Pinup December: Duchess deBerry

Pinup December – Duchess deBerry

MumptyStyle Duchess DeBerry
Image by Jocelyn Janon

In a bit of a departure from the standard pinup/burlesque theme for Pinup December, The Duchess has asked that I share this raw and may I say, completely beautiful, image of her.  Read on to find out why …

What Duchess deBerry is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “The photo I’m submitting isn’t a traditional “pinup” but it’s a RAW photo from my latest shoot. I would like you to please consider using it despite the lack of hair and makeup, because I think there’s more to being a pinup/performer than just what you put on, and that’s something I only recently learned.

This year has been a year full of huge changes in both my personal and professional life.  My greatest accomplishment was only recently, but I’m not any less proud of it.  I regained my sense of self.  I’d been drifting into some sort of strange mindset, thinking I wasn’t good enough or pretty enough or smart enough; just not enough in general. But I snapped myself out of it, when I decided that no one is responsible for my personal happiness except myself, and that every day I must CHOOSE to be happy, to succeed, to push myself and to grow into a better version of myself. Not to become like anyone, but to become my own inspiration.”

The Duchess’s charity of choice … is Kids Can.

Join Duchess deBerry on Facebook: click here.

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Love …



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