Pinup December: Pixie Twist

Pinup December – Pixie Twist

MumptyStyle Pixie Twist
Image by David Rowe Photography

Aaaaah … “The Pixie!”  This petite performer has burst onto the Glamilton burlesque (and beyond!) scene this year in a big way.  She is controversial, sultry and sexy and I’m very pleased to have her here on Pinup December.

What Pixie Twist is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “This year I am most proud of the standing ovation I received when I performed my **** (word that Mumpty doesn’t use on her blog, rhyming with “hunt”!) routine at Crazy Diamond Burlesque. I’m always nervous about that routine because its theme hits close to home and can push people’s buttons, so I’m never convinced that people will “get it.”  To receive that kind of support was beyond humbling. I had a wee cry backstage afterwards!”

I’m also really proud that I was asked to perform with The Pretty Things Peepshow in Glamilton during their NZ tour. I debuted a new routine, busted out an old favourite and had an amazing time!”

Pixie Twist’s Christmas memories … “My favourite Christmas memory is of my Grandma. It was the last Christmas we had together before she died and she had been really sick – but even when she wasn’t well she was always impeccably presented. I got some of those silly “shutter shades”  as a joke present and she put them on and got totally trolleyed- with her hair set all perfectly and her fancy threads on!  My Grandma could make anything look stylish!”

Pixie Twist’s charity of choice … Mastiff Breeds Rescue and Rehome Charitable Trust.

Join Pixie Twist on Facebook: click here.

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Love …



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