MumptyLoves 27/02/2015

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 27/02/2015

PeoniesWell, well, well – it’s been quite a while since I did a MumptyLoves so I thought now would be a good time to pop one in!

Actually, you may have found my blog has been a little on the quiet side lately, but never fear … I am busily working away behind the scenes and March promises to be a cracker – I promise!  I will reveal all soon …

♥ My new Nude by Nature lipstick in Demure

Nude by Nature DemureSome might say, the perfect nude.  I copied this from the lovely Kirsty of Makeup Obsessives fame, and I am very pleased I did.  It’s fab and in my opinion, a girl can never really have too many nudes now can she?! 

♥  Designer Brands – Hi-Lights Illuminator

MumptyStyle DB Illuminator
This is a great little illuminator I got for free in my goodie bag from the Makeup Obsessives Meet-up (which you can read about here) – I’ve never used one before, but it’s lovely – it just catches the light really nicely and gives you a little glowy highlight on your cheekbones – if you know me, you’ll know I have quite a round face, so it’s nice to have some definition on the old cheek bones!

♥ Nina Proudman – from “Offspring”

MumptyStyle Nina Offspring

I LOVE Nina – she’s hilarious.  I love her style, her laugh, her facials – everything.  But particularly – her style.  It is SO fantastic – so very far away from anything that would suit me personally, but I love it all the same.  Actually, I read an interview with Nina recently (well, the actress who plays Nina anyway!) and it said that her “style” is almost another character in the programme.  Seriously – it’s that good.  If you haven’t watched Offspring – you must!  And … Google her fashion.  You’re welcome.

♥ The Evelyn dress in yellow and black vintage floral print by Pinup Girl Clothing …

MumptyStyle PUG Evelyn

I got this dress for Christmas and for some reason I kept putting off wearing it as I felt it was too long for me and needed to be taken up.  Anyway, I tried it on the other day and I don’t know what I was thinking – the length is fine!  So I’ve been wearing it – and I love it.  So feminine … although probably one of my more OTT dresses for work!  One thing I did find I needed to do with it though was to remove the velvet bow on the bodice and move it up to the top of the bodice.  That way I can wear a wide-ish belt with it, which I find I need to do as it nips in my waist and counters the fullness of the skirt.  Anyone else done that to their Evelyn?

♥ These cushions …

MumptyStyle Oui Non

Hahaaa … talk about confusing!

♥ LUSH Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser
MumptyStyle LUSH Angels on Bare SkinThis stuff is brilliant – brilliant I say!  You just pull a little bit of the kind of clay-like product away; add a bit of water to make it into a paste and then massage it in to your skin.  Rinse off and voilá … soft, dreamily clean skin!

♥ The obligatory Louboutins …
Yes – it’s time for another pair of Louboutins … because, well, I can!  These are the Corafronts and I would VERY MUCH LOVE to have a pair in my wardrobe.  I’m a sucker for red and black, I’m a sucker for hearts and I’m a sucker for patent.  So really – I actually need them don’t I – it’s not just that I want them!

Louboutin Corafront


And while we’re talking about Louboutins … I found this recently and I think it’s great – and true.

Flip Flops Louboutins

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …




How to hand-wash your PUG Jenny dress

How to hand-wash your PUG Jenny dresses …

MumptyStyle PUG Jenny Cherry Border Print

The Jenny dress by Pinup Girl Clothing (PUG) is probably my MOST favourite dress EVER – I currently have four of them; the Neverland Jenny, the Cherry Border print Jenny – shown above – the Snow White Jenny and the Mary Blair Commuters Print Jenny.  I also have the Dancing Horses Jenny skirt and next on my list is the Jenny dress in purple (which has now sold out and has thus become my “unicorn” dress!

So … I’d worn this Jenny dress above a few times and she was getting a bit dusty and just didn’t feel quite as “fresh” as she did originally.  So I decided to give her a wash.  Please note, the care instructions on the Jenny dresses do say to dry-clean her, but honestly, I VERY rarely get anything dry-cleaned, and the Jenny doesn’t have fine lace or anything like that, so I couldn’t really see the necessity for dry-cleaning.  And let’s face it, when you can hand-wash her for free, why not?!

There are a couple of things you do need to be careful about with the Jenny dresses though – firstly,  the boning – you need to be very careful not to warp it or bend it in any way or you’ll just end up with a shapeless mess; and secondly, when I washed my Cherry Border print Jenny the first time, there was a reasonable amount of dye that came out, so maybe be a little bit more careful if you’re doing lighter prints or prints with a high contrast – i.e. maybe something that’s dark with a white lace trim or something.

