Pinup December: Miss Mollie Tov

Pinup December – Miss Mollie Tov

MumptyStyle Miss Mollie Tov
Photo by Miss T Pinups. Hair and makeup by Miss Mollie Tov

Next up on Mumpty’s Pinup December is local Glamilton gal, Miss Mollie Tov.  Watch out for her in 2015 …

What Miss Mollie Tov is most proud of this year (in her own words) … “For me the biggest achievement this year is having some of whom, I consider, the biggest names in the pinup and  burlesque world recognise me … especially Von Vonski when she recognised my name when I attended Pin Up Bootcamp in September – that just made my day 🙂   Also, getting to do a mini shoot with Miss T Pinups which is something I have always wanted to do.”

Christmas memories and traditions … “for me I love Christmas and the one thing I must have is a real Christmas tree with all the special decorations that I have been given by my family over the years – it’s a tradition for Mum & Dad to give me and my siblings a new decoration each year.

Miss Mollie Tov’s charity of choice … Kids Can.

Join Miss Mollie Tov on Facebook: click here.
Follow her on Instagram: miss_mollie_tov

AND DON’T FORGET … you can get 15% off your purchase at Flo Foxworthy Costumier from now until the end of the year – just enter the code mumpty at checkout. 

Love …



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