One the eve of Miss Pinup NZ 2015

Image via Fritz Willis – vintage illustrator

Well … here we are on the eve of the Miss Pinup NZ 2015 Pinup Competition … a much-anticipated event for many, many vintage and pinup fans in New Zealand.  I, for one, CANNOT WAIT until tomorrow at 4.30pm when the pageant kicks off.  It’s the first pinup pageant I’ve watched, and I think it’s going to be awesome!

I have seen many posts from the girls who are finalists over the past few days and I know they’re all as nervous as hell.  I also know these girls will absolutely rock it tomorrow and use that adrenaline to add the little touch of sass that will take one lucky lady through to the very end – that sparkly, sashy end where there’s going to be lots of tears, smudged red lipstick and champagne!

To Miss Glamour LaRue …

Miss Glamour LaRue
Image via Minette Hanekom

I’ve LOVED your messages of body positivity and self-love over your campaign, and I especially love the way your posts always end in something uplifting for your readers.  I hope you found your pink lucky hot pants!

To Bettie Rage …

Bettie Rage
Image by Zandy J Photography

The camera loves you girl!  You’ve got the right amount of sass to take this one out – keep that lip curled and those sultry eyes narrowed!  I loved how you gave a shout-out to those people who have helped you so far and are so supportive of your fellow pinup finalists.

To Madam Rou …

Madam Rou
Image by Lady De Vil Clothing

Anyone with enough talent to sew a cushion cover let alone a pinup competition wardrobe impresses me!  I love the warmth of your posts and I think you’re going to be a real crowd pleaser!

To Agent Bluebelle …

Agent Bluebelle

You are, quite simply, superb!  I cannot wait to see what you’ve plucked from your awesome vintage wardrobe to parade tomorrow!  You are infectious, charming and hilarious – I wish you all the best.

To Heidi Heart …

Heidi Heart
Image by Sarah Graham

I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow – you seem to have the hugest heart (pun semi-intended!) and I love how you’ve said the competition has never been about “winning” to you, but a chance to express and grow and meet other wonderful wonder women.  You are most definitely still a hot contender though!

To Soda Fontaine …

Soda Fontaine Wow … talk about Pinup Perfection!  Soda Fontaine has a big slug of old-school glamour to her look and I love it!  All the best Jaimee!

To Miss Lorelei Louise …

Miss Lorelei Louise
Image by

What a fabulous woman Miss Lorelei Louise is!  I have been soooo enjoying reading your comments and observations about your pinup preparations.  And also, what a strong, amazing human – you’ve gone through such a lot and still emerged as a happy, positive woman who loves life and lives it loud!

To Fancifora Foxglove …

Fancifora Foxglove
Image by Nisha Ravji Photography

My, my … doesn’t the media love you?!  And who can blame them … another lady with a formidable vintage wardrobe to choose from that I personally cannot wait to see.  And I am VERY MUCH looking forward to your performance too – the comeback via the bionic hip! Best of luck to you Miss Fancy! That waist, that hair … that everything!

To Miss Rouge …

Miss Rouge

Miss Rouge, sweet, petite and fierce!  I think you must have given everyone a bit of a fright with your Miss Beach Hop win! Best of luck Miss Rouge … you have pinup style oozing out of your very pores!

To Miss Charlotte Cake …

Miss Charlotte Cake
Image by Zandy J Photography

She might look sweet and frothy in this photo, but mark my words … Miss Charlotte Cake is one determined lady!  I look forward to seeing your talent Miss Cake – I suspect it might be fabulously tasty!

I wish all you wonderful women the very best of luck tomorrow and may your pinup dreams be realised!

See you all at The Very Vintage Day Out tomorrow – and don’t forget Miss Monique Sweet will be roaming around for VVtv so be sure to go and have a chat to her if you see her!

Love and pinup pageant anticipation …



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