How I washed my Jenny …
We have a shower-over-bath arrangement in our daughter’s shower so I lay the Jenny flat in the bath, wet her and then gave her a bit of scrub (using baby shampoo – don’t know if this is ideal, but that’s what I used!), paying particular attention to the underarms and the area around the gathered waist that seems to collect dust.

MumptyStyle Jenny washingOnce I was happy that she was clean, I got the shower head down and rinsed her with water until the soap bubbles went away and she seemed nice and clean and fresh.

Then I got her out and gently squeezed the excess water out – DO NOT WRING the bodice out or you’ll damage the boning.

Then I laid her on a towel and rolled her up in it …

MumptyStyle Jenny wash 2paying particular attention to NOT fold the boning in the bodice over – see how I’ve done it below – the bottom of the skirt is rolled up and the boned part is sitting flat – I then rolled the bottom roll over the top of the flat bit and then stood on it to get all the dampness out.

MumptyStyle PUG Jenny wash3After she was as dry as she was going to get in that towel, I took her out, smoothed her out as much as possible and then hung her on the coat hangar to dry.  Remember – you’ll need to use a fairly strong coat hangar, as the Jenny is quite a heavy dress – particularly when wet.  It may even be better to lie her flat while she dries, but this is the way I did it anyway!

MumptyStyle Jenny wash 4And by the way – yes, she is hanging in front of a heated towel rail, but it’s not turned on, so you certainly don’t need one of those!

My Jenny dress actually dried really fast so she was ready to go again the same afternoon!  It would have been even faster if I’d hung her on the line.

The Jenny is quite an ironing job though, let me say – with such a full skirt, you feel like you’re ironing FOREVER!  Oh well, I guess it’s a small price to pay for such a beautiful dress.

So how do you care for your PUG clothing?  Do you go to the expense of dry-cleaning, or do you DIY it like I do?

Love …




Doing, wanting, reading, loving # 2…

Doing, wanting, reading, eating, loving …

Another little round-up of what’s up!
Hands up
Today I thought I’d do another little round-up of what’s up in Mumpty’s thoughts/life … the last one I did is here.  So, here goes:

Doing: ♥ lots of blogging and writing stories – I am LOVING story-writing at the moment!   running our daughter round to various events and classes – and loving being a mummy while I’m at it   learning new and slightly scary stuff   making lists; smiling, laughing and just having fun!

Wanting: ♥ more petticoats (I currently have hot pink and red – I want black, white, baby blue, lemon, purple and green – to start off with!)  more Erstwilder brooches – mostly this little purple fox   Erstwilder foxthe Jenny dress  from Pinup Girl Clothing in purple   M.A.C Whirl  an occasion to wear my new Lime Crime Velvetine in Pansy, which I dramatically ordered from my MUO friend and then promptly wondered why the hell I’d done that!!!  But, it is beautiful … and it will actually go so well with that Erstwilder Lime Crime Pansyfox up there and the purple Jenny!  Check it out here – not really understated now is it?!   a little something from Louis Vuitton; my blog’s audience to continue slowly building like it has been (actually INSTANT success would’ve been better, but I’m happy with how it’s going!)   a Range Rover Evoque – STILL  Actually, a Lotto win would be good wouldn’t’ it?!  OK, I am going to stop there lest I sound shallow and materialistic (or is it too late?!)

Reading: I just finished “Common Ground” by Virginia Pawsey and Janice Marriott.  It’s an unusual book; essentially a series of letters between two old friends from school – the letters follow each other’s gardens and lives through a whole year.  It’s a lovely book and you can enjoy it even if you know NOTHING about gardening like me!  I do highly recommend it.   And I’ve re-read “The Other Boleyn Girl” because I am obsessed with Tudor history and I LOVE all of Philippa Gregory’s works and I could read that book over and over again – in fact, I have!  And I will continue to do so.

Eating/drinking: Lindauer Piccolos – (for dinner!)   carbonated water  Eggs Benedict at The Lilypad Cafe (one of my favourite cafes EVER)   soy lattes – why did I ever stop? any salads that have pasta in them – especially orzo ones (WHY am I such a carb lover?)  sweetcorn – as long as it’s good and none of the kernels have dried up   And I wish I didn’t have to add this, but the odd sneaky Cadbury Black Forest bar – because YUM!

Loving: pretty much everything mentioned in “doing” above but especially writing – I’m SOOO enjoying that;  Daylight Savings  sunsets;  cool mornings and sunny afternoons   fabulous interviews with amazing women (pssstt – I have some SUPER-EXCITING ones coming up)  the HILARIOUS things my two-year-old nephew comes up with  I entered a writing competition!!  I don’t even care if I get nowhere – it is a buzz just to have entered one!   long, curly eyelashes, courtesy of the Lilash I got for Christmas  my Book Club (read why you should join one here) surrounding myself with clever, sassy friends   quick pre-work coffees – they put me LV bearin the best mood for the day!  disillusionment – sometimes it can give you that kick you needed to make changes happen!   This bear – by Louis Vuitton – sooooo cool.

