RAW: Reclaim Another Woman

The Pinup Platoon
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As you know, March is the month of The Pinup Platoon (pictured above) on MumptyStyle.com.  You will see from the interviews that have been posted, and those that are still to come, that these women are a group of accomplished, confident, talented ladies who are well supported and who have exciting and positive things going on in their lives.

Unfortunately, it’s not like that for every woman in New Zealand and so I would like to take this opportunity, in a month where we’re focusing on the fabulousness of women, to talk to you about the RAW initiative by Annah Stretton.

MumptyStyle RAW

RAW (Reclaim Another Woman) is an initiative developed by Annah and her team to help break the cycle of family violence, repeat offending, poverty and disadvantage for some New Zealand women.  The RAW programme is designed to help these women develop the resources they need to keep them from returning to violent relationships or prison.

As you know, women are key influencers in terms of families and communities, so helping these women make long term, positive changes means they will go on to influence those around them as well.

How does it work?
Women from challenging circumstances who are ready and willing to make a long-term change are matched with female mentors who guide them along the path to transformation via education and support.  Most of the women who are in the RAW programme come from a background of generational violence, benefit dependence and educational underachievement.  They are matched with women from advantaged, capable and successful backgrounds (RAW Angels) and there is a long-term commitment made by both parties.

Raw logo

Could YOU be a RAW mentor (angel)?
It is a big commitment, but you would be well-supported by RAW, who have aligned with other agencies already working in the area of family violence.  You would undergo an assessment for suitability and, if successful, an induction process.  Mentors also attend monthly networking meetings whereby information, resources and strategies are shared.

How else can you help?
If you can’t commit to being a long-term mentor but still want to assist the RAW initiative, you can!  You can make a donation to RAW and you can also become a Friend of RAW, which means you will receive an email newsletter keeping you up-to-date with RAW and offering other opportunities in which you can help – maybe fundraising, volunteering time etc.  You could even become a RAW Aunty which means you would volunteer your support for a child, or children, of a woman in the RAW programme.

You can purchase from the RAW Collection …
RAW collectionAnnah Stretton’s team have designed a collection of essential garments for every woman’s wardrobe – every garment is interchangeable and works well for women of any size or shape.

All proceeds of the RAW Collection go toward RAW and its operations.  You can purchase from the RAW Collection by clicking the link above.

How can you find out more about RAW?
Visit the following places to find out about Annah Stretton’s RAW initiative and to sign up to become a Friend of RAW:

Visit their website here.
Visit their Facebook page here.

Hoping you can help …


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