Pinup Platoon: Madam Rou

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In association with Erstwilder, Mumpty is running a feature entitled The Pinup Platoon during the month of March. The Pinup Platoon features interviews with all ten Miss Pinup NZ 2015 finalists, together with some other exciting content on the off-days. AND … we have a fabulous competition where you can win one of two highly-sought-after and now sold out, Erstwilder Flamboyant Flamingo Fair necklaces – to find out all about it, see the details at the end of this interview with the fabulous Madam Rou.

Soooo … without further ado; meet the first gorgeous pinup in our Pinup Platoon – Miss Pinup NZ Finalist for 2015:

Madam Rou …

MumptyStyle Pinup Platoon Madam RouQuestion one:
Tell me something interesting about yourself most people won’t already know.
A:  I’m a DIY gal!  Right down to the grass, you won’t find a powered lawnmower here – only a push one!  When my daughter was a wee one I would put her in a sling and push away while singing. Why go to the gym when you can do it all from home?!

Question two:
Think about your favourite outfit; your favourite pair of shoes; your favourite suspender belt … whatever!  If that particular item in your pinup kit could talk, what story do you think it would be most likely to tell?
A:  I’ve worn the same green cardigan for many years. With its frayed edges and its missing buttons, I still can’t help but wear it everywhere!  It belonged to my mother and sometimes you can hear it screaming “FIX ME, then we can be together forever!”  It’s a ¾ sleeve with ribbon trim down the front – I’m very surprised it’s lasted this long.  Let’s just say if it got caught in a lawnmower, it will mostly likely still be worn … it’s hard to let it go.

Question three:
How is your preparation for the Miss Pinup NZ competition coming along?  Would you like to offer our readers any “teasers” with regard to your particular talent or your outfits for Miss Pinup NZ?
A:  I may have to admit I’m one of those mums who leaves things to somewhat the last minute to avoid over-thinking it with constant changes!  

Outfit-wise I will be creating most of it myself which will be available in the near future with my line Cherry Bomb.  I decided it was too greedy to do it all from my own line though, so will be supporting another local business with one of the outfits – my ideas mixed with her sewing skills – perfect!

Make sure to come on the day to see the final outcome!

Question four:
If you could pick a theme song to walk onto the Miss Pinup stage to, what would it be?
A:  Pink – “So What.”   For some reason I always used to be told “this song reminds me of you” and since then it has stuck with me!  Must be an attitude thing … hehe!

Question five:
If  you were to win Miss Pinup NZ 2015, how would you most likely celebrate your win from the options below:

a) I’d guzzle champagne through a gold-plated straw and get lightheaded and dizzy with all my friends.
b) Crank up the music and dance like crazy.
c) Enlist a flashmob and dance through the streets wearing your Miss Pinup NZ crown.
d) Take your crown on a road trip, Instagramming your antics all the way!
e) Go to a karaoke bar and sing your own praises.
f) Other (please specify!)
A:  Can I choose them ALL?  You’ll spot me wearing the crown everywhere, gliding down the street with a smile on my face waving to absolutely everyone who walks past.  In fact, we should all try this – just because we can!

Question six:
What is your most favourite item in your pinup kit, and why?
A:  Hair clips!!!

I keep them in my pockets whenever possible for those last minute meet-ups where there’s no time to get changed, put on makeup or to get ahold of hairspray.  Whether you’re sitting in a bus stop, already dashing out the door or just finished food shopping, I find it so much easier to do a quick whip-up of the front fringe to pull back and puff up/twist the front hair to the side, grabbing bits as you go/little victory roll or if I have any sort of lotions nearby, a bumper bang just to tame the flyaways and clip down.  Pick a flower as you go and clip it in too!

When you’re a mother, perfect makeup isn’t as important as keeping your hair away from sticky fingers!

And last, but certainly not least …

Question seven:
What are you most hoping to get out of the Miss Pinup NZ 2015 experience?
A:  I think for me it’s more what I will be able to use this experience for to help others.

It will, of course, help boost motivation and confidence without a doubt.  There’s so many ideas as to what the experience could lead me to that I have to take a long, deep breath.  Not only will it boost my own confidence but also my daughter’s – nothing shows a child how to be a strong lady more than her mother standing tall. xxx

Madam Rou 2

Thank you so much Madam Rou  – it’s been fantastic chatting with you – best of luck with your aspirations for Miss Pinup NZ 2015.

Don’t forget – if you want to vote for Madam Rou for Miss Publicity, you can do so by clicking here.

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To read Mumpty’s interviews with the other Miss Pinup NZ 2015 finalists, click here.

Don’t forget to visit The Very Vintage Day Out 2015 website here and Facebook page here to find out about all the vintage and retro festivities over two fabulous days.

Cin cin darlings …

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