Sending all the love to:  Kalee, aka Amourous Ava – she has just released a zine called Pastie Politics  – congratulations Kalee – how CLEVER is she?!   A couple of friends of mine who have either lost parents very recently, or are going through the first anniversaries/birthdays since they died – you know who  you are, and I’m thinking of you.

Proud of:  our daughter – always   a new Facebook page I had a bit of input into; get yourself added to MUO Lifestyle and join the fun!   my sisters and my parents  Miss Monique Sweet, who put herself out of her comfort zone, entered Miss Moonshine 2015 and WON IT!  (Here she is  (below) with the fabulous Miss Ivy Fox.)  Look out for her in the Women’s Weekly soon  a little blog post I did that just happens to have received the most views my lil’ blog has ever had!  You can read it here (pssssst it’s about apps and Photoshop and are they ruining your self-esteem without you even knowing it?!)  

MumptyStyle MonSweet Miss Moonshine


Obsessed with:  Alexia Sinclair’s work – she is an utter GENIUS!  My favourite was always her Regal Twelve collection, but now her Rococo body of work is starting to edge The Regal Twelve out for me!

Grateful for: my family; my friends;  health success and happiness – for everyone  living in the country – all that space and fresh air is bliss plus all of the above!

Love …


Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day (and a few words from Mrs Jolie-Pitt) 

MumptyStyle Pink Hearts“Figure out who you are, separate from your family, and the man or woman you’re in a relationship with.
Find who you are in this world and what you need to feel good alone.
I think that’s the most important thing in life.
Find a sense of self, because with that, you can do anything else.”

Love and Valentine’s kisses …


Valentine’s Day for the new mum …

Valentine’s Day for the new mum …

MumptyStyle Nat
Lilly Loca and her gorgeous little girl, Ari.

Following on from yesterday’s post about Valetine’s Day for Pinups (read it here) I have since spoken to the fabulous Lilly Loca (she of the endlessly long legs!) and she has given me the following ideas for Valentine’s Day for new mums, which I thought were too good not to share!

Lilly wrote:  “Ok, as a mother of an infant, I want every once in a while to really feel feminine and beautiful (rather than looking like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards with a coffee in hand 90% of the time!) I also love to be taken out somewhere special. So here’s my list of what I think would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for a pinup mum” …

A spa experience – even if it’s just a massage, give the special person in your life a bit of time to indulge themselves – when you’re a mum, you tend to put everyone else before yourself.

Go out and buy her a pretty dress – together.  Yes, even if you HATE clothes shopping, this will show your true dedication to her by going through with it!  Say you’d like to buy her a beautiful dress for her to wear when you take her out for dinner.  Because you were there when the dress was chosen, it will mean so much more, plus it will make her feel like a million dollars.

MumptyStyle Lilly Loca
Does this look to you like a woman who has been dragged through a bush backwards? Hell no – that’s what I thought!

 Dinner for two – get someone to babysit and you two go and have a delicious dinner together.  Maybe get in touch with her bestie to ask for advice if you’re unsure of a place to dine, but choose a restaurant that you know both of you will enjoy.  Sorry, McDonald’s ain’t gonna cut it this time!

Ignore all of the above – get someone to babysit the kids away from home (hello Grandma and Grandpa!!) and spend some intimate time alone, just you two, kid-free.  Enjoy a nice movie, bubbles, take-out and a bit of “action” – hey, what better way to show your affection for each other than through some love-making?!

So there you have it … if you are a lucky gentleman who is attached to a new mum, you have NO EXCUSE not to make her feel like an absolute princess now!

Thank you Lilly Loca – I’m sure you will have helped a lot of new mums have a Very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love …



Valentines Day for Pinups

Valentine’s Day for Pinups …

MumptyStyle Marilyn ValentinesIt’s Valentine’s Day soon – and before you all sigh and roll your eyes, I thought I’d put together a little feature on Valentine’s gifts/treats for the pinup in your life.  And if you don’t currently have a “significant other” there may just be some ideas to treat yourself or someone else you love.

I’ve enlisted a little help from some friends, because ya’ know, two minds are better than one and all that jazz!

