra Fantail’s charity of choice … KASM – Kiwis Against Seabed Mining … “being a West Coast girl, the ocean is my sanctuary.”

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Love …



Pinup December: Ruby Ruin

Pinup December – Ruby Ruin 

MumptyStyle Ruby Ruin
Image by Sarah Barlow Imagery

Wow … Ruby Ruin is a busy and motivated lady … check out what she’s achieved in just one year!  I am extremely proud to have this stunning burlesquin’ superwoman on Pinup December!

What Ruby Ruin is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “This year really has been a year of all years, so it’s hard to mention just one thing that I’m proud of this year – because really, I’m proud of the entire year!  It’s been one of those dream years that you get to the end of and pinch yourself to make sure it wasn’t all a dream … haha!

The highlight reel for the year – in as few words as possible goes like this: I travelled to the USA for the Show Me Burlesque Festival and toured America & Canada; I also performed in both the Australian Burlesque Festival Show in Canberra and the Perth International Burlesque Festival plus I watched the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Vegas on my birthday – all up I was away for 2.5 months!!

I‘ve had some amazing shows with my burlesque partner in crime, Bonita Danger Doll, and our company Tease & Trouble Productions; I got to present a new act which I am incredibly proud of at The New Zealand Burlesque Festival; I won
an International Recognition Award, Favourite Costume and  Favourite Producers (Tease & Trouble Productions) at the Golden Garters Awards for The New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2014;  I’ve just finished 12 weeks of travelling across the country to perform all over the place; I started a new direction with my label Ruination (I’ve added photography and makeup which has been awesome and a lot of fun) and I created Nillionaires Club to raise funds for my fellow starving artists after the struggle of coming up with funding for my overseas trip.  Phewwwww!!!  

I am sure there are many more smaller things that I achieved career-wise, but those would definitely be the highlights for me.

MumptyStyle Ruby Ruin 2

On a personal note, I married the love of my life and we bought a caravan … as I type this James literally just looked at me and said “baby, we are living the dream!!”  We are exceptionally lucky … I think when you find that person in life who supports you and shares common dreams, achieving them comes faster than you ever thought possible.

I’m really looking forward to what next year will bring!!

Ruby’s Christmas memories … “Christmas really is a special time of year – not for the presents – because I really don’t believe in gifting because it is what is expected (I like to gift randomly and unexpectedly), but for the time with family and the reflecting on the year that was;  celebrating what was and what will be.

My favourite Christmas memory is when I was little … I don’t come from a wealthy family and my parents couldn’t really afford to buy Christmas presents so they would hand make everything.  The year in particular that is my favourite is the year both my sister and I got a giant doll with scraggly hair.  My mum had made clothes and accessories for them and wrapped them all separately – we had a lot of fun discovering all the things she had made to go with our dolls and we played with them A LOT!  It’s really not about the money you spend, but the thought and love behind the gift when you give it.

I hope you and everyone who reads your blog has a fabulous Christmas with “frailly” (friends, family and the friends who become family) – much love!”

Ruby Ruin’s charity of choice … is the Dogwatch Sanctuary Trust in Christchurch because they are awesome and do awesome work!

Check out Ruby’s social media haunts – she’s a busy lady; there are lots of them!

Ruby Ruin
Public Shows / Private Functions / Corporate Events / Burlesque Parties / Event Management

Ruby Ruin’s School of Burlesque
Dance Fitness / Burlesque Classes / Private Lessons / Boxfit Babes / Personal Training

Ruination Ltd
Photography / Hair & Makeup / Fashion Design / Costume Design

Nillionaires Club

Tease & Trouble Productions

Grand Tease New Zealand

Burlesquercise New Zealand

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Love …



Pinup December: Miss Charlotte Cake

Pinup December – Miss Charlotte Cake (aka Miss Christmas Day!)

MumptyStyle Charlotte Cake
Image by Zandy J Photography

I am ever so happy to have the fabulous Miss Charlotte Cake here on Pinup December.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing the wonderful, personalised cakes she has been making and talking about on her blog in her “Baking with a Pinup” series.  So cool.

