Miss Moonshine’s Three Top Tips for winning a pinup competition

Miss Moonshine 2015
Custom watermelon skirt by Devel Branded; custom singlet to match by Honey L’Amour.

When I asked Miss Moonshine 2015, aka Miss Monique Sweet, if she would give me her three top tips on how to win a pinup competition, she said she wasn’t sure she was qualified to do that – ‘cos that’s the kind of girl she is!  But actually, that’s just not true is it, because she recently won Miss Moonshine 2015!  As a friend of hers, I know that A LOT of time, thought and effort went into that win and it was bloody well deserved! So, herewith, Miss Moonshine’s top tips …

Top Tip # 1: Make like a scout and “Be Prepared” 

Miss Monique Sweet packing
Monique and Sam’s “Miss Moonshine Roadtrip” packing …

Now when Miss Monique Sweet says “be prepared,” she means, be prepared!  To demonstrate … see the tiny little blue bag to the left in the picture above? That’s Sam’s packing for the trip to Miss Moonshine! (Sam is Monique’s boyfriend.) Yes, that’s right … ALL.THE.REST belonged to Monique!  And that was for ONE night!

All Monique’s “moonshine ensembles” were extremely well-planned and thought-out – in fact, she actually started planning “the outfit” in question (i.e. the watermelon one!) in October for The Very Vintage Day Out in April, but decided to move it forward for the Miss Moonshine competition.  All details were planned and executed right down to the last little features that tied her looks together – many people don’t go to this much effort, but if you want to win – that’s what you gotta do! (See below.)  Monique also had a backup dress just in case, and to be double-sure, she also had an entire backup outfit in case she spilt something down herself before the competition!  Now that’s dedication for you right?!

And of course, she had lists; lists of what to pack the night before; lists of what to pack the morning of – lists, lists, lists!

Think of every outfit you’re planning to wear (and take); and how you would put it together from top-to-toe.  Make sure you have everything you need – don’t forget your bra and if you need it, your fashion tape to prevent any “slips”!  Also think about how you will be accessorising those outfits.  Then double-check your lists…” says Monique.

Extra for experts: to read about how Miss Moonshine’s STUNNING custom watermelon skirt came to be, click here for Danielle at Devel Branded’s post … I know she was really proud and excited to have made that skirt, and so she should be too – it’s a stunner!

Top Tip # 2: It’s all in the details, my friend!  AKA: the “Top to Toe look”
When Miss Monique Sweet decided she wanted her main theme to be “watermelon” she went all out on the accessories and details – check these out:

Monique Sweet Moonshine details

Of course, there is a fine line between cute and completely OTT, so if you were thinking about a fruity theme for Miss Pinup, you’ll probably want to stop short of looking like a full fruit salad – perhaps just a pineapple?

Top Tip # 3: Own your look, be yourself and have fun!

Monique Sweet
Image by Artful Dodge Photography

One of Miss Monique Sweet’s most endearing features, in my opinion, is her ability to laugh at herself and to have fun with her pinup persona.  She’s developed a “look” that is true to herself and what she loves; it’s a mix of vintage finds, treasures from her grandmother, the result of some dedicated op-shopping; sometimes new, sometimes old; sometimes borrowed (!); there’s a little bit of a 60’s influence thrown in there too … it’s eclectic, it suits her and she rocks it.  (And of course it’s always nice to have some custom-made pieces that are unique to you in your pinup wardrobe.)

Monique says “One of the most important things with your look is to mix it up and don’t take yourself too seriously.  Some days I feel like I look like a rainbow spilt its colours all over me – but those are my favourite days!

“Have a plan for your stage persona too, think about your answers and your poses and all that kinda stuff and then be prepared to throw that all  out; wing it and let your personality shine through! If you make a mistake, too bad, people love you for it!  I was so nervous at Miss Moonshine that I could hardly remember where I lived, but people just laughed and I think it worked in my favour.  Get up there, show off and own it!

Miss Moonshine outfitHere’s one last look at Monique’s winning watermelon outfit at Miss Moonshine – spectacular huh!

Thanks for your fabulous tips Miss Monique Sweet … I’m sure the ten Miss Pinup NZ 2015 finalists will find them most helpful.  And if those tips aren’t enough, I’ve given them your cellphone number so they can call you any time of the day or night for emergency advice!  You’re welcome.

Love and top tips …



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