Doing, wanting, reading, loving # 2…

Another little round-up of what’s up!
Hands up
Today I thought I’d do another little round-up of what’s up in Mumpty’s thoughts/life … the last one I did is here.  So, here goes:

Doing: ♥ lots of blogging and writing stories – I am LOVING story-writing at the moment!   running our daughter round to various events and classes – and loving being a mummy while I’m at it   learning new and slightly scary stuff   making lists; smiling, laughing and just having fun!

Wanting: ♥ more petticoats (I currently have hot pink and red – I want black, white, baby blue, lemon, purple and green – to start off with!)  more Erstwilder brooches – mostly this little purple fox   Erstwilder foxthe Jenny dress  from Pinup Girl Clothing in purple   M.A.C Whirl  an occasion to wear my new Lime Crime Velvetine in Pansy, which I dramatically ordered from my MUO friend and then promptly wondered why the hell I’d done that!!!  But, it is beautiful … and it will actually go so well with that Erstwilder Lime Crime Pansyfox up there and the purple Jenny!  Check it out here – not really understated now is it?!   a little something from Louis Vuitton; my blog’s audience to continue slowly building like it has been (actually INSTANT success would’ve been better, but I’m happy with how it’s going!)   a Range Rover Evoque – STILL  Actually, a Lotto win would be good wouldn’t’ it?!  OK, I am going to stop there lest I sound shallow and materialistic (or is it too late?!)

Reading:I just finished “Common Ground” by Virginia Pawsey and Janice Marriott.  It’s an unusual book; essentially a series of letters between two old friends from school – the letters follow each other’s gardens and lives through a whole year.  It’s a lovely book and you can enjoy it even if you know NOTHING about gardening like me!  I do highly recommend it.   And I’ve re-read “The Other Boleyn Girl” because I am obsessed with Tudor history and I LOVE all of Philippa Gregory’s works and I could read that book over and over again – in fact, I have!  And I will continue to do so.

Eating/drinking: Lindauer Piccolos – (for dinner!)   carbonated water  Eggs Benedict at The Lilypad Cafe (one of my favourite cafes EVER)   soy lattes – why did I ever stop? any salads that have pasta in them – especially orzo ones (WHY am I such a carb lover?)  sweetcorn – as long as it’s good and none of the kernels have dried up   And I wish I didn’t have to add this, but the odd sneaky Cadbury Black Forest bar – because YUM!

Loving: pretty much everything mentioned in “doing” above but especially writing – I’m SOOO enjoying that;  Daylight Savings  sunsets; ♥ cool mornings and sunny afternoons   fabulous interviews with amazing women (pssstt – I have some SUPER-EXCITING ones coming up)  the HILARIOUS things my two-year-old nephew comes up with  I entered a writing competition!!  I don’t even care if I get nowhere – it is a buzz just to have entered one!   long, curly eyelashes, courtesy of the Lilash I got for Christmas ♥ my Book Club (read why you should join one here) surrounding myself with clever, sassy friends   quick pre-work coffees – they put me LV bearin the best mood for the day!  disillusionment – sometimes it can give you that kick you needed to make changes happen!   This bear – by Louis Vuitton – sooooo cool.

Sending all the love to: ♥ Kalee, aka Amourous Ava – she has just released a zine called Pastie Politics  – congratulations Kalee – how CLEVER is she?!   A couple of friends of mine who have either lost parents very recently, or are going through the first anniversaries/birthdays since they died – you know who  you are, and I’m thinking of you.

Proud of: ♥ our daughter – always   a new Facebook page I had a bit of input into; get yourself added to MUO Lifestyle and join the fun!  ♥ my sisters and my parents  Miss Monique Sweet, who put herself out of her comfort zone, entered Miss Moonshine 2015 and WON IT!  (Here she is  (below) with the fabulous Miss Ivy Fox.)  Look out for her in the Women’s Weekly soon  a little blog post I did that just happens to have received the most views my lil’ blog has ever had!  You can read it here (pssssst it’s about apps and Photoshop and are they ruining your self-esteem without you even knowing it?!)  

MumptyStyle MonSweet Miss Moonshine


Obsessed with: ♥ Alexia Sinclair’s work – she is an utter GENIUS!  My favourite was always her Regal Twelve collection, but now her Rococo body of work is starting to edge The Regal Twelve out for me!

Grateful for: my family; my friends;  health success and happiness – for everyone  living in the country – all that space and fresh air is bliss plus all of the above!

Love …


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