So … without further ado, here are some options:
MumptyStyle Erswilder A little something by Erstwilder … here is a picture of one that may just have arrived in my hot little hands yesterday!  And if you’re wondering, I bought it myself from Rita Sue.
A petticoat – I have bought a couple lately, so OK, they’re kinda on my mind!  But they’re soooo pretty and they do add that extra dimension to your pinup outfit.  A red one would be ideal hmmmm?!
♥ Put those little red, heart-shaped lollies that taste like aniseed in their lunch box with a handwritten note telling them how much you love them and why.  I do this for my partner and my daughter each year.
Miss Monique Sweet recommends purchasing the pinup in your life a gorgeous hoola hoop, and maybe a concession card for some classes she can attend.  Hooping classes are FUN.
And although I don’t like to show off (!!), I did write a Pinup Advent Calendar post before Christmas, and there’s a good chance you could steal one of those ideas too …
Book tickets to the Very Vintage Day Out.
Book her a lil’ session in the Pamper Parlour at the Very Vintage Day Out so she can get herself a nice vintage do!
Perhaps a little something from Honey L’Amour‘s Tiki Time range of gorgeous pinup designs? She very conveniently does vouchers too!
Hint from Mumpty – give the red roses a miss at this time of year; they’re too expensive and most pinups wear them in their hair all year round anyway!
Cupcake A slight cliche, but they do say cupcakes are the way to a pinup’s heart don’t they (or did I just make that up?!)
Pack a picnic and take her somewhere special – away from all the crowds.  Bonus points if you have packed pink champagne with strawberries.
Propose!  On bended knee.  With protestations of undying love.  And a bloody big diamond.

Valentine’s treats for yourself/the single pinup …
Any or all of the above.
Get yourself something dreamy and sparkly from Flo Foxworthy – Showgirl Boutique.
Take a burlesque class and marvel at how cute you look when you shimmy in front of the mirror!
Get a tub of ice-cream and a bar of chocolate and enjoy it on the couch watching your favourite horror movie – and don’t feel guilty in.the.slightest – there are zero calories on Valentine’s Day.
Ring someone you think could do with a call or a bit of cheering up/distracting on Valentine’s Day.
Make a list of the things that make you fabulous and stick it to your mirror.  Even better – write them in lipstick on the side of your mirror! (This one was courtesy of Gala Darling.)
Also from Gala: light sky lanterns and release them with your friends – make a wish as you release them.
Dress up in your prettiest pinup ensemble; put your red lippy on and sashay down to your nearest retirement village and hand out red-foiled chocolate hearts.  I bet you’ll feel a million dollars when you leave!
Book in a lesson with someone like Michelle from Debonaire Do’s and finally learn how to do those victory rolls, suicide rolls, or brushouts that you really, really want to do!
Join the DangerDoll Street Team and start whipping that hot pinup body into even better shape!

Grease Hire Grease and sing and dance your little sox off in your living room, using a hair brush as your mike!
Get rid of all the stuff your ex gave you – you’ll feel better for it – promise!
Buy a sequinned, heart-shaped cushion for your bedroom.
I do also happen to know that veeeeerrrry soon you will be able to purchase gorgeous little velvet shorts to wear under your swing skirts and dresses for twirling in!  Check out the Cherry Bomb page here for updates – Madam Rou (a Miss Pinup NZ finalist) tells me she is making red and black velvet shorts for Valentine’s Day – cute!

Valentine’s treats f
or pregnant Pinups …

Von Vonski
A glowingly pregnant Von Vonski – by Froger

I asked the delightful Von Vonski for help on this one as it’s been a long time since I was pregnant!  Von Vonski is a shining light in the New Zealand pinup scene and I love where she’s going with the developing discussions around what individual pinups can bring to the scene and how they can help others – keep an eye out on her Facebook page.  Anyway … here are Von Vonski’s ideas (I have paraphrased them a bit – hope she doesn’t mind!) …

♥ As a pregnant pinup who is still hoping to work as a pinup model my first suggestion or wish would be a big supply of Palmers Coco Butter!! It keeps my belly nice and smooth and it smells like chocolate which is a dream.

Lush bar There is also the Soft Couer massage bar from Lush, which again is a dream on the skin and smells like chocolate!! (OK – we can sense a chocolate craving here!)  It conveniently comes in the shape of a heart.
An “experience night” – I love it when my partner runs me a bath, lets me soak in peace then when I’m ready, he’ll rub my back, which at the moment, is pure bliss!
How about making her favourite dinner and eating it at home; sometimes pregnant women are just too tired for restaurants!
What about a maternity photo shoot with a photographer she trusts?  Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a women’s life and sometimes they are just too busy being pregnant and getting on with things to actually capture that stage.

