Pinup December: Trillian

Pinup December – Trillian

MumptyStyle Trillian
Image by Gem Shot Photography

Trillian has had an incredible year this year and has achieved some pretty huge accolades in the burlesque world … it’s so exciting to have her here on Pinup December.  And congratulations, Trillian, on your recent wedding.  May you have a long, happy and sparkly marriage!

What Trillian is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “Well, I’ve been up to some pretty exciting things this year. There are a few huge standout moments though.  My partner in sparkly crime (Dahlia Dangerous) is the other half of The Ballet School Dropouts – we were invited to compete in Baby Bombshells at the Australian Burlesque Festival in June. That was a huge buzz for us and a fantastic international debut.

Myself … I managed to get invited to perform in the 12th annual New York Burlesque Festival … believe me I was in denial for ages!!! I performed at the final event, which was the Golden Pastie Awards ceremony, alongside such amazing performers as Perle Noire, Gin Minsky, Calamity Chang and legend Val Valentine!  Jo Boobs was in the front row!!!  Fangirl overload!!!

Back home of course, the cherry on top of my year was winning Queen of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival. That was a huge achievement for me – I won Duchess last year but I had absolutely no gauge as to how I’d stack up this time around.  I will admit, I cried when they said my name.”

Trillian’s charity of choice … (in her own words) “I’ll go with the good old Cancer Society with their funky daffodils. My Dad passed away from intestinal cancer in 2006 and they were sooooooooooo helpful to us in the few weeks leading up to his death.  Even chartering a small plane to fly him home and organising a hospital bed for him when he got there.  Unfortunately he died before all that could be done but I had no idea they would do that kind of stuff for people.”

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