Valentine’s Day for the new mum …

MumptyStyle Nat
Lilly Loca and her gorgeous little girl, Ari.

Following on from yesterday’s post about Valetine’s Day for Pinups (read it here) I have since spoken to the fabulous Lilly Loca (she of the endlessly long legs!) and she has given me the following ideas for Valentine’s Day for new mums, which I thought were too good not to share!

Lilly wrote:  “Ok, as a mother of an infant, I want every once in a while to really feel feminine and beautiful (rather than looking like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards with a coffee in hand 90% of the time!) I also love to be taken out somewhere special. So here’s my list of what I think would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for a pinup mum” …

A spa experience – even if it’s just a massage, give the special person in your life a bit of time to indulge themselves – when you’re a mum, you tend to put everyone else before yourself.

Go out and buy her a pretty dress – together.  Yes, even if you HATE clothes shopping, this will show your true dedication to her by going through with it!  Say you’d like to buy her a beautiful dress for her to wear when you take her out for dinner.  Because you were there when the dress was chosen, it will mean so much more, plus it will make her feel like a million dollars.

MumptyStyle Lilly Loca
Does this look to you like a woman who has been dragged through a bush backwards? Hell no – that’s what I thought!

 Dinner for two – get someone to babysit and you two go and have a delicious dinner together.  Maybe get in touch with her bestie to ask for advice if you’re unsure of a place to dine, but choose a restaurant that you know both of you will enjoy.  Sorry, McDonald’s ain’t gonna cut it this time!

Ignore all of the above – get someone to babysit the kids away from home (hello Grandma and Grandpa!!) and spend some intimate time alone, just you two, kid-free.  Enjoy a nice movie, bubbles, take-out and a bit of “action” – hey, what better way to show your affection for each other than through some love-making?!

So there you have it … if you are a lucky gentleman who is attached to a new mum, you have NO EXCUSE not to make her feel like an absolute princess now!

Thank you Lilly Loca – I’m sure you will have helped a lot of new mums have a Very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love …



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