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In association with Erstwilder, Mumpty is running a feature entitled The Pinup Platoon during the month of March. The Pinup Platoon features interviews with all ten Miss Pinup NZ 2015 finalists, together with some other exciting content on the off-days. AND … we have a fabulous competition where you can win one of two highly-sought-after and now sold out, Erstwilder Flamboyant Flamingo Fair necklaces – to find out all about it, see the details at the end of this interview with the fabulous Miss Glamour LaRue.

Soooo … without further ado; meet the first gorgeous pinup in our Pinup Platoon – Miss Pinup NZ Finalist for 2015:

Miss Glamour LaRue …

MumptyStyle Miss Glamour LaRue 2

Question one:
Tell me something interesting about yourself most people won’t already know.
A:  I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, which is one of the many reasons why I love roller derby. I love anything that will get my heart racing, my hands shaking and that blood pumping around my body.

Question two:
Think about your favourite outfit; your favourite pair of shoes; your favourite suspender belt … whatever!  If that particular item in your pinup kit could talk, what story do you think it would be most likely to tell?
A:  My shoes, if shoes could talk there would be so many stories. I love shoes and according to my mother I have always been a fan of high heels. I have these amazing black pumps that I have had re-soled twice because they are my favourite. They would tell stories about great times with friends, winning roller derby after parties, becoming famous as ‘’that girl still in her shoes at the end of the night.’’ They could also tell stories of epic fails of falling over on the dance floor.

They were once taken by a male friend who thought he could run in them, with class and better than I do. No chance, mate!

Finally, (probably the most embarrassing) story they could tell would be while I was on a romantic walk along a waterfront and things were getting romantic.

Moves were being made …

When I leaned in for a kiss the heel got stuck in the gap in the boardwalk, which resulted in me falling over with my dress and petticoat above my head and me in fits of laughter.

I was left limping through the rest of the date with a broken heel!

Question three:
How is your preparation for the Miss Pinup NZ competition coming along?  Would you like to offer our readers any “teasers” with regard to your particular talent or your outfits for Miss Pinup NZ?
A:  Preparation is coming along nicely. However time is something that I don’t have on my side!  But hey, who needs sleep anyway, right? 

So as some of you know, I play roller derby and I strongly believe that this is my talent.  Picture a stage where roller derby and dance combine, with an outfit that has elements of roller derby – hot pants, fishnets – and combine that with a vintage-themed dance. It’s going to be great! Be sure to come along to see it.

Question four:
If you could pick a theme song to walk onto the Miss Pinup stage to, what would it be?
A:  I love music. That’s such a hard question. I love Post Modern Jukebox and what they are doing with the music – some of my favourites have been given the vintage twist, which I love. I am loving their Careless Whisper cover.

Question five:
If  you were to win Miss Pinup NZ 2015, how would you most likely celebrate your win from the options below:

a) I’d guzzle champagne through a gold-plated straw and get lightheaded and dizzy with all my friends.
b) Crank up the music and dance like crazy.
c) Enlist a flashmob and dance through the streets wearing your Miss Pinup NZ crown.
d) Take your crown on a road trip, Instagramming your antics all the way!
e) Go to a karaoke bar and sing your own praises.
f) Other (please specify!)
A:  B – I love to dance! I would get all my wonderful supporters around me and we would dance. What more could I want? I would have fulfilled my dream of being Miss Pinup NZ 2015, and would be surrounded by the people who have supported me and helped me achieve this.

Question six:
What is your most favourite item in your pinup kit, and why?
A:  Red lipstick. Something magic happens when I apply that red. Have you ever seen a child put on a cape and then magically transform into a superhero? Well that is how I describe what lipstick does for me.

I love wiggling my fingers as I scan my collection and think to myself what am I going to wear today, once I have chosen, I gently take off the lid and unwind the amazing luscious red or hot pink. Mmwah!

And last, but certainly not least …

Question seven:
What are you most hoping to get out of the Miss Pinup NZ 2015 experience?
A:  I have so many things I want to get out of this life-changing experience, but something I am so passionate about is encouraging and promoting body positivity for all women.

I am about all women learning to love their bodies!  It’s about being healthy at any size  – we shouldn’t be  focusing on our weight and size, it should be about being healthy and putting good fuel into your body.   You can be healthy and curvy at the same time.  Most woman (myself included) struggle with body identity/body issues.

We need to stop the body hating – on ourselves and each other – we have no idea what people are battling with. Some weight gain could be genetic, medical or caused by other issues.

Every person is different – part of my journey to self-discovery and body confidence was to get active and join a gym. I am proud to say that I am a curvy girl but I am also a fit,  healthy and toned curvy girl.

It doesn’t matter if you are curvy or thin, short or tall, have long hair or no hair – you are beautiful and you deserve to be respected and embraced for who you are. It takes time, so go easy on yourself.

This is the number one message that I have been pushing since I first started my journey with Miss Pinup NZ 2015.
There is something you have that no one else has and that is unique to you. Embrace your body – all of it.

MumptyStyle Miss Glamour LaRue 3Thank you so much Miss Glamour LaRue  – it’s been fantastic chatting with you – best of luck with your aspirations for Miss Pinup NZ 2015.

Don’t forget – if you want to vote for Miss Glamour LaRue for Miss Publicity, you can do so by clicking here.

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Cin cin darlings …

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