Pinup December: Mumpty

MumptyStyle Pukemiro
Image by David Rowe Photography

Well, would you look at that … here I am on Pinup December! I hadn’t planned to be, but then I decided I have a lot to be proud of and grateful for this year, so here I am!

What Mumpty is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “Like many of the other girls that have taken part in Pinup December, there have been so many things I’ve been proud of in 2014 … my daughter turned ten this year and she is still the most amazing little creature I know and I love her like you wouldn’t believe.  Her achievements well outweigh mine and I love watching her grow and develop her cheeky personality! 

I am also really proud that I FINALLY created my blog ( – I’ve always loved to write and had been meaning to create a blog for so long, but for some reason, kept finding excuses not to start.  Finally I decided it “was time” and so far I am absolutely loving having this little space to write in and it makes my little heart swell when people actually read what I write and enjoy it!  I am super-proud of my Pinup December feature – mostly because of all the incredible women who agreed to be a part of it – I appreciate it SOOOO much.  

And I’m also sneakily proud that I came runner-up for Miss January in Vintage Life Magazine’s competition; I am Miss March in the Classics Museum Pinup Calendar 2015 and Miss December in the Cheesecake Pinup Calendar 2015.

I’ve also loved being a part of the burlesque community and have met some amazing women who I’m proud to call friends; their creativity and their showgirl antics are a joy to be a part of!!!”

MumptyStyle Lutece Mumpty
Image by Myra Bayly, Lutece Photography

Also … I would like to thank Miss Monique Sweet who is SOOOOO supportive of my blogging efforts – she always adds to my little ideas and makes them better!

Mumpty’s charity of choice … is the SPCA.

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AND DON’T FORGET … you can get 15% off your purchase at Flo Foxworthy Costumier from now until the end of the year – just enter the code mumpty at checkout. 

Love …



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