Pinup December links

MumptyStyle Venus_Starr
Venus Starr

If you don’t know about Mumpty’s Pinup December, you are in for a treat. A stunning pinup, burlesque performer or alt model every day for December; what’s made them proud this year and a charity of their choice. Click on the links below for each individual Pinup December model’s page.

First up is the entirely spectacular Venus Starr.
And day two – the gorgeous Azure D’Murre.
Day three – the dazzling Amourous Ava.
Day four – international burlesque costumier to the stars, Flo Foxworthy
Day five – she’s a stunner! It’s Leda Petit.
Day six – it’s the fabulous Coney Bow.
Day seven – is the sassy Sugar Spanx.
Day eight – it’s Miss Pinup NZ 2014 – Miss Victory Violet.
Day nine – is the incomparable Lilly Loca.
Day ten – she’s sassy, smart and funny – she’s Miss Monique Sweet.
Day eleven – a gorgeous “raw” image of Duchess deBerry.
Day twelve – the effervescent Lady Kittyhawk.
Day thirteen – the marvellous Miss Mollie Tov.
Day fourteen – it’s the grand dame, Miss Chevious Cinders.
Day fifteen – the spectacular Bonita Danger Doll.
Day sixteen – the delightful Pixie Twist.
Day seventeen – the sassy MisRed Delicious.
Day eighteen – the delicious Ruby Spice.
Day nineteen – the incredible Miss Anthropy.
Day twenty – the beautiful Sweet Painted Lady.
Day twenty-one – old-style glamour with Amber La Vintage.
Day twenty-two – it’s the stunning Soda Fontaine.
Day twenty-three – is the sexy alt model Bettie Rage.
Day twenty-four – the glorious Trillian.
Day twenty-five – the lovely Miss Christmas Day, aka Miss Charlotte Cake.
Day twenty-six – it’s burlesquin’ superwoman, Ruby Ruin.
Day twenty-seven – it’s the sassy and sexy Alegra Fantail.
Day twenty-eight – it’s petite singer and designer, Honey L’Amour.
Day twenty-nine – the gorgeous, newly-married Miss Bettsy Rose Lee.
Day thirty – it’s Mumpty!
Day thirty-one – Pinup December roundup.
Pinup December – donation – Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust – click here.
Pinup December – donation – SPCA – click here.

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