Mumpty’s Erstwilder styling sets …

MumptyStyle Erstwilder lineup

I was lucky enough to be sent the Erstwilder Autumn 2015 release catalogue and I’ve been oooohing and aaaaaahing ever since!  And because Mumpty loves to share, I decided to put together five “styling sets” based on my top five Erstwilders from the catalogue.  Sadly, because they are so, so popular, some of them have already sold out, but never fear – there’s always a cute and quirky Erstwilder to be found.  You can visit Erstwilder’s website here to check out their whole collection.  The website also has stockist details and if you simply can’t find the one you love and you MUST have it, e-mail and they’ll see what they can do!

Also … check out Erstwilder on Facebook here and their Instagram account as well (@erstwilderofficial) to see the quirky and cool ways people style their Erstwilder pieces.  Such fun!

So anyway – here are my top five picks from the Autumn 2015 collection and how I think I’d style them …

Set one – featuring the Bluebird of Happiness brooch

MumptyStyle Erstwilder 1

So … I would wear the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny dress (my fave) in purple, with a red petticoat, these gorgeous pinup-styled Louboutins and to compliment it all and really pimp out the colours throughout, I would add the Bluebird of Happiness brooch from Erstwilder – in red polkadot, because in my opinion, you simply MUST have polkadots somewhere on your person on the regular.

Set two – featuring Elissa the Indie Cat brooch 

MumptyStyle Erstwilder set 2Match made in heaven much?  I can just see Elissa the Indie Cat perched happily on Dita’s shoulder!  I bet if Dita knew about Elissa, she would totally want her.  But seriously, next time you’re wearing a tux – you NEED Ellissa.

Set three – featuring Paige the Prancing Poodle brooch

MumptyStyle Erstwilder set 3

Orange and blue are such a happy combo don’t you think?  Here is the dusky orange Audrey Hepburn dress from Lindybop (you can buy this at Bombshell Clothing) paired with a blue petticoat and the very happy Paige the Prancing Poodle brooch from Erstwilder.  Wearing this outfit, you couldn’t help but smile right?

Set four – featuring the Gorgeous George brooch 

MumptyStyle Erstwilder set 4

Check out this Karina wiggle dress – Minnie Mouse – from Swonderful Boutique – it’s like it was kinda made to show off an Erstwilder piece!  I think Gorgeous George looks just fabulous sitting right there don’t ‘cha think?

Set five – the Bluebird of Happiness necklace set
MumptyStyle Erstwilder Set 5Goodness – how gorgeous is this?  Simple, but So.Much.Impact!  Here we have the rather stunning Bettie Rage (Finalist, Miss Pinup NZ 2015) wearing the Siren Dress by local designer, Honey L’Amour.  Complimenting this fabulous dress is the Bluebird of Happiness necklace from Erstwilder.  How perfect do those two look together? So perfect, in fact, I haven’t bothered with anything else, ‘cos sometimes good things are just better left alone!

Let me know how you style your Erstwilder pieces – or even better, share them on Instagram – either at @mumptystyle or @erstwilderofficial

Love and styling sets …




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