***** Oh and by the way … MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE … LOVE MUMPTY! xoxoxoxoxox  And a big THANK YOU to Miss Charlotte Cake for being Miss Christmas Day! *****

What Miss Charlotte Cake is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “I am so proud to finally say that I have an amazing job, an awesome house, and the most supportive partner all at once!  Honestly, 2014 has been an incredibly rough year for me with so many lows and so many highs … it’s really liberating to finally feel like I’m in a place in my life where everything is going my way!!”

Miss Charlotte Cake’s Christmas memories … “I’ve always made egg-nog on Christmas Eve … its kinda my traditional thing to do.  Anyways, one year when I was living at home I went about my usually egg-nog-making business and popped it in the fridge to cool overnight. I was so excited to try it on Christmas morning that I woke up super early before my mum or sisters were up and snuck into the kitchen and started drinking it before anyone else could get any.  Let’s just say that I made it super-alcoholic that year and my family woke up to find me drunk on the couch impatiently waiting for everyone to open my Christmas presents! It’s still a huge joke that we talk about every Christmas 🙂 !”

Miss Charlotte Cake’s charity of choice … the SPCA – “because I am literally an animal whisperer and can’t live without my little furry/feathery friends.”

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Pinup December: Trillian

Pinup December – Trillian

MumptyStyle Trillian
Image by Gem Shot Photography

Trillian has had an incredible year this year and has achieved some pretty huge accolades in the burlesque world … it’s so exciting to have her here on Pinup December.  And congratulations, Trillian, on your recent wedding.  May you have a long, happy and sparkly marriage!

What Trillian is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “Well, I’ve been up to some pretty exciting things this year. There are a few huge standout moments though.  My partner in sparkly crime (Dahlia Dangerous) is the other half of The Ballet School Dropouts – we were invited to compete in Baby Bombshells at the Australian Burlesque Festival in June. That was a huge buzz for us and a fantastic international debut.

Myself … I managed to get invited to perform in the 12th annual New York Burlesque Festival … believe me I was in denial for ages!!! I performed at the final event, which was the Golden Pastie Awards ceremony, alongside such amazing performers as Perle Noire, Gin Minsky, Calamity Chang and legend Val Valentine!  Jo Boobs was in the front row!!!  Fangirl overload!!!

Back home of course, the cherry on top of my year was winning Queen of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival. That was a huge achievement for me – I won Duchess last year but I had absolutely no gauge as to how I’d stack up this time around.  I will admit, I cried when they said my name.”

Trillian’s charity of choice … (in her own words) “I’ll go with the good old Cancer Society with their funky daffodils. My Dad passed away from intestinal cancer in 2006 and they were sooooooooooo helpful to us in the few weeks leading up to his death.  Even chartering a small plane to fly him home and organising a hospital bed for him when he got there.  Unfortunately he died before all that could be done but I had no idea they would do that kind of stuff for people.”

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Pinup December: Bettie Rage

Pinup December – Bettie Rage

MumptyStyle Bettie Rage
Bettie Rage – image by Miss T Pinups; H&MU by Bettie Rage, wardrobe by Bombshell Clothing

Bettie Rage is a pinup, alt and tattoo model from Glamilton, NZ – she’s sassy, sexy, edgy and … her image is appearing all over the place!  I’m very pleased to have her here on Pinup December.

What Bettie is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “Becoming a published pinup 🙂

I had a three-page spread in the Flawless Pinups edition of Australian magazine Red Lipstick Pinups.  I became the face of Bombshell Clothing and I’m on a giant Billboard on SH1 outside the Jukebox Diner!”

Bettie’s Christmas memories … (in her own words) “Watching White Christmas and the Holiday Inn with my muma every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. I have to listen to Bing Crosby every year now for it to really feel like Christmas.

Bettie’s charity of choice … PAWS/SPCA

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