Pinup December: Leda Petit

Pinup December – Leda Petit

MumptyStyle LedaPetit
Let them eat cake – image of Leda Petit by James Yang.

When the extremely beautiful Leda Petit sent me this image for Pinup December, I actually squealed with delight!  Isn’t she simply divine?!

What Leda is most proud of this year (in her own words) …
The bittersweet close to my monthly club night Electrique Burlesque. Almost three years of weird and wonderful burlesque that pushed boundaries and explored ideas that were outside the classic style.  I co-produced the show with the wonderful Barney McDonald and over those three years we had collaborations with electro-pop icon Zowie, as well as some of the best neo-burlesque performances in NZ and – I have been told from visiting Australians – Australasia. It was a party, a community, a crazy club kid family and I will miss it. I feel like it transformed my ideas of what constitutes a “good” burlesque act, challenged me continually and helped me to become a more accomplished performer.”

Leda’s charity of choice … is Chained Dog Awareness (CDANZ).  (In her own words) “I have spent most of this year as a foster carer for this completely non-profit organisation and I cannot speak highly enough of the work they do. They rely completely on donations, foster carers and volunteers to do their work, which includes educating owners to make better lives for their dogs, accepting relinquished chained pets and rehabilitating them so they can find new homes where they can live their lives off leash and in comfort; rehabilitating life-chained dogs so they can be functioning members of canine society, offering free de-sexing services to families who may not be able to afford it and much, much more. They work tirelessly to make life for these life-chained animals better and they do an incredible job.

Join Leda Petit on Facebook: click here.

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Love …



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