Pinup December: Lilly Loca

Pinup December – Lilly Loca 

MumptyStyle Lilly Loca
Image by Rachael Sherlock Photography. Makeup by Black Diamond Makeup. Fans by Flo Foxworthy.

OMG – this, ladies and gentlemen, is Lilly Loca.  Is she, or is she not, the Yummiest Mummy you’ve ever seen??!!!!  Lilly is a showgirl and producer extraordinaire and I’m thrilled to have her beautiful image on Pinup December.

What Lilly is most proud of this year (in her own words) …
“The thing I’m most proud of this year would have to be becoming a mum. My husband and I have been married seven years and he’s wanted kids for a while, but because of my career (being a performer means my body is one of my main tools!) I wasn’t keen to have them too early.  

Then suddenly, just before my big show ‘Voix de Ville’, a switch suddenly flicked and the maternal instinct took over.  We found out I was pregnant early January, and after a wonderful (but LONG!) pregnancy, I gave birth to our little girl, Aria Isobelle, on September 23rd at National Woman’s.

Words cannot describe the overwhelming and incredible love that a mother feels for a child.  I love her so much. She’s ten weeks old now and I have no idea where time has gone!”

Lilly’s charity of choice … is SPCA.

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Love …



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