Pinup December: Coney Bow

Pinup December – Coney Bow

MumptyStyle Coney Bow
Image by InkBlot Photo

As well as having an envious career as a burlesque performer, Coney Bow is also an accomplished jazz and vintage dance styles performer; not to mention having her own production company.  I’m pretty proud to have this fabulous dancer here on Pinup December.

What Coney Bow is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “In 2014 I finally took the time to focus on my solo burlesque career.  The past few years I had left it aside to concentrate on my dance company Pineapple Productions and my teaching, and didn’t perform any of my burlesque acts for 18 months. This year I decided it was enough; I was missing it too much. So I went for it, and it paid off!

I ended up performing my Green Chair act at the Australian Burlesque Festival, the Ottawa Burlesque festival (Canada) and the New Zealand Burlesque Festival.  

It was so thrilling to be part of those events – I learned so much! And … the cherry on top of an awesome burlesque year, I got crowned Duchess of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival!

Coney Bow’s charity of choice … is the Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Visit her website: click here.

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