Valentine’s treats for Pinups who are new mums …
What about a high-waisted bikini?  They’re trending right now but even more importantly, they will also cover that little muffin tummy new mums sometimes have (mine’s ten years old now!)  Bonus points if you get her a cute little sarong to match.
Satin gown I would’ve quite fancied a satin robe to swan around in when I was a new mum – just a thought.  I have this one now and I rather love it.
Set aside two hours on a Saturday morning where you look after the little one – make sure she knows in advance so she book in a coffee date with some friends or plan which shops she’d like to wander round!  Bonus points for handing her a red envelope with $50 and a little note in it telling her to spoil herself a bit!  Double bonus points if you sneak a Lush voucher in there too.
Book her in for a surprise manicure – or a massage.
Maybe a little something from Swonderful Boutique, or Rita Sue?

Valentine’s treats for the Pinup’s man … 
A box of Speights Ale and some quiet time at the beach?
Hire a vintage car and head down to the Classics Museum for a drive-in movie.

Monique & Sam
Miss Monique Sweet and her beau Sam Kimber-Bell at the Classics Museum in Hamilton – image by Handcrafted Stories.

1957 Gretcsh 6120 Of course if you’re wanting to spend thousands, then I’m sure your rockabilly man will REALLY appreciate this 1957 Gretcsh 6120 guitar thingy!

So I could go on, but this post is loonnnnng already!  I hope it gives you some ideas for the gorgeous pinup gal in your life; or for yourself; or for your man … you’d better hurry though, you’ve only got a couple of days to do your shopping or plan your surprise!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

MumptyStyle Sequin HeartLove and pink sequins …



Auckland Makeup Obsessives Meetup

Makeup Obsessives Meet up … gosh, who am I kidding – it’s ALL about the goodie bag haul!!!

MumptyStyle MUO goodie bagRight … so, I am an admin on this fancy-pancy, awesome Facebook page called Makeup Obsessives (with accompanying website here).  Three or four times a year, Kirsty – the Queen of MUO – travels to different parts of the country with some of her admin team and holds a meet up where about 80 or so lucky ladies get to meet fellow Makeup Obsessives and talk about … you guessed it, makeup!

But … it’s more than that – oh yes.  You also get the.most.fabulous.goodie.bag when you attend!  As much as I love meeting all the faces and checking out their stunning makeup, I do quite like me a goodie bag!!!  Anyway … in January, I attended the Auckland meet up at The Paddington in Parnell and this post is all about it (and yes, it is quite after the fact – but better late than never, right?!)

Read here about my first goodie bag – I mean, my first meet up in Hamilton!

So … in my incredibly generous Auckland 2015 Makeup Obsessives meet up goodie bag were 33 fabulous items including:

 A $10 discount voucher – courtesy of Nicola at Blush Baby
Elvive Total Repair shampoo and conditioner – full-sized products – these are awesome products – I got one in my Hamilton goodie bag and they make my hair feel really silky.
L’Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur skin smoother/finishing cream – 30ml.  I think this is full-size; if not, it’s a VERY generous sample.  Anyway, this is supposed to magically blur my fine lines and wrinkles, so I have high hopes for it!
A contouring makeup brush from UPDATE: this is great – I’ve been using it a lot.
 Garnier BB cream in light – this is lovely, and sadly – even though it’s the middle of summer – it’s not too light for me!  I’ve tried it already and its a lovely light product to wear when you kinda don’t want to be wearing makeup!  It gets the tick.  UPDATE: this is currently my every-day foundation!
Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream sample – love Trilogy products so am looking forward to trying this one.
Schwarzkopf Omega Repair Shampoo and Omega Repair BB Beauty Balm samples.  These are both for damaged hair, so unfortunately they are perfect for me!
 Schwarzkopf Omega Repair Shampoo & Conditioner samples – see above.

MumptyStyle Kezia MUO
And right here in the middle of all the gorgeous goodie bag items is a picture of fellow MUO admin, Kezia, because her makeup was SO gorgeous on the day and I never got around to telling her that.

Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser sample.  I’m thinking this could be a “mud-type” product – will let you know.  UPDATE: it’s not a “mud-type” product – it’s like a charcoal-coloured gel.  I thought it was a mask for some reason but it’s not – it’s a cleanser.  You know when you have one of those REALLY strong little mints and it makes your mouth all tingly?  Well this stuff is like that – but for your face.  So far, so good – my face feels amazingly clean.  
 Schwarzkopf BB 11-in-1 Hair Beautifier – 100ml.  This stuff is fab and is really great for imparting a bit of shine and smoothing down those pesky little flyaways.
 Schwarzkopf 6 Miracles Oil Essence sample – one miracle is probably enough for my hair, but I’m more than happy to take six!  This is a leave-in so I will give this a go over the next little while and report back.
Tan Wash Off Bronze – instant tan 40g.  I think they call this a deluxe sample?  Anyway – it’s great and I am looking forward to trying it very soon – as you can gather from the name, it’s an instant, wash-off tan.
Le Tan Flash Tan 45g – tan in a can  Sounds like Doctor Seuss!  Anyway, fake is the only type of tan I sport these days – it says it’s streak-free and natural looking.  I will be the judge of that!
Schwarzkopf Instant Volume Powder – I must admit, I already have this in my little “hair arsenal” and love it, so I was very pleased to get another.  Full-sized product.
L’Oreal Professional Infinium hairspray 75ml.  Perfect for the handbag and seems to hold pretty well so far.  I must admit to having two of these – there was ahem, a bit of a scrabble when Kirsty emptied a “left-over goodie bag” on the table and in the melee I managed to pick up, in a very dignified manner of course,  another one of these!

