How to hand-wash your PUG Jenny dress

MumptyStyle PUG Jenny Cherry Border Print

The Jenny dress by Pinup Girl Clothing (PUG) is probably my MOST favourite dress EVER – I currently have four of them; the Neverland Jenny, the Cherry Border print Jenny – shown above – the Snow White Jenny and the Mary Blair Commuters Print Jenny.  I also have the Dancing Horses Jenny skirt and next on my list is the Jenny dress in purple (which has now sold out and has thus become my “unicorn” dress!

So … I’d worn this Jenny dress above a few times and she was getting a bit dusty and just didn’t feel quite as “fresh” as she did originally.  So I decided to give her a wash.  Please note, the care instructions on the Jenny dresses do say to dry-clean her, but honestly, I VERY rarely get anything dry-cleaned, and the Jenny doesn’t have fine lace or anything like that, so I couldn’t really see the necessity for dry-cleaning.  And let’s face it, when you can hand-wash her for free, why not?!

There are a couple of things you do need to be careful about with the Jenny dresses though – firstly,  the boning – you need to be very careful not to warp it or bend it in any way or you’ll just end up with a shapeless mess; and secondly, when I washed my Cherry Border print Jenny the first time, there was a reasonable amount of dye that came out, so maybe be a little bit more careful if you’re doing lighter prints or prints with a high contrast – i.e. maybe something that’s dark with a white lace trim or something.

How I washed my Jenny …
We have a shower-over-bath arrangement in our daughter’s shower so I lay the Jenny flat in the bath, wet her and then gave her a bit of scrub (using baby shampoo – don’t know if this is ideal, but that’s what I used!), paying particular attention to the underarms and the area around the gathered waist that seems to collect dust.

MumptyStyle Jenny washingOnce I was happy that she was clean, I got the shower head down and rinsed her with water until the soap bubbles went away and she seemed nice and clean and fresh.

Then I got her out and gently squeezed the excess water out – DO NOT WRING the bodice out or you’ll damage the boning.

Then I laid her on a towel and rolled her up in it …

MumptyStyle Jenny wash 2paying particular attention to NOT fold the boning in the bodice over – see how I’ve done it below – the bottom of the skirt is rolled up and the boned part is sitting flat – I then rolled the bottom roll over the top of the flat bit and then stood on it to get all the dampness out.

MumptyStyle PUG Jenny wash3After she was as dry as she was going to get in that towel, I took her out, smoothed her out as much as possible and then hung her on the coat hangar to dry.  Remember – you’ll need to use a fairly strong coat hangar, as the Jenny is quite a heavy dress – particularly when wet.  It may even be better to lie her flat while she dries, but this is the way I did it anyway!

MumptyStyle Jenny wash 4And by the way – yes, she is hanging in front of a heated towel rail, but it’s not turned on, so you certainly don’t need one of those!

My Jenny dress actually dried really fast so she was ready to go again the same afternoon!  It would have been even faster if I’d hung her on the line.

The Jenny is quite an ironing job though, let me say – with such a full skirt, you feel like you’re ironing FOREVER!  Oh well, I guess it’s a small price to pay for such a beautiful dress.

So how do you care for your PUG clothing?  Do you go to the expense of dry-cleaning, or do you DIY it like I do?

Love …




2 thoughts on “How to hand-wash your PUG Jenny dress

  1. I’ve always wondered about the whole dry cleaning vs hand washing thing, so thanks so much for this most helpful post! 🙂 I’m thinking of buying this dress myself (who can resist such a perfect cherry print?!) – if you don’t mind me asking, how’d you find the fit? I’ve heard others say it runs small, so I’m a bit conflicted now :/


    1. Hi Nadine … the cherry border is gorgeous! It was my first Jenny dress and inspired a fair few more of them ;o) With regard to the fit, I found it pretty true to size. Sometimes they can be VERY tight when you first get them – the Snow White print was the worst in that regard – but they all seem to be just fine in the end! I’m sure you probably know this, but on the site they have customer reviews, so I’d suggest reading them as some garments do seem smaller than others and people will comment if they’ve found that to be the case. But in my case, the cherry border was fine straight away. Send me a pic of you wearing it! Mumpty xox


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