Pinup December: Ruby Ruin

Pinup December – Ruby Ruin 

MumptyStyle Ruby Ruin
Image by Sarah Barlow Imagery

Wow … Ruby Ruin is a busy and motivated lady … check out what she’s achieved in just one year!  I am extremely proud to have this stunning burlesquin’ superwoman on Pinup December!

What Ruby Ruin is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “This year really has been a year of all years, so it’s hard to mention just one thing that I’m proud of this year – because really, I’m proud of the entire year!  It’s been one of those dream years that you get to the end of and pinch yourself to make sure it wasn’t all a dream … haha!

The highlight reel for the year – in as few words as possible goes like this: I travelled to the USA for the Show Me Burlesque Festival and toured America & Canada; I also performed in both the Australian Burlesque Festival Show in Canberra and the Perth International Burlesque Festival plus I watched the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Vegas on my birthday – all up I was away for 2.5 months!!

I‘ve had some amazing shows with my burlesque partner in crime, Bonita Danger Doll, and our company Tease & Trouble Productions; I got to present a new act which I am incredibly proud of at The New Zealand Burlesque Festival; I won
an International Recognition Award, Favourite Costume and  Favourite Producers (Tease & Trouble Productions) at the Golden Garters Awards for The New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2014;  I’ve just finished 12 weeks of travelling across the country to perform all over the place; I started a new direction with my label Ruination (I’ve added photography and makeup which has been awesome and a lot of fun) and I created Nillionaires Club to raise funds for my fellow starving artists after the struggle of coming up with funding for my overseas trip.  Phewwwww!!!  

I am sure there are many more smaller things that I achieved career-wise, but those would definitely be the highlights for me.

MumptyStyle Ruby Ruin 2

On a personal note, I married the love of my life and we bought a caravan … as I type this James literally just looked at me and said “baby, we are living the dream!!”  We are exceptionally lucky … I think when you find that person in life who supports you and shares common dreams, achieving them comes faster than you ever thought possible.

I’m really looking forward to what next year will bring!!

Ruby’s Christmas memories … “Christmas really is a special time of year – not for the presents – because I really don’t believe in gifting because it is what is expected (I like to gift randomly and unexpectedly), but for the time with family and the reflecting on the year that was;  celebrating what was and what will be.

My favourite Christmas memory is when I was little … I don’t come from a wealthy family and my parents couldn’t really afford to buy Christmas presents so they would hand make everything.  The year in particular that is my favourite is the year both my sister and I got a giant doll with scraggly hair.  My mum had made clothes and accessories for them and wrapped them all separately – we had a lot of fun discovering all the things she had made to go with our dolls and we played with them A LOT!  It’s really not about the money you spend, but the thought and love behind the gift when you give it.

I hope you and everyone who reads your blog has a fabulous Christmas with “frailly” (friends, family and the friends who become family) – much love!”

Ruby Ruin’s charity of choice … is the Dogwatch Sanctuary Trust in Christchurch because they are awesome and do awesome work!

Check out Ruby’s social media haunts – she’s a busy lady; there are lots of them!

Ruby Ruin
Public Shows / Private Functions / Corporate Events / Burlesque Parties / Event Management

Ruby Ruin’s School of Burlesque
Dance Fitness / Burlesque Classes / Private Lessons / Boxfit Babes / Personal Training

Ruination Ltd
Photography / Hair & Makeup / Fashion Design / Costume Design

Nillionaires Club

Tease & Trouble Productions

Grand Tease New Zealand

Burlesquercise New Zealand

AND DON’T FORGET … you can get 15% off your purchase at Flo Foxworthy Costumier from now until the end of the year – just enter the code mumpty at checkout. 

Love …



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