OK – at this halfway juncture, I thought I’d include this fabulous group shot of all the attendees.  Awesome huh!

MumptyStyle MUO Group
Photo by MUO admin, Nicola May

So, back to the goodie bag stuff …

Lush soap – which smells delicious and strawberry-y.
Innoxa Pure Silk skin primer – am looking forward to trying this – I love Innoxa stuff – it reminds me of when I was young!
Perfect Platinum – shampoo and conditioner samples – 50ml.  Miraculously these have appeared in my daughter’s shower, so I guess I won’t be reviewing them any time soon!
Designer BrandsHi-Lights Illuminator – shhhhh, I’ve never used an illuminator before!  And my goodness, I am LOVING this one.  Soooo pretty.  UPDATE: I’ve been using this every day and I love it!
Elizabeth Arden Precision Glide eyeliner pencil in Black Velvet – this is lovely and has a really nifty little thing at the end that is a) a smudger and then b) that bit pulls apart to reveal a sharpener.  Well played Elizabeth Arden!
Designer Brands – Natural Ground Minerals Bronzer 316 – full size.  This is really nice and I’ve been using it in my contouring attempts – so far, so good.
Maybelline Colour Whisper lipstick – in Orange Attitude.  This is a lovely summer colour, and as the name suggests, is a “whisper” of colour – kind of like an intense gloss I guess you’d call it.  Am.liking.
Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel – claimed by my daughter, moisturing gel to combat pimples, blackheads and the like – not that she needs it, but I’m happy for her to have it.  I looked on the internet and it gets pretty good reviews.
Schwarzkopf Live Colour Ultra Bright – bright pink hair dye!  Certainly not for the faint-hearted that one, and in fairness, probably won’t get used at our house!  UPDATE: still in my drawer!
Living Nature mineral eyeshadow – in slate.  This is lovely stuff, and when I get around to a smoky eye again, this will be perfect.   

Also … there were giveaways!!!  For everyone!!!  

MumptyStyle MUO Giveaways
Photo by Nicola May of Blush Baby

(Including Micro Mini Beauty Blenders, LORAC palettes, perfume, nail polishes, eyeshadows, a hairdryer, a candle … ALL SORTS!)  I got a gorgeous neon orange nail polish (you can see it there in the box – next to the blue one) – and yep, you guessed it – my daughter’s got it!

MumptyStyle MUO Goodie bags
Makeup Obsessives goodie bags – photo by Nicola May

So … that was my goodie bag … in a blog post!  Goodie bags are an awesome opportunity to try new products without the financial commitment of purchasing the full-sized version – let’s face it, you don’t always like or suit everything you try!

I’d like to give all the sponsors of the goodie bag items a great.big.thanks for supporting Makeup Obsessives – as an MUO, and as an admin, I can say it’s most appreciated!  And thank you too to Kirsty and Nicola for all your effort in making the MUO meet ups such awesome events – I know they put their heart and soul and a great deal of their time into these meet ups to make them the fabulous events they are.  It’s not often enough that you get the opportunity to meet your “like-minded, social media friends” in real life!

And to round this post off, here is a picture of the fearless Makeup Obsessives admin team – some of them anyway – they are scattered all over the country (and one in Australia **waves frantically at Arna!**) so can’t always make it to the meetups.  It seems that it may be near impossible to get a serious pic of this team!

MumptyStyle MUO Auckland meetup
Photo taken by gorgeous MUO member, Jade Wang

I hope you enjoyed this second sneaky peek into my goodie bag … please share the love and support these fabulous brands if you can – you won’t regret it, I promise!

MumptyStyle Loren & Mumpty
Here’s me with my gorgeous fellow admin friend, Loren – who has Elizabeth Taylor eyes.

And lastly, for the meetup from another blogger’s perspective, click here for Lena Talks Beauty’s blog post about it.

Enjoy …



Inspirational women – Annah Stretton

Five quick-fire questions with inspirational women … Annah Stretton

MumptyStyle Annah StrettonLast year I ran three instalments of my “inspirational women” series; these mini-interviews allow me the opportunity to acknowledge some of the incredible women who have been, and are, inspirational to me in one way or another.

