Pinup December: Miss Chevious Cinders

Pinup December – Miss Chevious Cinders

MumptyStyle MissCheviousCinders
Image by Sam Wheeler

Aaaaah … it’s so wonderful to have The Grand Dame of NZ Burlesque, Miss Chevious Cinders, here on Pinup December. Miss Chevious Cinders was recently awarded a “Groupie” award for basically being everywhere that burlesque is – and what a well-deserved award it was too!

What Cindy is most proud of this year … her performance (pictured above) at the Promenade event of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival.  She’s also very proud of her trip to Melbourne for the Australian Burlesque Festival in June and for attending a workshop with Coco Lectric.

Cindy’s charity of choice … Rescue Helicopter Service

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Love …



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