When I first started to redefine my style, the styling session I had at one of Annah Stretton’s stores will forever stick in my mind as something that set me on the path to feeling good about my style and about how I dress and present myself to the world.  (You can read about it here – obviously I HIGHLY recommend having a personal styling session with one of Annah Stretton’s stylists.)  I now own four Annah Stretton dresses, and aside from loving them for their quality and timeless style, I love them because they make me feel feminine and “put together.”

So … I am extremely honoured to introduce the next fabulous woman in my series of inspirational women, the outrageously successful and dynamic fashion designer, business woman and philanthropist, Annah Stretton.

As usual, the following “rules” apply …

The rules:
1) You can’t choose your children as your greatest achievement – even though they probably are!
2) You can’t choose your Mum or Dad as your most inspirational person, even though they may well be! 

A little bit about Annah …
Annah Stretton is a woman of MANY talents; she runs a highly successful fashion business empire that she built from scratch; she’s written three books and has a regularly-updated blog; in 2008 she was awarded an Order of Merit for Services to Business, Fashion and the Community; she was Verve Clicquot’s Business Woman of the Year in 2009 – the list goes on and on!  (To learn more, you can read Annah’s impressive CV here.)  

Annah’s life motto is “Live and Love Fearlessly.”  Fabulous.  

Annah Stretton

Annah is also a philanthropist and is involved with many trusts and charities, in particular the True Colours Charitable Trust, Waikato Breast Cancer Trust and Waikato Women’s Refuge.  In 2014, she introduced RAW (Reclaim Another Woman) – a mentoring service for female victims of abuse – visit the website here.  

Anyway … on to the questions!

Q1.  In 10 words or less, what are you most proud of?
A.  My leadership, creativity, longevity in business and strong philanthropic contribution.

Annah in Wonderland
I was lucky enough to attend Annah’s NZ Fashion Week 2013 runway show “Annah in Wonderland” and it was amazing – these images are by Qiane Photography.

Q2.  What habits would you say make you successful at what you do?
♥ The discipline I bring to each and every day.
♥ The timeliness in which I get things done.
♥ My ability to prioritise.
♥ Never sweating the small stuff.
♥ Always believing in myself – focusing on what I CAN do and not what I can’t.
♥ Never running from the challenges and always being prepared to have the tough conversations.
♥ Leading with a calm, considered but focused approach.
♥ Less is more – keep the conversation short and get on with getting things done.

Q3. What do you do for yourself that helps keep you going? (I read on your blog you were trying for a better work:life balance, so I am really interested in this answer!)
A. I invest in my relationship, my children and my extended family, they are the people I love and enjoy being with more than anyone else, so I ensure that my life ( albeit busy ) is never too busy to include large dollops of them. 

Paying it forward … the philanthropy I’m actively involved in adds the balance to my life; my new initiative,  RAW ( will enable me to make huge inroads and to change the outcomes for a disadvantaged demographic of young Maori women.  This is the stuff that ensures I get up each day, 
knowing I will leave a very real legacy to women in this country that will be far bigger than the frocks.

I never let any of the bad stuff define me – when the going gets tough, a great night sleep does wonders for me.

I have a huge focus on my health; from the food I eat, my body weight and my exercise regime – they are daily considerations for me.  If I don’t have my health, I don’t have this life that I love.

Know that as long as you love what you do, it’s not work.  This is my passion and I can never be great at anything I don’t love.

Q4.  What’s the first name that pops into your head when I ask who inspires you?
A.   Sir William Gallagher

A.  I have a a huge respect for this man, who remains incredibly humble in his contribution to his external environment; a business superstar and a serial philanthropist across so many platforms,  yet he remains likeable and approachable to all. 

Why I find Annah inspiring …
As you can tell, I’m a big fan of Annah’s clothing and her stores.  I believe the way she runs her stores means customers are dealt with on an extremely personal level and encouraged to try new things that ultimately, will make them look great.  I know when I did my styling session, if left to my own devices, I wouldn’t have picked ANY of the dresses Sabine bought me to try on.  However, after doing so, I would have bought nearly all of them!  In my experience, that level of service is hard to find in retail these days, and that sort of passion and commitment to customers comes from the top.

Annah is also a rule-breaker and someone who “walks the talk” – she admits to making the odd mistake now and then, but owns those mistakes and learns from them.

I loved Annah’s New Years Resolutions for 2015 – check them out here – this one is my favourite: “TIME will be the key gift to give to those closest to me.”  You can read Annah’s blog, AnnahStrettonUnlimited here.

Annah Stretton Wedding
Annah hosted one of New Zealand’s first same-sex weddings to celebrate the passing of the same-sex marriage bill and to encourage Australia to follow suit. You can read about it here: Image by Qiane Photography.

Thanks so much for your answers Annah – I’m so proud to have an amazing business woman and philanthropist like you here on my little blog!

Follow Annah on Twitter … @annahstretton
Schmooze with Annah on Instagram … @annahstretton 
Read her blog here …
Visit her website here …
Like her Facebook

To visit Qiane Photography’s website, click here.

Extra for experts:  e-mail to book a one-hour styling session with one of Annah’s stylists (and don’t worry – Annah has 27 stores Australasia-wide, so you’ll find one close!)  Also … click here to learn how to identify your body shape and dress for it!

Enjoy …


Three things I’d buy a million times over, and two I wouldn’t bother with again

Three things I’d buy a million times over, and two I wouldn’t bother with again …

MumptyStyle Hair

Soooo, how’s that for a long post title?!

Anyway … lately I’ve been thinking about some of the products I’ve purchased as a result of online “hype” and whether or not that “hype” was actually justified in the product itself.  As a member and admin of  Makeup Obsessives, I’ve bought several products that have flooded through MUO like a tidal wave (hello Lush Toothy Tabs, Skinfood Mud Masque, and Estée Double Wear sample pots – I’m looking at you!) and I’ve bought several of them; some were good, some not so much.

So – here are three things I would definitely buy over and over again …

The Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay

MumptyStyle Naked 3 palette

I got this about a year ago after reading about it on Makeup Obsessives and I haven’t touched another eyeshadow palette since.  I wear it every day and I absolutely love it.  The colours are gorgeous; they’re very pigmented; they last well and I love the packaging and the brush.  Thankfully you don’t have to re-purchase eyeshadow palettes very often, but I would definitely re-purchase this one.

GHD hair straightening irons

MumptyStyle GHD Rose Gold

This is my third set of GHD straightening irons, and whilst this is incredibly shallow, I do feel like they make my life so.much.easier!  For probably the past nine years I have used them to straighten my hair and only recently (like, for maybe two years) I have discovered they actually make some really pretty, long-lasting curls in my hair.  And my hair is not easy when it comes to curling (well, not when it comes to keeping the curls in anyway.)  So a big tick to GHD – I am highly unlikely to stray to another brand any time soon.

In the interests of full disclosure, this not my GHD.  My GHD is not rose gold and pretty; it is plain old black and serviceable (**insert sad face**!!)

My Laurestine frock by Annah Stretton

MumptyStyle Annah Stretton at Louis Vuitton

I LOVE Annah Stretton frocks (hahahaaa … I LOVE the word “frock”!)  – I have four and they all make me feel super feminine.  My Laurestine frock though, is THE BEST.  I can wear it when I’m feeling chubby; I can wear it when it’s hot (it has mesh sleeves so I don’t have to bare my chubby arms or wear a cardy); I can dress it up or down and honestly – and I know this sounds vain – I get complimented on this frock EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear it (and it’s a couple of seasons old now and I’ve worn it a lot.)  And that’s special.  If I could buy it again, I would.  In fact, Annah Stretton, if you are reading this and have another one lurking in a warehouse somewhere, give me a call …  I am terrified something’s going to happen to it and I’d be lost without it!

Case in point: up there ^^^ I am wearing it when I got to visit the private salon at Louis Vuitton (btw: one of life’s highlights for me!!) Below, I am wearing it jumping around on a beach!  See … VERSATILE!

MumptyStyle Leap

And here are two products I definitely wouldn’t bother purchasing again as they just didn’t live up to the hype for me.

L’Oreal Skin Perfection serum

MumptyStyle Skin Perfection

Despite initially reviewing this pretty positively in one of my weekly MumptyLoves, I have since found that while it makes my skin feel nice when I put it on, it’s actually done nothing to increase the tone or texture of my skin, and in fact, I’ve noticed I’m getting little white kind of bump things on my skin that I’ve never had before.  Apparently this product has properties which can block your pores and I think that’s what’s happened, so I’m revoking my initially positive review.  But I did finish the bottle – I’m not that wasteful!  I just wouldn’t bother with it again.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation 

MumptyStyle Estee Lauder Double WearDon’t get me wrong – this is beautiful stuff; great coverage, lasts well – all that jazz.  It’s just that for the price, I feel it’s just not THAT much better than other foundations I’ve tried for half the price.  So sorry Estée Lauder, I won’t be making a repeat purchase of Double Wear; although I would most certainly still recommend it to anyone who wanted a beautiful foundation and wasn’t too worried about value for money.

Have you ever given in to the hype, purchased something and then wondered what all the fuss was about?  I’d love to hear about it!

Love …